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He walked home, with the prize in his pocket. The clear night sky matched his dark clothing, making it easier to be unnoticed. He looked at the sky, then smiled. "It looks like another perfect escape, right Fondue?"

"Woeuf, woeuf!" the dog exclaimed, happily agreeing with his partner.


"Okay, rehearsal is over," the conductor said. Soon after, the group of people collected their music sheets and instruments, packing everything up. Marie smiled, as another day of practice can improve results. The incoming Fête de la Musique, or the Music Festival, is coming in a couple of months. She knew that somewhere out there, Raphael will hear her. But she has to work harder—after all, a soloist does not look at sheet music.

"What a performance, Miss Marie!" conductor Céleste exclaimed. "However, your violin sounded a bit flat during rehearsal. Have you tuned it recently?"

"No, sir. I'll tune it on the way home. Thank you yet again, Monsieur Céleste." Marie smiled, and elegantly packed her precious violin. She took the case and quietly left.

Once she left the entrance of the Opéra Garnier, also known as the Paris Opera, she noticed a change in weather. She muttered, "Oh my. The news said there was a low chance of rain...perhaps it was a miscalculation?" Drops of water fell from the bluish-grayish clouds, not too hard nor light. Not a storm, but stronger than drizzle. Luckily, Marie prepared an umbrella just in case. "Good heavens that I brought an umbrella. As they say, 'Expect the unexpected!'" She laughed and walked home unharmed.

Moderately strong wind slowed down Marie's pace but she still continued to her residence. Once she finally reached home, she arrived at the entrance and closed the umbrella. Ever since Jean-François betrayed her and Raphael, the home was slightly less lively. Even the Duchess Elizabeth—her mother—offered to bring her home. But Marie declined the offer; she couldn't leave her friends and sisters at the Saint Louré Convent.

"Welcome back!" exclaimed a group of children. The young woman was startled and taken back, as she never experienced this when she returns home.

She patted the youngest child, stared at the crowd and said, "I'm back. Was everyone well-behaved today?"

Everyone exclaimed, "Yes!" then proceeded to crowd around Marie. The youngest child innocently asked, "Miss Marie, can you play that 'Violin Song' again?" Oh, the "Moon Princess," Marie thought.

She rubbed the young girl's head and answered, "Of course! Everyone, please sit down; I'll get everything ready."

The children patiently sat cross-legged on the floor of the living room as the blonde-haired girl prepared her violin. She took the precious instrument out of the case. She also took the bow and added more rosin on the bow strings. She remembered something. "Hold on," Marie explained. "I need to tune my violin."

"Aw..." the children whined. They patiently waited like a dog waiting for his master.

Meanwhile, Marie walked across the hallway with the violin held on the neck and the bow carried on the other hand. She walked up the steps towards the third floor, hastily reaching her room. Marie opened the door to the room and was relieved that nothing changed. She entered the room, spotting the cupboard, and grabbed the tuner that was inside. She then proceeded to return to the living room.

Marie tuned the violin, changing even the slightest flat or sharp note. The children were interested, carefully watching every movement that Marie does. Perhaps one of them were inspired to become a violinist someday.

She readied her first stroke on the string. She apologized, "I'm so sorry everyone! This is 'Moon Princess.'"

She moved the bow on the strings. Her arms were swaying left and right, her left hand changing notes. It was a beautiful sight.

She had fond memories while she played the song. Marie remembered one year ago—the day when she met a gentleman thief. A reckless yet exciting adventure that awaited her. She even found her true mother after all the years that passed. If only she could meet him again...

In the blink of an eye, the heard the children's claps that brought her back to reality. Was the song that short? She pondered.

The youngest child jumped up and down repeatedly. "Thank you Miss Marie!"

"I will always play that song when you need it the most," Marie replied.


The next day was a Sunday, a day where there is no rehearsal in the Opera, yet there is still a tint of havoc in the Saint Louré Convent. "Big news, big news!" a boy exclaimed. "Phantom R returns!" The boy attracted everyone's attention in the diner table, including Marie.

A random child sneered. "Oh yeah? Do you have proof?"

"Yes, I do!" the boy aggressively exclaimed. "I have the newspaper right now! 'Phantom R plans to steal the Necklace of Mary today.' That's what it says." He proudly revealed the newspaper to everyone on the dining table.

A sister interrupted calmly, "Now, now everyone, settle down and eat your breakfast—"

"May I borrow that newspaper?" Marie unexpectedly asked. The boy walked up to the young lady and gave the newspaper. She thanked the child and stood off of the chair.

The same sister asked, "Where are you going, Sister Marie?"

"I have finished breakfast. Please excuse me." Marie swiftly dressed up and took an umbrella. The news said more rain will come.

The moment she walked out of the residence, something inside her triggered a realization. She muttered, "Oh dear... I do not know anything about the Necklace of Mary...How can I find Raphael without knowing where it is?" Suddenly, a light bulb shined brightly on Marie's head. "Of course! I will have to research about it at Paris Archives!"

She went past every tourist attraction that led to the Archives. The Opera Garnier, where Marie practices, is neighbor to the land of books.

A half an hour later, Marie arrived at the Paris Archives. She opened the doors of a different world: a world of countless books and when silence filled the air. Well, most of the time.

She looked left and noticed something different about the reception's desk. The librarian Vanessa wasn't on the desk, but rather, a young woman. Marie was slightly confused. She asked, "Excuse me...about librarian Vanessa..."

The woman rose her head and replied, "Oh, her! She overworked and is currently staying home. How may I help you?"

