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4E 191

20th, Evening Star

Log Cabin

North of Falkreath

Snow nipped at the window sill as the only light in the room flickered. The girl shivered; drawing her blanket tighter around her. The book covered her tiny lap and held her favorite stories within its pages; the stories of dragons.

Footsteps echoed out in the hall. She panicked and blew out the candle as she dove under the thicker blanket on her bed. The door flew open with the light of a lantern spilling in.

"Siri, you better be asleep!"

The girl tried to stay still, waiting for Old Gretel to leave the small room. The footsteps marched closer; making her shut her eyes tighter. Before she knew what happened, the blankets were thrown to the side, and her favorite book was at the mercy of the home owner.

"So this is why you're up every night. Well, we'll just take care of that," Old Gretel said as she moved out toward the fireplace in the next room.

"Please, Gretel, no! Not that," Siri sobbed as she jumped off the bed.

"You know the rules! Unless you want another beating and extra chores, you march yourself right back to bed this instant!" The old woman was now standing right in front of the fireplace and getting ready to toss it.

Siri barreled into her, knocking her down and causing the book to slide across the floor. She picked it up and sprinted back to her room to grab her thickest blanket.

"Damn you child! You're going to rot in the back room as soon as I get a hold of you."

Siri turned back to see the old lady get to her feet before opening her bedroom window and jumping out into the snow drift below. She wrapped the blanket around her and the book tightly and took off running into the forest. She knew Whiterun was up north somewhere, but not how far or exactly where.

After a few minutes, the chilling wind became too much for Siri, and she decided to go into a fallen log to curl up in for the night. She waited to hear the crunches of snow that indicated Gretel had followed. And waited. And waited…

Eventually, the ten year old believed she was safe and opened the book to where she left off. A large red and blue dragon filled one page and was accompanied by text on the other, though she could barely read. What little she did know let her read the names of some of the dragons in the book. Odahviing, Mirmulnir, Iizstrunviing, the list continued and each name was as unique as their scales and colors.

For hours she recited the names to herself, ignoring the reality around her to be with her friends. Her eyes grew heavy and finally closed as the snow stopped falling.

Early the next morning, Siri was awoken by crunching snow. She held her breath and clutched the book tightly to her chest, waiting for the crunches to leave. They stopped right by the log.

"Found you!"

Siri let out a scream and dropped the book in her hiding place as she was dragged out.

"Thought you could get away, did you," Gretel screamed. "Where do you think you were going to go; Whiterun to find a loving family or off to the mountains to find your precious dragons? None of that junk in that book is real and you'll never be adopted. Grow up."

Siri kicked and screamed as she fought Gretel's iron grip. "Odahviing is real," she shot back at the top of her lungs. That earned her a smack across the face.

"No, it's not. One more sound out of you, and you'll go without supper for a month!"

A nearby howl made Gretel stop in her tracks. She looked over toward the edge of the forest to see four wolves growling at her. The leader bolted across the snow with his pack close behind and tackled Gretel. Siri was thrown into the snow with the blanket covering most of her.

Gretel's screams fell on deaf ears as Siri ran back to the log and picked up her book. One of the wolves looked up from the old crone and spotted the younger meat making a run for it. He growled to a pack mate and bolted off after the girl into an open field.


The wind whipped across the rock and ice at the mountain peak, unrelenting even after the snowstorm the night before. A single observer watched in silence as the flakes danced across the clearing, over the rocks, and ended in the ripple of reality that twirled up into the sky.

"Paarthurnax," the observer looked up at the origin of the voice to see the hotheaded red dragon land in the clearing.

"Drem Yol Lok, Odahviing. What reason do you have for returning now," he asked.

"It was to fight," the red answered. "Although it seems I have lost the fire for it after so long. There have been few battles since Alduin's fall."

The elder gray dragon gave a small hmm to himself. It had been over a thousand years since he had seen his dark older brother, and yet he did not miss him. Should he have since they were blood brothers? He let the thoughts fade and looked back up to see Odahviing looking at him expectantly. "Did you say something?"

"I asked if there had been any change in the Tiid Ahraan," Odahviing answered a bit annoyed.

"No, nothing," Paarthurnax went back to his meditation on the rock with carvings of the Dovah tongue etched into the frozen face.

Odahviing fidgeted in his resting spot. The cold did not bother him much, but he was just so bored. He had lost interest in terrorizing the mortals eons ago, shortly after Alduin vanished, the dragons he used to battle were hunted and slain one by one until he was among the last, and now he was stuck on top of a frozen rock with his boss's traitorous brother. Any other time, he would have simply attacked the ancient dragon for his actions in the past, but today, he wasn't in the mood for it. He just wanted to do something besides lie around all day.

A whisper passed his ears. "Odahviing is real." He perked his head up. Someone other than a Dovah had spoken his name? He looked over at Paarthurnax who had also torn his attention from his thoughts.

"It would seem your name has not been forgotten," he mused.

"It is not a Dovahkiin though, yes?"

"No, I do not believe so. The voice is far too faint for even an unpracticed Dovahkiin."

Odahviing shifted in his spot, unsure of what to do.

"Perhaps you should go investigate," the older dragon sensed his restlessness.

The red dragon mulled it over for a moment before diving off the lip of the mountain and spreading his wings to catch the wind above the cloud line. His flight was short, as it usually was, and he dipped below the heavy dark clouds to look at the landscape below.

He found himself over a thinning forest blanketed with snow and various wild animals. A pair of wolves had caught themselves a meal, which appeared to be a deer from his perspective. Another couple of wolves were chasing... a Nord child? Not that he cared; he just found it odd a child would be out and about in the middle of the cold season.

The other two wolves broke off from what he now saw to be an older woman, and gave chase after the child. Seeing no others around, Odahviing went into a dive for a closer look. The small being had hidden itself under a formation of logs and stones as the four wolves clawed at any opening they could find.

If no one else was around, then it must have been the child who knew his name, he assumed. Curious that a youngling would know it when everyone else had forgotten, he thought. He gave out a furious roar as he passed over the pack. When he circled around, the pack had dispersed back into the woods. He slowed, and finally landed near the little one's hiding place.

So, Siri is indeed a Nord child (with black hair. Don't question game mechanics and options! x3).

Old Gretel was not her mother/grandmother. Just some old lady who needed a kid to do all the chores for her.

Siri also has blue eyes (like Odahviing's if they are blue. If they aren't, I blame unclear pictures and the fact most of my finished profiles were deleted by a certain brother who I shall not name here. :/)

Odahviing is portrayed as a hothead here because supposedly that's his nature in Skyrim. Where did I hear this? Straight from Paarthurnax's mouth when he said something about Odahviing not being one to refuse a battle.

I'm surprised there weren't more stories about Odahviing being an impatient brawler. I mean, sure he's a thousand-year-old dragon, but that doesn't mean his temper changes, right? Right? o_o

Oh, and dragons have amazing ears. If they had any. They just have ear drums on the sides of their heads. lol

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