"Doctor, what the hell are you doing?" asked Amy. She observed him as he pranced around, winding up something that looked like a book crossed with a toaster. He simply looked over his shoulder at her and grinned. "I'm busy!" he exclaimed.

Rory came down the stairs into the console room and saw the Doctor dancing around. What is he doing? He mouthed to Amy. She shrugged her shoulders. The Doctor spoke out without losing focus on his device. "I do have eyes on the back of my head, Rory," he said. "It's a Universe Tester."

"A Universe Tester?" Amy and Rory queried simultaneously.

"It allows you to take a book or something and transport into its universe. If you die, you appear straight back in the Tardis." The Doctor grinned as if he were saying, Stupid humans.

Suddenly, the Tardis began to shake. "It's working!" he cried as the Tardis began to fade. Amy and Rory held onto each other, but were strangely pried apart. "What universe is this?" Amy cried out.

"The Hunger Games!" the Doctor replied excitedly.