Matthew awoke with a start as fragmented bits of nocturnes faded from his mind. They lingered like red tinted mist along the edges of his conscious reasoning, the dying dreams singing a nauseous melody of achingly familiar voices and countenances coupled with teeth cracking pain. They left Matthew seeped in a sharp sadness that seemed to coat his heart from the inside out with a heavy film of loss but with no reference of with to whom. Matthew knew if he gave it a minute or so, the sensations of his dreaming would fade into nothingness like they always did. It bothered him deeply that these figments existed at all. Even worse, he couldn't remember what or who they were about.

"Bad dreams?", said an all too familiar voice, the accented words of it pronounced rough and guttural to the ear, like the speaker chewed on his vocabulary a bit before letting it escape his mouth. Matthew turned his head to see Gilbert sitting in a chair beside his bed. It was a common sight for the blonde, the surreal winged being who seemed to be his self appointed caretaker as far as Mathew could tell or glean from their conversations was a frequently recurring resident of his bedside and bed alike.

"I always have bad dreams.", Matthew sighed, sitting up to help clear his head faster of them, "I just wish I knew why. What are you doing there, eh?".

"Watching you sleep.", Gilbert grinned wide with his normal blunt directness, the kind of which that made Matthew's cheeks catch quick, hot color but also made his heart melt a bit all at the same time. If one thing was to be said about the pale oddity, subtlety would not be mentioned or much less thought of.

"Why? I can't imagine that being very interesting." Matthew shook his head in mild bewilderment. Gilbert was always doing things like that, staring at or following after Matthew like an overly large puppy. Whether it was him brushing his hair in the morning or Matthew taking a twilight walk in the neighboring woods, Gilbert would always be close at hand. It could be rather disconcerting at times for Matthew, this level of attention and attentiveness being directed upon him.

After all this time, Matthew mused to himself, he was still getting used to his pale keeper.

For the most part, Matthew's memory as a whole was short, too short he knew for a lifetime of twenty some years, and all of it involved the pallid creature beside him, the only other living thing he was aware of who existed in this place, this small world of his. The space Matthew resided was a comfortable cottage deep in a forest made cool by ever shifting shadows and tendrils of lost mist that twisted itself around aged trunks of oaks like silken cords. His cottage was a small house made of white stone inside and out, with smooth seamless floors, walls, and ceiling. The entire structure looked like it had been carved out of a single piece of creamy marble though Matthew had not idea how anyone had managed to do such a thing in the middle of nowhere or why. The house simple existed in a small clearing as if simple placed there, like a child's toy. Matthew thought about it most whenever he returned from long walks, noticing the sudden break in the flow of nature. According to Gilbert though, the house had always existed and Matthew had always lived there. The blonde had little choice but to believe him having no prior memory of any other residence or environment.

It was only in waking that Matthew would question Gilbert about his limited sense of existence. It was more prevalent then, Matthew feeling like pieces of himself were missing as nightmares lost their grip upon him with the coming of dawn. It was noticed, nagging and needing, even in everyday activities when he would do something as simple as making breakfast, his motions so well practiced it scared him at times or how Matthew always made enough food for three people when it was clearly only Gilbert and himself living there and had been for some it. Names that refused to resolve themselves clearly lived out their lifetimes on the tip of his tongue, tasting bitterly sour from their stubborn permanence there. Matthew wanted to yell out for or at someone….someone annoying?…..someone happy?…Someone who was never there….

But who?

The dreams were in a category all their own, the fleeting visions in Matthew's head too vivid and strange for him to ever really ignore, but mostly because they were not all bad. In a few of them, Matthew was simply talking to another boy who looked remarkably like him but with shorter hair and bluer eyes. Other times, it would be with an older man with long blonde hair who was extremely handsome but who looked sad even when he was laughing and drinking wine as he sang songs about love and loss.

In his nightmares though, Matthew was always dieing horribly, surrounding by a pressing darkness that cut his flesh deeply in some places while trapping the fire that roasted him alive in all the places he couldn't move out of the way in others. The worst version of these horrific scenes was that of unseen people close to him yet hidden from view, having long conversations pertaining to him while Matthew suffered in forced silence somewhere beneath them alone in the hurting dark. Sometimes, one of the voices would sound an awful lot like Gilbert.