"I want to look at the special archives...but I know that I need a special membership."

"Oh that?" the woman laughed. "The rules have changed, dear. You can look at the book here, at the Paris Archives. However, only special members can borrow them."

"My apologies. And thank you."

The new receptionist stood up. "Follow me; I'll help you find what you need." She unlocked the door behind the desk and went through. Marie followed afterwards. The woman continued, "What do you want to find out?"

"If possible, the Necklace of Mary."

The receptionist nodded. She recalled the book being somewhere...

"What about that book?" Marie inquired. She pointed at the thick dark green book that literally stood out from the others. That book was the only one that was not completely pushed in.

"You're right," the woman answered. She walked over to the book and pulled it out. Her eyes widened, then exclaimed, "This is the book! But why was this book halfway in the shelf? Here." The woman kindly gave the book in which Marie accepted.

Marie thanked the woman and skimmed the book. She stopped flipping the page when she noticed a picture of a peculiar-looking necklace. The necklace was a blue oval shape with shapeless carvings on both sides. On the left, a snake-like shape curled up like a backwards "B," while the handle-like shape was carved on the right side. In the description, Marie read the text out loud. "The Necklace of the late Queen Mary, also known as Mary's Tear, is said to grant the user a special power only to them. There is no proof of the necklace's power, and is currently residing in the Napoleon III Apartments section of the Louvre."

The woman overheard Marie's whispers and laughed. "You must be a big fan of Phantom R! After all, you're even researching about today's item he's gonna steal!"

Marie blushed. "Of course not!" she exclaimed albeit frustrated. "Thank you again. I do not need to know anymore." She returned the book and hastily left.


A few hours later, a peaceful night arrived and covered the streets of Paris. On an exceptional evening, there were more constables on duty than usual. They were preparing for and unexpected theft by the infamous Phantom R. There were fans of the thief as well, flooding the gates of Museé de Louvre.

Marie stayed home the entire time. She could not decide whether or not to go to the Louvre.

Would she go to see Raphael after a dreadful year of waiting? Or would she be a bother to him if she would see him?

In conclusion, Marie decided to stay home. If she did go, both of their lives would be at risk. She might not be needed anymore; Raphael is stealing to find his father. More precisely, to bring his father home.

She wasn't needed anymore...


Earlier in the next day, Marie was awakened by the knocks of the door which led to her room. She opened the door, revealing the youngest child yet again. She asked, "What is it, dear child?"

"You have mail, Miss Marie!" The child presented a box about two inches thick and as wide as paper. "There was no sender...but can I hear your violin again?"

"Thank you, Angie. I will be back after rehearsal. I promise."

Angie, the youngest girl, exclaimed, "Okay!" She left, humming a tune while walking downstairs. Meanwhile, Marie was a bit hesitant to open the box. Nevertheless, curiosity defeated safety—she carefully opened the box.

Inside the box were bubble wrap, protecting the item stored inside. There was a letter and something that looked familiar to the violinist. It was a tear-shaped necklace with two strange figures on both sides. Marie gasped. "Is this Mary's tear?!...But why?" To answer all her questions, Marie opened the letter that only had one page.


I regret to say this, but I am being tracked down by some unknown people. They want Mary's Tear; the necklace that should be in the package. I'm entrusting this important artifact to you. I can't risk the bad guys to get the necklace from me. I know that you can use it correctly, without my help.


Why would Raphael give her something with great responsibility? Why her, of all people? She doesn't know how to use it either! She pondered numerous times.

She didn't have enough time to think. In two hours, she has to rehearse with the rest of the orchestra. For extra security, Marie puts everything back in the box and locks it in her cupboard. She then dressed up, ate breakfast, and left with her violin and umbrella. The news said there is a storm in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, a domestic animal searches for help...


A few hours later, rehearsal ended. Marie exited the Paris Opera and looked at the sky. It was tainted in dark, grey clouds, dropping the harsh rain. The nonstop rain is accompanied by the mild wind. Marie opened her umbrella and saw something in the distance. There was a white figure with something red tied to it. The thing was across the street, walking closer to her when the streetlight lit green. Her eyes were poor in the foggy weather. Who is it?

Finally, she knew who. "Woeuf!" exclaimed the figure. "Fondue, is that you...?" Marie asked, getting closer. The dog happily barked and panted when Marie rubbed his head.

She asked, "Fondue, where's Raphael? He's here, right?"

Suddenly, Fondue whined and made an unpleasant face. Something was wrong. Immediately, Marie knew something happened to him. She exclaimed, "Fondue, ce qui s'est passé? What happened?!"

Fondue barked and swiftly ran away. She chased after him. "Wait, Fondue!"

After passing though several streets and tourist attractions, Fondue abruptly stopped. Next to the dog was a young man. The man had reddish hair, laying on the wet sidewalk, his eyes soulless. He had glasses, which was on the floor, crushed.

Marie immediately knew this man. She asked, "Raphael..."

The young man named Raphael noticed and slowly turned to her. "Are you referring to me?" He blinked, then continued. "Because...I don't remember being called that name."


...And so chapter one ends, and another story I might abandon begins. I'll start by apologizing for the typical "x has anmesia," since I spotted quite a few in the Rhythm Thief fandom. Actually, this is highly coincidental about the setting or plot of the story, but will be slightly different than the others.

Also, the phrases and places in French will be explained during the story. For example, when Marie said "ce qui s'est passé," she immediately said "what happened," which means ce qui s'est passé in English. That's what I'll be doing in times like those, so you don't have to Google Translate it :)

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