A/N: This came from a dream and I just had to write it. Reviews are way more than welcome, they make me want to keep writing! I'm not so sure about this story but I hope you like it.

I hate school. Everyone is in small groups after the bell rang. The slower students ran into the classroom, greeting their friends as they arrived to their saved seats. I am sitting in my chair at the corner at the back of the classroom.

It's the first day of the senior year and everyone is telling their friends about their amazing and expensive vacations.

Actually, I don't hate school. I hate this school. My foster parents, the family number five, were prissy rich people and they insisted on sending me to this expensive school with this stupid uniform. The girls use to wear it like sluts, which wasn't difficult because the skirt was already really short, the shirt had less buttons than usual and the white long socks didn't help either to look presentable. I never wear those socks.

I have been here for 3 years now and fortunately this is the last year I have to handle the horny boys and the brainless girls. I am not a brainiac but I am smarter than them. Way smarter.

Bored, I write my name in the shiny new notebook. Emma Swan. My last name was Wright now, but I secretly kept the one that I had been assigned in the orphanage. I had chosen myself when I was old enough.

The first lesson today is math and we have a new teacher. Unlike my classmates, I've always loved math, I'm good at it. Besides PE is the only thing I'm good at in this school.

The door, which was closed, suddenly opened. From where I was I couldn't see who had come in but for the reaction of the crowd, I instantly knew it was the teacher. Everyone took a seat quickly, gesturing their friends they would talk later, and I finally could see who was heading to the teacher table.

The teachers in this school were normally old ladies and I'm indifferent to them but this was unexpected. The new instructor was a woman, early twenties (24 maybe?) and, I have to admit, beautiful. She waited seating in the table until the classroom was absolutely quiet to speak. She smiled showing her pearl-white teeth, in contrast to her red lips. The smile, however, didn't reach her eyes.

"Good morning, students and welcome back to high school. I bet you're all wondering who the heck I am," she smiled knowingly at us. She stood and walked to the spot in front of the whiteboard, facing us. Despite her youth, her presence was imposing. "Well, I am Regina Mills, your new principal and I'll be teaching you math this last year. I am tough but I trust you will be good." She stood there for a moment, letting the new information sink in and the students murmured.

Now standing, Regina was quite hot. I shift in my chair, taking in the new principal. She wasn't tall but the heels she was wearing added her height. Holy heckles, those heels were really high! I calculated they added her at least 15 centimeters. A black pencil skirt just that ends 2 inches above her knees, showing smooth legs, fit her curves and the matching blazer over the white shirt completed the ensemble. Her voice brought me back to her face.

"Now, you all can look under your desk. You will find three sheets of paper. That is a math test, I want to know how much do you remember from the summer. You have 45 minutes starting now." Complaints and grumbles filled the room as her lips twitched in a devilish smirk. "44 minutes and 50 seconds."

Everyone pulled out their cases, including myself, and studied the questions on the paper.

This is so easy! I did the operations quickly. I really am good at this. When I finished, I looked up to the clock and only 20 minutes had passed. Smiling contentedly, I sat back on my chair and wondered what to do.

I looked at Regina. She was doing some paperwork on her big table. I took that chance to study her features. Her lips rose slightly in a small smile for a moment. Whatever she was reading, it seemed to be funny. Her eyes, fixed on the papers, were dark brown. They were nothing special but I couldn't stop staring. It was magnetic. Something in her made me completely unable to look away from her. The more I stared at her the more I wanted her.

Suddenly, her eyes looked up and met my gaze. I looked down at the test resting in front of me over the desk, feeling the heat in my cheeks. What was that? Get it together, Emma, she's your teacher! I looked at the clock again. I had spent 5 whole minutes staring at her!

By the corner of my eyes, I saw her sort the papers and I couldn't help but look at her. She had an amused smile on her face. Then, she stood and I looked back at my pen, pretending to be playing with it but the clicks on the marbled floor let me know she was sauntering the room.

Inexplicably, I start to get nervous. I shift in my chair again. When she turns and walks my gaze falls upon her again. I am starting to like pencil skirts. In a turn, her skirt lifts slightly. Oh my God, are those stockings? She walked again. She was getting closer and I looked at her. She was already staring at me. I gulp but don't look away. I just can't tear my eyes away from hers. I get lost in her eyes. She's close. Four steps away. Our eyes are locked and I can't nor want to look away. Three. Two.

"Did you finish, Miss…?" She showed her white teeth again in a smile.

"Uh, Emma Swan," I breath.

"Did you finish the test, Miss Swan?" She repeated cocking her head still smiling.

That's it. I don't even remember how to breathe. I nod wordlessly. She takes the papers and walks back to her table. As she left, I breathe again.

I chewed nervously trying to process the last minute. Let's recap:

-Regina is my new teacher.

-Regina is older than me.

-Regina is hot.

This didn't go as I planned.

She probably has a boyfriend… Or maybe not. I shake my head. I shouldn't be wondering if she has a boyfriend or not! And yet…

My eyes are drawn to her again. When she smiled at me I saw a devil gleam in her eyes. Had I imagined it? I scrutinize her with my gaze. What kind of thoughts can be running on her head in this moment? I frown. Why do I care?

I force myself to look away and check the time. Only 2 minutes till the bell rings, which meant my classmates have that exact time to finish; Regina didn't seem the type who give them one more minute, if she said 45 minutes then that was the time they had. I scanned their faces and had to hold back a chuckle. They were having a bad time with this test.

The click of stilettos made me turn my attention to the woman who wore them. She approached me, a smirk on her face. I swallowed as she stopped at my desk. She placed the sheets on my desk and raised an eyebrow that matched perfectly with her evil smirk. She turned on her heels and came back to the spot she had occupied at the beginning of the lesson.

"Time is over. Pass your test to the partner in front of you." She spoke with an authoritarian voice.

Reluctantly, the students did what they were told. I found myself between do it too or not. I looked at her and she must have seen the confusion all over my face because she shook her head slightly at me.

I look down at my test I see the red mark on the right top. 100. I smile to myself satisfied. And then I realize an extra paper. I frown and her voice comes to my ears but I don't look at her.

"The tests that aren't here won't be corrected. Next time I say time is over, it is over."

The extra sheet was half of a sheet with something written on it on a handwriting I didn't know yet but I would from now on.

See something you like, Miss Swan?

I gulp and look at her but all I can see is a teasing smile on her face before the bell rings and everyone stands, leaving me in my seat completely startled.