"More so than you would think. You make the cutest noises while you are sleeping, liebling.", Gilbert grinned, bringing Matthew's full attention back to the pale being who Matthew knew hated to be ignored or left unacknowledged for too long for any reason.

His lack of any real memories aside, his keeper and caretaker, Gilbert, was another mystery to Matthew as well. For one thing, he obviously wasn't human but Gilbert steadfastly refused to clarify what or who he was any time Matthew inquired, simply answering the blonde's questions with 'I am awesome' or some variation of that saying to the point of obnoxiousness. All the books in the house were not forthcoming with the information either. None could explain Gilbert's leathery black wings, the appendages so large that Gilbert would wrap them around his shoulders like a cloak, or his long tapered tail, or the sharp ivory horns that jutted out from his temple, all of which Gilbert could make disappear at his merest whim. Even stranger still, Gilbert's skin was as pale as the mist that hung in the air all around the house, his eyes the red of embers that lingered in the fireplace, and his hair the silvery sparkle of moonlight that Matthew would see on rare, clear nights. He was beautiful in the ways that wolves are- all sharp fang, consuming hunger, and ill intent.

Besides his disconcerting appearance, Gilbert also had certain gifts and talents that Matthew would have never thought were possible. Matthew literally wanted for nothing in this place and that was all because of his keeper and his strange unexplainable powers. With a snap of his clawed fingertips, Gilbert brought him food, drink, clothes, books, or anything else that his heart desired. He even had gotten an interesting pet for Matthew, a small white bear cub that could talk though all it said was "who?" and "feed me", and slept most of the time.

Startled as the bed shifted abruptly, Matthew realized that he must have zoned out again to stare off into space and that Gilbert felt ignored. The winged being demonstrated this quite abruptly by parting Matthew's legs to settle himself between them. The sudden disappearance of Matthew's night clothing and Gilbert's usual uniform of leatherwear was also another dead giveaway of what was exactly on horned one's mind.

Chilled by his sudden nudity, Matthew gasped in surprise and shivered as goose bumps rushed up one side of his body and down the other. That and from the white tail that slither up his leg to wrap itself around the width of his thigh. Clawed hands on his shoulders pressed Matthew down into the mattress, the blonde's breathe knocked out of him momentarily by the suddenness of it all.

Watching Gilbert with wide eyes as he hovered over him, Matthew could feel the tapered tip of Gilbert's tail begin to press up against his tender entrance, already wet with his natural slick. He knew from experience that it could just slide easily enough into him, the width of it smoother yet thicker than fingers and would only grow more so the further it was pushed into him. Matthew's breathe hitched in his throat as the tip was pressed in with a wiggle, past a tight ring of muscle. Matthew groaned at the invasion as the tail moved in him further with little time for him to adjust. Matthew could feel it moving and twisting inside of him, spreading slick deep in his passage as it slid in and out of him, the lube numbing pain even while it heated up within his core and made his nerves sing hymns in the key of ecstasy .

As his mind grew hazy with warmth and lust thick as honey, Matthew wondered if Gilbert would make him come this way. He had done it before, had spent an entire day and night just tested the limits of Matthew's body, seeing how much of himself Gilbert could press into the blonde's recesses, making Matthew full, impossible full, with twitching flesh that coiled and turned in him with all the fluidity of a snake. Matthew hardened at the very thought of it, making Gilbert chuckle darkly under his breath at the sight of the blonde's growing erection.

Any protests that Matthew may have had of being taking so swiftly first thing in the morning were swallowed up by Gilbert's lips, the pale being feeding off of the invaded blonde with his busy tongue and too sharp teeth. Matthew was tasted carefully, the long serpentine tongue touching his own with great effort not to choke him on its length.

