6 – That One Time

It was never truly dark in Storybrooke. There were street lamps on every corner and glowing signs in shop windows and the fleeting, blinding headlights of passing cars. The constant illumination made it easier to dodge around cracks in the sidewalk and to avoid stepping in the soggy piles of refuse that collected in the gutters, but given the chance, Hook would have traded all the conveniences of electricity for the light of the silver moon and a clear view of the night sky. There were many things he liked about this world, but the huge, empty expanse above was not one of them. There should have been galaxies and constellations and freewheeling stars overhead, not the scattered, lonely pinpricks of light he saw when he looked up.

In this place where light bulbs could outshine the stars, he had only one landmark to navigate by. She pulled at him and he followed, like a compass needle swinging to point true north. Turning a corner, Hook lowered his gaze to the earth and found Emma.

"Good evening," he said.

She had her back to him, but he knew her by the blonde curls and the rust red leather jacket and the way she stood, arms crossed and feet planted firmly on the pavement. A brief look over the shoulder, granting him a glimpse of her cheekbones and her unimpressed smirk, was the only acknowledgement his greeting received. Undaunted, Hook stepped nearer, not stopping until the tips of his shoes brushed her heels. He raised a hand and pulled aside the curtain of her hair, baring her skin to the chilly night air and the warmth of his mouth. This close he could feel her spine stiffen, but before she could move away, he placed a kiss at the nape of her neck, and another just below her ear. He tugged loose the collar of her jacket and dropped another kiss on the spot where her shoulder rose into the elegant column of her throat. She smelled like some sweet, exotic fruit, and he wanted nothing more than to taste her, to mark her with his teeth and sooth the bites with his tongue. Emma shivered and sighed and tipped her head slightly to the right, leaning back against his chest, trusting him to support her weight.

"Well, if the two of you are looking for a room, I suppose you've come to the right place."

Hook had registered Ruby's arrival a few seconds earlier and had chosen to ignore her in favor of pursuing more interesting activities, but Emma nearly jumped out of her skin in surprise. Only his arm, encircling her waist in a tight hold, kept her from falling over.

"Hi, Ruby," Emma said, her voice a touch strained. He knew she was blushing, even though he couldn't see her face. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough," the werewolf replied, flashing a grin that contained twice the normal number of canine teeth. She tipped her head to the side and considered them through amber tinted eyes. If she had a tail, it would be wagging. "Don't tell your mom I said this, but the two of you make a very…charming couple."

Hook buried his face in Emma's hair and laughed.