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Harry's point of view.

I've taken to sleeping in Louis' bunk. Well, I suppose I couldn't really call it 'sleeping' since no actual 'sleeping' takes place. That is, at least not on my part. Every night at eleven o' clock I retire to the bunk above Louis' and stare out the window of our tour bus, waiting. Eventually, (no earlier than eleven thirty, no later than one.) I will hear Louis crawl in to the bunk underneath me. He lays there for maybe ten minutes every night just humming softly to himself. And every night I almost fall asleep just listening to sound of his muted melody.

Once he's stopped I wait for fifteen more minutes, just to be safe, before descending down the floor of the tour bus. And every night, when I pull that thin red curtain aside, I'm always shocked by what I see.

Louis is gorgeous. I know it, management knows it, millions of screaming girls all over the world know it, and even though he doesn't always act like it Louis knows it to. He's lying above his blankets, clad in a white t-shirt and black sweats, with his back pressed against the tour bus wall. His bangs, that he spends nearly all morning fixing and perfecting, have fallen helplessly into his face and move slightly with every quiet puff of breath he releases. I sit down in the empty spot next to him, slowly as humanly possible. I take a second to make sure that the small gesture hasn't woken him, even though I know it hasn't. Louis wouldn't wake up if the whole bus was swept up by a tornado and dropped into the ocean. I just worry because even though I have planned out what to say to him if he ever does wake up, "You were making noises mate, I came down to check on you." I know I would freeze up in horror as soon as his blue eyes met mine.

Satisfied with his state of unconsciousness I sidle up next to him and close the curtain behind me. Yes, to be caught by Louis would be horrible. But being caught by Zayn on one of his many nightly pee breaks, or by Niall every time he gets "the midnight munchies" would be just as bad. I lay my head down on the pillow next to the one Louis is using and turn on my side, so I can face him properly with out touching him. This is my favorite part of the night, where he's too tired to wake up, and I'm too excited to fall asleep.

Is that odd? That I get giddy from the prospect of watching my best mate sleep? Odd isn't the word I would use. Horribly and undeniably creepy? Yes. And even though I know that what I do is disturbing and a complete invasion of privacy, I can't seem to control myself. Every morning when I wake up in my empty bed I nearly cry myself back to sleep. It just feels so wrong lying there without Louis' warmth beside me, without his breath on my face or seeing the way his face always looks so young a carefree. And that's what love is, isn't it? When you do careless and stupid things because it physically hurts to be without that one person for more than an hour. And that's just what Louis Thomlinson is to me, my one person. My one person whose smile warms me more than sunshine, my one person who can make me laugh when I don't even want to smile, that one person who I find undeniably sexy in baggy sweats, too large hoodies, and glasses, that one person who if I never saw again I think I just might die.

I am in love with Louis Thomlinson.

I've known this for at least a year and I've stopped denying it for about half. I would shout it from the rooftops if I just weren't so damned scared. Whenever I get anywhere close to telling Louis about the feelings I've been harboring my mind always comes up with the worst possible scenario. Fans turning on me, management being outraged, Zayn and Niall and Liam all shutting me out, being kicked out of the band, but worst of all the look of disgust on Louis' face. I don't think I could survive if Louis hated me, but still, I don't think I can survive much more of this either. I cant keep harboring my feelings and sneaking into his bed, I can't keep pretending that I don't like as more than my best mate and that every time he smiles that Louis smile at me my knees don't go weak, and I can't denying the way my body reacts to him every time he pecks my cheek or snuggles up close to me. It hurts to damn much.

And every night it's like I'm standing on the edge of an abyss. I could either stay where I am, safe with Louis' friendship but be forced to continue my sad little acts of lonely desperation, or I could jump. I could jump and confess to Louis that I am madly and deeply in love with him, that I think we belong together, that I am so selfish to think that being his best friend just isn't good enough anymore, and he could either respond in one of two ways.

One, Louis could reject me. Our friendship would never be the same, he'd avoid me, I'd lose what little physical contact I have with him, I would have destroyed the best thing that ever happened to me and lose all hope that there could ever be more. Or two, Louis could fall in love with me. The very idea makes a stupid grin nearly split my face in two. Louis and I could go on dates and hold hands and kiss and live happily ever after. And it's these two responses that every night make me nearly shake in fear that he'll wake up and see me and hate me for the rest of his life. But they're also what, every night, nearly make me reach out, and wake him up myself.

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