As his tail did all the work of stretching Matthew in preparation, it left Gilbert's hands free to explore Matthew's torso, clawed fingers moving carefully over creamy skin to run their points over the delicate flesh of taunt shoulders, heaving chest, and rippling stomach. A groan escaped Matthew's lips making the pale being leer nastily at him. The blonde could feel the expression being pressed against his kiss swollen lips and reddening throat, his own hands occupied by exploring the hard flesh above him, rough with multiple scars and oddly warm to his touch. Gilbert's busy hands changing their direction downward, claws trailing over Matthew's pale skin hard enough to leave behind trails of red marks, until they cupped Matthew's pert rounded bottom, one smooth cheek in each hand. Matthew made a choking sound as the globes of his ass were spread apart allowing more of Gilbert's tail to surge in him

"Such pretty sounds. I wonder if I can make you give me even more.", Gilbert purred low, his deep voice rumbling the marrow of Matthew's bone in a pleasant sort of way, making the blonde shiver from it. Chuckling at the reaction, Gilbert flexed his tail so that is twisted inside the tight heat causing Matthew to arch off the bed as his body was played with as finely as an instrument. Any further movement was ceased though on Matthew's part, Gilbert releasing the mounds of soft flesh to transfer his grip to slim hips, nuzzling Matthew's crotch so that he could inhale the blonde's natural scent deeply. Musk, sharp with sweat and naturally sweet, made Gilbert's mouth water in anticipation and draw back his lips hungrily as the demon curled his long serpentine tongue around Matthew's shaft, the flexible tip of it tasting the precum that oozed freely from the head's tiny slit. Crying out, Matthew reached down almost blindly to grab at and latch onto silver locks of spiky hair.

"Pull all you want. I like it. Kesesesese.", Gilbert laughed throatily as he released Matthew's sex, licking a hot strip of saliva down from Matthew's weeping tip to the base of his sack, the demon following the pouch of flesh's seam until he got to where his tail was sequestered, the strained tissue around it drawn pink and tight. Gilbert relaxed his grip on shuddering hips to slide his hands further downward, stroking the silky skin of inner thighs and admiring the perfection of them. The pale perfection there was just begging for his fingerprint's bruises. Growing impatient, Gilbert hurriedly placed Matthew's legs over his shoulders so that he could lean down more comfortably and hide what he was about to do to Matthew from him.

Letting go of Gilbert's hair to clutch at sheets with a white knuckled grip, Matthew tried to lean up in a futile effort of regaining some control. A vicious thrust from the tail embedded within him cured this notion, Matthew flopping back against the mattress to gasp up at the ceiling. A new sensation, hot and slick, circled the rim of his entrance where the skin was tautly drawn around Gilbert's tail. Matthew's mouth fell open wordlessly as he lost breathe, realizing it was Gilbert's tongue working itself in alongside his tail and into him. Matthew's hands came off the sheets as if burned to grapple with Gilbert's head, trying to pull the silverette off of him.

"No!…..Ah….Gil….", Matthew gasped, jolts of pleasure making his body shudder as more lengths of tongue wormed its way inside, stroking walls of spasming flesh with nerve unraveling precision. The blonde's protests were of course ignored as tail and tongue were plunged deeper in with wet noises that made Matthew cringe with disgust and pant with want all at the same time. Matthew was sure he would take locks of Gilbert's hair out by the root if this continued much longer.

"Ah!…..G-going….going to make me….", Matthew stammered out, trying to warn his lover in time but his brain was too busy short circuited itself and fusing together to care much longer. Matthew was emptied but not in the way he desired, the blonde glaring up in confusion as Gilbert sat back to reposition Matthew's slack shaking legs, the being's tail and tongue noticeably freed from their temporary port and glistening slick and dripping with fluids.

"Maple, don't tease me….please.", Matthew begged, feeling hollow yet so swollen to the point that he thought he would burst with just the right amount of passing breeze. Gilbert's hand clapped down on the base of his shaft killing that idea off in one swift tight grip.

"Don't ignore me.", Gilbert licked his lips in answer, savoring Matthew's naturally sweet taste. He stroked his own sizeable length, enjoying how Matthew was eyeing it with a hungry expression, the demon finding the wanton look so very pretty on the blonde's face. "You're mine. Tell me that you are mine. Say it. I want to hear the words from your own lips."

"I'm yours.", Matthew told him dutifully, familiar with the pale being's strange needs from him. Gilbert always made him say something like this whenever they were intimate which was often thanks to his keeper's seemingly insatiable appetite for his sex. Matthew knew from embarrassing past experience that Gilbert wouldn't continue if he didn't say it. It was just about the only thing the horned creature demanded from him so Matthew willing complied most of the time.

….As if he could make himself stop now anyway, loss of friction and the want for it burning holes into the rational parts of his brain….

