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It was a joyous day at the home of Lily and James Potter.

It was Halloween night, the air filled with the buzz of excited children, and the streets covered with monsters of all kinds. But it only added to the happiness of Lily and James Potter and they looked into the sleeping faces of their two children, Harry and Danny.

Danny's birth was an odd event. When he was born, Danny cried for a couple seconds, but then stopped abruptly and went icy cold. His heart had stopped beating. Frantically, the doctors searched for a way to save him, but then they realized that he was breathing. One doctor checked for his heartbeat and there was still no sound. But when he checked again he heard, and felt, a pulse, strong and steady. Nobody noticed that his hair had turned slightly white during the event and when all the attention was back on how he looked the white had already faded back to its usual dark black.

Harry was one year and three months old when Danny was born on October 31st. They were born 15 months apart. Harry, a very outwardly happy child, would often play with the more subdued Danny. Both of the boys loved flying dearly, as an excited James remarked to Lily as they sat down to write a letter to Black and Remus, the two chosen godfathers.

"Do you have to write that now? We could always write it later, and maybe even send them some pictures!" James said while bouncing Harry up and down on one knee. The child squealed in delight, and Danny glanced over in alarm before going back to petting his owl, which was obviously basking in the attention.

"We haven't written to them in a while, and we need to thank them for the birthday presents for Danny. You can take some pictures of them now, though, and I'll add them to the letter." Replied Lily as she wrote, forehead creased in thought as she tried to figure out what to write.

James laughed softly, and Lily looked up. "What?" She asked

"You wrinkle up your nose when you think too hard. It's cute."

Lily stuck out her tongue at him and continued writing.

Hello Sirius and Lupin,

It's been a while since we last wrote, hasn't it! You both should come out to visit us soon; Harry and Danny both would like to see you two again. Speaking of Danny, thank you for the unique gift Lupin! You were right; the Lesser Sooty Owl (1) does seem to love Danny. We were hesitant to let him near her at first since she looked fiercely at Harry, but she's just so nice to Danny and he wouldn't stop giving us puppy-dog eyes until he got to pet her. They seem to have bonded and Danny has been playing games with her all day. We haven't named her yet, but I'm sure we'll find a suitable name soon. What have you two been up to? We haven't really heard from you either. Harry is fine; he still loves that broomstick Sirius! We were thinking about getting Danny one as well, but the boys have been sharing so far – Harry is such a sweet big brother. I have included some pictures of the boys that James took with his 'picture mastery'. Have a Happy Halloween!

With love,

Lily (and the rest of the Potters!)

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot! Danny has been making friends with the resident ghosts in the town. He might not be able to talk to well yet, but the ghosts seem to understand him when he incoherently speaks in a type of breathy, quiet howl-like language (2). This seems to startle the ghosts, and it seems he can see them even when they are not visible to us – a rare gift!

Lily looked at her work in satisfaction, "There, done."

James, who had been busy getting out some photos that he took earlier and getting some new ones, replied, "Don't forget to add the pictures! I just need one more." And with that quickly took a picture of them smiling together and slipped the pictures into the envelope with the letter before giving the letter to their owl and sending it off.

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( 1 ) Ghost language, anyone?

( 2 ) I have no idea how long Lesser Snowy Owls live; I looked it up but couldn't find it anywhere! And, unlike Harry, Danny gets his bird now. :)

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