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Freakshow couldn't believe he was doing this.

Crouching in the dust, nursing his wounds, and sifting through the earth BY HAND no less. Had he really stooped so low as to pick up the pieces of his staff piece by piece himself?

It was not an easy task, rebuilding his possession staff, not by a long shot. The shards and splintersof it were everywhere, and he had to find every single chunk and bind them back together manually to complete it. It was a daunting mission and, Freakshow added as he knelt once again in the dirt, very humiliating.

Freakshow seethed. He had once been great. Powerful. The world was his circus and HE was the ringmaster! And now he was scrutinizing mud for shiny read flecks and wooden slivers? If he just had his ghostly slaves back he could make them do it and spare himself the ridicule of doing it himself! He used to be one of the most formidable people in the world!

He hated those words. Used to. He used to be rich with his stolen money. He used to be powerful. He used to be in control!

And then what? And then Danny Phantom had messed it all up. Power? Gone. Wealth? Taken back to where it came from. Control? Danny broke his Crystal Ball Staff. Respect? The ghosts he had once controlled turned on him.

Ever since he discovered that Danny was a halfa and now a wizard as well, Freakshow had plotted ways to get back at the boy.

Fueled by his thirst for revenge and his hatred, Freakshow dug in the dirt with renewed vigor as he conspired his next move.

Freakshow's boots clicked as he walked to check on the progress of reconstructing the mind-possessing orb he used to have attached to his staff. His search for the pieces had gotten a bit easier with magic on his side, but his stolen wand did not grant him enough power to search as far as his wand- the one he converted into his staff- broken. And putting the pieces back together was still a puzzle of mass proportions.

He did, however, manage to complete it enough to get some lesser, weaker ghosts- none worth mentioning- to work for him. It seemed that, while the red gem was still not at full power, it could still work without it being fully together and still had the forte to persuade weaker minds.

To test this theory, Freakshow planted a small piece of the gem outside of a young, odd wizard's home. As desired, the wizard girl liked the color and took it with her, eventually crossing paths with Danny. The results were useful. Although the gem section couldn't overcome Danny's mind, it could confuse and distract him.

Of course, Freakshow would have to get the piece back from the young wizard girl eventually, he couldn't complete his orb without it, but he could wait a while. As appealing as making a scene to get it back and turning Hogwarts into a giant carnival sounded, he wasn't quite prepared to go up against Danny just yet. Perhaps he could grab it when she had her guard down, perhaps at Hogsmeade?

Reaching the room where his newly found henchmen were working, Freakshow inspected his orb. It was about 3/8ths of the way done, and his staff was about halfway done.

Good. Freakshow rubbed his hands together. Now all he needed to do was sit and wait for his visitor, who, judging by the time, would be there any minute now.

So Freakshow sat.

And he waited.


The sound filled the room for a moment as Freakshow's guest arrived. Freakshow stood up.

"Excellent," Freakshow said, "a picture with coordinates does work for apparations!"

His guest looked at the picture and handed it to Freakshow, "I half expected it not to. What is it that you wanted to show me?" The blond haired man questioned, "I have a busy schedule."

"I'm sure you've heard of possession, correct, Lucius Malfoy?"

"Well obviously." Lucius answered, inspecting his fingernails, "But every Death Eater knows Imperio."

"This object is like that- almost exactly. Except it can control ghosts."

Lucius began to look interested but quickly quelled it, "Not many spells work on ghosts. But what use is this to the dark lord? Ghosts are useless."

"Maybe the ghosts you know. But in my world, even the weakest of ghosts have some sort of skill." To prove his point, Freakshow commanded one of his weakest ghosts to use telekinesis, "And that's just with the weaker ones. With this, you could control many strong ones. With the stronger ones, you could create an army of supernatural beings that couldn't die, couldn't even be hit easily. Think of the power that could create-"

"What exactly are you proposing?" Lucius interrupted.

"What I am proposing," Freakshow accentuated, "is a truce between me and your dark lord. He gets control over this mortal world, and I get control over the ghost world."

"And why shouldn't the dark lord have both?" Lucius challenged.

Freakshow laughed somewhat haughtily, "What could the dark lord do with an army and a world that he couldn't even get to?"

"Are you insulting the dark lord's power?"

"Oh, I have no doubt that he's powerful, but I DO doubt that he can travel into the ghostzone."

"The what?"

"My point exactly. Lucius, I am offering my help in defeating your enemies. All I am asking for is help in completing my staff and orb."

Lucius thought a moment. Ghost armies with powerful ghosts sounded tempting, and what did he have to lose? If it didn't work out, he could always break his promise, "Alright." He finally answered, "Repairo."

Nothing happened to either the staff or the orb.

"Repairo!" Lucius tried again. Nothing.

"This isn't something that you can just magically repair." Freakshow sighed dramatically, "I tried. You can't magically bring the pieces to yourself either. You have to use a tracking spell and then go and find them, dig them up, etcetera by hand. I would do it myself but there are simply too many pieces and, as you can see," Freakshow gestured to his staff, "My powerful wand is out of commission for the time being, so I can't cast a powerful enough spell. Just go get the pieces and bring them here." He proffered the photo back at Lucius.

Lucius took the photo with a huff. This was going to require more effort than he previously thought, "Fine. I'll get some Death Eaters on it."

As Lucius was about to disapparate, Freakshow stopped him by putting a hand on Lucius' shoulder, "It isn't a deal until we shake on it." Freakshow said.

Rolling his eyes, Lucius shook his hand and prepared to disapparate once more, and once again Freakshow stopped him.

Freakshow adopted a sinister smile, "I'm not stupid, Lucius. It isn't a deal with a Death Eater until we shake on it."

"We did."

Freakshow's smile widened, "Unbreakably."

It was time to get this show on the road.

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