"Sit up on your knees for me.", Gilbert all but purred at Matthew, the noise coming out deep and throaty. Trembling, Matthew braced himself sit up, feeling heated slick dripped from his hole and precum trailed down his shaft in icy rivulets against his superheated skin. He wasn't sure but Matthew suspected that the slick that Gilbert produced from his bone white skin did strange things to him. Whenever his guardian used it, Matthew found himself lasting longer and coming more often, his passage full of sodden heat that made his body pulse.

Gilbert kept his clawed hands resting on Matthew's waist, his thumbs rubbing the tops of the blonde's hipbones as the pale being moved behind him. Tightening his grip, the horned one drew the human flush to him until Matthew's back was framed by Gilbert's too pale chest, the blonde practically sitting himself in the other's lap.

"Quit watching my hands and look up.", Gilbert whispered in Matthew's ear even as his hands moved in slow opposite paths, one going up to trace claws across sensitive nipples, pinching the buds until they hardened. The other moved downward to fondle at Matthew' painful erection, rubbing the pads of his fingers over the silken expanse of burning skin.

Matthew gasped as his eyes met his reflection's own gaze, a huge mirror now making up the wall in front of them. He watched as his cheeks caught fire, his lavender eyes treacherously darting lower to look at himself, the way he humped at air shamelessly wanting friction, at the patterns made by Gilbert's claws winding in and out of the golden curls above his groin, at the tail that looped around his leg again holding him in place, and at the glistening tip of the appendage pressing up to meet the rosy pucker of his quivering bottom. Matthew gasped as he watched the tip disappear into him, feeling it more now for some reason because he was seeing his ass consume inch by inch.

"Gilbert…I can't…..Ah!", Matthew tried to argue though he couldn't tear his eyes away as he watched Gilbert begin to fuck his body with that long white tail. Matthew struggle with himself to raise his line of vision and find the scarlet embers that were Gilbert's eyes. Matthew found those burning rubies easily enough, consuming the sight of his creamy skin flush and coated with gleaming thin sheen of sweat. Matthew knew instinctually that they would be already watching his every movement and breathe.

"But I want you to watch me fuck you. Claim you, inside and outside. I want you to see that you are mine. Mine and mine alone.", Gilbert licked the side of Matthew neck, from cleft of ear to shoulder's curve to bite down on the flesh there. Not hard, just enough to bruise and for some blood to well up in the marks. It didn't matter anyway. Matthew knew that Gilbert would heal any and all damage to his body. As much as he loved to inflict love bites and bruises upon the blonde, Gilbert hated the sight of them and would erase them as quickly as he made them.

With little effort on his part, Gilbert picked Matthew up so that the blonde's long legs was settled in the crooks of his pale arms, leaving Matthew wide, and so open and so fully exposed in the mirror for both of them to see. Matthew yelped as he tried to cover himself up, the action making Gilbert growl at him.

"You may only reach down to pleasure yourself or to touch me.", Gilbert snarled into the blonde's ear, "Do that again and I will make you masturbate alone in front of the mirror for my viewing pleasure from now on.". Matthew shuddered in his arms from the harsh tone, making the albino wince and curse silently at himself.

"Never hide yourself from me.", the pale one amended, his tone this time more gentle as he nuzzled the side of Matthew's head with his nose, pressing kisses to silken locks of pale gold. Gilbert lifted Matthew a bit higher in his arms to accommodate his excessive length, moving his tail out of the way so that the bulbous purple head of his cock could breach Matthew instead.

Holding his breath, Matthew watching in mixed fascination, horror, and want as his body swallowed up the sizable length that was being pressed slowly but surely up into him, Gilbert's arms lowering him steadily down the being's pale purple erection. He held in a lungful of air until soft balls were pressed up against his base with an answering sigh, finally signaling Gilbert's end.

Matthew wasn't sure how long they stayed like that-a minute, a hour, a week- it didn't matter. Gilbert's strength was awing and his endurance impressive. All Matthew could do was hold on and let Gilbert slide his body up and down his hard meat, Matthew reaching back to renew his grip on silver locks as a searing hot tongue lapped at his neck and ear, nipping either occasionally.

Matthew was allowed to come, though it did little to stop Gilbert. Matthew painted the sheets in front of them with sprays of white over and over again until all he could do was lie back weakly against Gilbert for support, his body exhausted and spent. With heavy half lidded eyes, Matthew watched himself being fucked into near unconsciousness.

"So beautiful. So very mine.", Gilbert crooned, licking the latest of Matthew's expenditure delicately off his claws. He closed his burning eyes as if he were savoring the salty flavors of Matthew's milky fluid. For all Matthew knew, Gilbert was. The only thing Matthew had ever seen Gilbert consume was pancakes, beer and his cum. Crimson eyes opened slowly to gaze at Matthew in the mirror, watching him, watching them both, his thrusts deliberately slow and powerful enough to shake Matthew's body. They both watched as Gilbert's tail released Matthew's thigh to wind itself back up and over Matthew's body until the coils of the appendage looped around Matthew's cock, making the organ find new life again as the heated slick coated it. Matthew watched in lurid curiosity as the tip of the tail went downward to stroke at the demon still busy erection. At first, Matthew thought Gilbert would use his own tail to stroke his pale balls or the exposed part of his shaft but apparently the horned being had other destinations for it in mind.

Gilbert stilled his thrusts as the tail's tip investigated the seal of Matthew's flesh around his thick cock. Matthew's eyes widened when he realized what Gilbert was about to do. "No, no….it won't fit! You are too big as it is.", Matthew gasped. His protests were as weak as his struggles though. Gilbert grinned into the biting kisses he gave Matthew along his jaw line, reddening the skin there. Whimpering, Matthew watched transfixed as the tail's tip, worked its way under shiny taunt flesh bit by bit, inch by inch. Matthew groaned as he felt his ring of flesh be pulled even tighter, the tail shifting and moving slowly up in him alongside the cock already embedded there. Just as Matthew was beginning to feel comfortable with it, Gilbert moved, both of his appendages working in tandem.

"So full….", Matthew gasped yet could do nothing to stop it. He could admit to baser parts of himself that he wouldn't have stopped now even if it were an option. Feeling so full… wanted… needed….like he had spent a lifetime without…years he couldn't remember….why?

"G-gil…..Gilbert….", Matthew stammered out between pants, swallowing hard from a particularly deep series of thrusts that left him reeling, "Where do I come from?".

"What the fuck are you talking about?", Gilbert murmured into the moist skin of his throat, the creature laying scraping kisses to it, "You have always been here.".

"Why….why can't I remember?", Matthew's shredded mind was trying to put two and two of something together, something that danced on the edges of his senses, lived there, yearning for his attention. Exhaustion was doing terrible things to his concentration, his mind and body feeling oddly separate at the moment from the amount of pleasure flowing through it. It was like he was achieving zen through orgasm. That absurd thought made Matthew laugh, the sound coming out breathily soft.

"How can you even think about that kind of crap now?", Gilbert's eyes narrowed into dangerous slits, his tail tightening painfully around Matthew's erection, jerking the blonde's full focus back to the matter at hand. "Am I not good enough to hold your attention?", Gilbert demanded, with another squeeze that made Matthew gasp.

"No, that's not it.", Matthew said quickly, sighing with relief as Gilbert's tail immediately relaxed its tight hold on him at Matthew's gasp of pain. "It's just…..All my memories are of you.".

"Is that a bad thing?", Gilbert was glaring now, his claws digging into Matthew's legs where he held onto the human. Matthew remained still in the being's taloned grip, his hand carefully moving from their hold on silver locks to start stroking at the pale one's long white horns. For whatever reason, Gilbert liked it when his horns were touched, when Matthew caressed the ivory ridges and wrapped his fingers around them.

"I didn't say that. All my memories are of you and nothing else…Nothing.", Matthew soothed, keeping his tone low and sensual as possible. He could feel Gilbert relax all around him, his thrusts becoming more even and languid under Matthew's continuing touch. "Just you. Only you.". He could tell that Gilbert was close.

"Did you make me for your own pleasure? Like a golem out of clay? Or a doll? I'm fine with it if you did. You can tell me. I won't be mad.", Matthew said, palming his hands around Gilbert's horns to grip them firmly. The stimulation from the full out contact was enough to push Gilbert over the edge it seemed. Matthew gasped as he was flooded with seed, far hotter than his own, making the blonde come in turn from the searing heat of it, Gilbert's tail clenching down on him. Matthew could feel Gilbert breathing harshly against the back of his neck, the breathes ragged and uneven.

To his surprise, instead of another round, the mirror disappeared as the demon removed himself fully from Matthew with a wet squelch to lay the human gently out on the bed. Matthew shuddered at the noise and the sudden feelings of emptiness that accompanied it. He wished Gilbert would stay within him longer and wished even more that he had the courage to ask him to do so. With lavender eyes hazy and darkened to more violet with weariness that seemed to run bone deep, Mathew watched as clawed hands passed over his body, gliding along his bare skin almost reverently as fresh blossoms of bruising faded away and as tears in creamy flesh resealed themselves to alabaster perfection. Semen, sweat, and other bodily fluids were also cleaned away in passing as Matthew's nightclothes reappeared over his form.

"I could never make anything as beautiful as you.", Gilbert said softly, wrapping Matthew up in blankets that also materialized out of nothing at his beck and call. Gilbert's own clothing of shiny leather appeared over his winter skin, hiding it from Matthew's view. Feeling his heart plummet down to meet his stomach, Matthew knew that Gilbert would not be joining him on the bed to enjoy the afterglow.

Gilbert would leave from time and time, and this seemed to be another one of those instances. It was made all the worse though because Gilbert never told Matthew where he went. It was in those times that Matthew found out that his little kingdom had borders. Thick wall of impenetrable mist surrounded the wood a couple of miles out from the house all around them, warping the world outside of it from view. Matthew had dared once to enter them only to find himself back where he had started. As much as he loved his perfect little home, he knew it was a cage. Most of the time, the thought of it didn't bother him. It was only when Gilbert left to do who knows what did Matthew resent it.

Screwing up his courage, Matthew grabbed for one of the pale being's horns, keeping Gilbert from leaving. "Tell me then. I want to know. I need to know.", Matthew pleaded, his requests whispers that made the being above him tremble in response. "Please don't go. Don't leave me alone. I hate it when you do.". Fascinated by his keeper's reaction, Matthew kept talking as he started to sit up, raising his hand to cup the sides of Gilbert's face, the expression of it drawn and unusually still.

"Can't you just be mine a little bit longer? Isn't that good enough for you?", Gilbert sighed, letting himself enjoy the sensation of Matthew's hands upon him, holding him close. "Why can't you be selfish and self-involved, and just want me the way that I want you?"

"How do you know that I don't?", Matthew asked, feeling a little curious even though his instincts were pressing him to hone in on the precious little advantage he had now. Gilbert rarely let this sort of conversation get this far, the pale being conveniently changing the subject or disappearing into thin air whenever Matthew brought it up.

"If only you could see yourself as I see you. You would never ask me that again.", Gilbert sighed, starting to draw away from his lover's touch. Matthew was positive now he was going to leave him for a time again, could feel it deep within himself. Panic washed over him in a light wave of goose bumps and rapidly chilled skin.

Trying to stay calm and keep Gilbert with him if only for a few minutes longer, Matthew reached up further to renew in his hold upon the pale one and leaned up so that their lips met in a sweet kiss. "I love you even if I am not real.", Matthew mouthed into Gilbert's thin lips, the colorless flesh of them turning a shade of palest pink from Matthew's kiss. The pallid being seemed to crumble underneath the weight of his words, Gilbert letting himself to pulled toward Matthew and on top of him, covering the blonde's body with his own.

"Don't say such stupid things.", Gilbert rasped out, gathering Matthew up into his arms to wrap his wings around them both.

"What? I love you?", Matthew pressed as he trailed the edges of his plush lips down Gilbert's jaw line, letting his warm breathe linger over the winter skin. He loved being held this close by his strange sentinel. Nothing felt safer than being wrapped in Gilbert's heavy wings, the leather hide of them giving off smoky scent. "Or if I am real?".

"Both!", Gilbert growled out as he fought internally with himself. Love was not for his kind but Matthew didn't need to ever know that. The other part of the question was like a needle to Gilbert's brain though. He was a thief who had stolen a light from the world. Precious things like that were missed and always eventually found. He had been taking measures to prevent that but all his precautions and planning would be for naught if Matthew truly ever wanted to leave him. Gilbert would give him anything that he wanted even if that meant giving Matthew his freedom from him.

"If I am real then….where do I come from? Who am I? Why do I grieve for dreams?", Matthew asked, hiding his face in the crook of Gilbert's neck. It was easier to ask these things from this position so that he would not be detoured by hard crimson eyes that begged him for his silence.

Gilbert's voice sounded dry and brittle to Matthew and his words forced, "You….Damn you…..Damn me…..Kesesesesese….". It made Matthew look up to find Gilbert looking torn between emotions, his eyes closed but the lids of them fluttering and his mouth set in a grim crooked line. Blood red eyes slitted open to glare at Matthew. "I can't love you. All I can be is greedy for you.".

"Greed is just corrupted love.", Matthew said simply, "It is want, desire, longing, and passion, all the same things used to describe love. It means the same thing. It's just in a different context."

"So clever. You are so fucking clever.", Gilbert sighed, the soft noise sounding pained and too tired for Matthew's liking but he had no time to be sentimental. He was too close to finding out the truth, his reason for being. Mathew pressed his creamy cheek to an even paler one, nuzzled his keeper.

"Would you want me if I were anything less?", Matthew murmured, reaching his hand up so that he could trace the outline of Gilbert's lips and stroke the other side of his face.

"Are trying to seduce answers out of me?", Gilbert snorted. Light kisses was scattered across his face, touching his forehead, the tip of his nose, and the apples of his cheeks in rapid succession.

"Maybe. Is it working?", Matthew smiled as Gilbert glared at him. There was no real venom in the expression and it was ruined even further by the amusement twinkling in Gilbert's eyes, making the orbs glitter like rubies.

"I'm corrupting you.", Gilbert shook his head as he unfurled his wings to release the both of them from the held embrace. Matthew stayed where he was though and kept Gilbert where he lay by clinging to him.

"I don't care.", Matthew pouted as a kiss was pressed to his forehead, the pale being's way of apology as he freed himself from Matthew's grip.

"Ja, but I do. Fuck me sideways, I really do.", Gilbert muttered. Matthew noticed that Gilbert looking surprised at himself for some reason. Gilbert must have realized this observation because he got up quickly from the bed, running his clawed hands through his silver hair, messing it up further if that was even possible.

"Are you going?", Matthew bit his bottom lip. He already knew the answer to that particular question.

"Ja, but I will return and when I do you will have your answers, Birdie.", Gilbert told him after a long moment of silence. The pale being seemed to be thinking about something, his expression darker and more contemplative than Matthew had ever seen it.

"Why do I have to wait?", Matthew sighed. He knew he was losing any advantage that he had gained. Gilbert looked like his mind was made up on whatever decision it had come to.

"Because life is unfair. Suck it up.", Gilbert grinned down at him.

"Promise me that you will tell me. Please. ", Matthew made one last gamble, feeling that his time was drawing shorter by the second.

"Liebling, heaven and hell will have to tear me limb from limb keep me from answering to you.", Gilbert promised, his tone as sincere as the death's checkmate. His clawed hand covered Matthew's pleading eyes, hiding them him.

"Now sleep", were the last two words Matthew heard before consciousness fled him.


Gilbert took a moment to watch Matthew sleep. There was nothing more beautiful in this world or the next to him. The sight of Matthew's slumbering visage outshone the brilliant order of heaven and even the glorious chaos of hell.

Speaking of which, Gilbert remembered he had promises to keep. Before he could tell Matthew about himself, he would have to find out what had happened to the rest of his family. His twin was in heaven but what of his father Francis? Gilbert knew that Matthew would want to know his whereabouts and would be pained without that information. Gilbert didn't like to see Matthew in pain of any sort and that meant there was only one course of action for him. If Francis wasn't in hell, he would be in heaven or vice versa. Either scenario destined that Gilbert would have to go to the ethereal and infernal planes, both of which he had abandoned or had been kicked out of. Needless to say, someone somewhere who was a fuck load more powerful than Gilbert was not going to be tinkled pink to see his face again.

"Heaven and hell will have to kill me to keep me from you.", Gilbert sighed out loud though Matthew could no longer hear him.

"Scheiße. They just might."