Ecstasy of Blue
Chapter One: Something About You

By: Bibly

"He beat me again! I was so close to finally defeating him, and he beat me!" Bass shouted as he stormed down the corridor, holding his battered left shoulder with his bleeding right hand. The many Robot Masters that were present moved away from him as he rushed passed, all of them scared of the black-armored bioroid. He was someone all of them knew quite tough to defeat when he was furious.

Slamming the door open to his quarters, Bass headed inside, waiting until his faithful dog Treble walked in before closing it and slamming his back against it. He slowly slipped to the ground, still clenching his shoulder. "I was so close!" he muttered. "So fucking close…" Baring his teeth, he bowed his head, staring at the gray tiled floor on which he sat. He could have killed me… He could have killed me, but he didn't. He never does. Why doesn't he just kill me? Is he toying with me? …No, wait, he couldn't be toying with me! He's the pacifist loser who wouldn't kill even if a gun was put to his head and his life was on the line! Bass growled, covering his face with his hands. His body shook violently as he breathed in deeply. Foreign thoughts suddenly flooded into his mind as he sat thinking of the Blue Bomber, thoughts he never had before, thoughts that never came to mind before. …But…I guess…in a way…it's…nice of him not to kill me… He shook his head, hard. "What am I thinking?!" he yelled, scaring his purple robotic dog. "It's not nice of him! If he would just finish the fucking job, I wouldn't have to put up with Wily afterwards! Better yet, if I could just kill him, then all of this could be over with!" Bass slammed his fist on the ground, cracking the tile. He stood up, shaking violently, the unusual thoughts still clawing at his mind.

Opening the door slightly, he starred at the wood block, then slowly turned to face his canine partner. "C'mon, Treble." He growled. "We've gotta face up to the psychotic old man." Treble's eyes narrowed at the very thought of Wily and followed his master out the door.

After a few moments of walking, the two stepped into Dr. Wily's lab, staring at his back. The doctor was hunched over a small monitor, watching the events that had taken place during Bass's battle with Mega Man. Bass could tell he wasn't happy with the outcome of the battle, and yet, when he spoke, Bass swore he sensed humor in his voice.

"Bass!" Wily shouted, still facing the monitor. Bass stood his ground, Treble standing at his side. Slowly, their master turned around to look at them, a strange glint in his eyes. "You have failed me once again, Bass!" The bioroid lowered his head, peering at him from beneath his helmet. "Tell me, why should I repair you if all you are going to do is fail?"

"I'll get him the next time," Bass growled in defense, his red eyes shimmering in absolute hatred towards Wily. "He'll be begging for his life at my feet the next time we battle!"

"You say that each and every time! And, what happens? You FAIL!"

"I MEAN IT!!" Bass shouted, clenching his fists. He pointed at the monitor behind Wily, screaming, his body seeming to ache more with a pain he never felt before with each word he spat, "You saw how close I was! It was the closest I've gotten thus far! Next time, HIS blood will be splattered against the concrete, HIS blood with drip off my very fingertips, HIS blood will seep from his body as he takes his last gasps for air before finally dying like the lowly dog he is!!"

~ * - - - - - - - - - - * ~

Crickets chirped into the night, singing to the star-filled sky that shown above as the moon looked down upon those who walked in the darkness. A small, soft sphere of light shown from within the forest, coming from a large house which – despite the time of night – was bustling with life. A young, blonde-haired girl stood outside the door, her hands cupped together at her chest as her eyes radiated with extreme nervousness and worry. A red robotic dog stood at her side, also looking extremely worried. Rush whined insistently until he finally laid down, staring straight ahead. Rock, where are you? You've been gone for hours; you were just supposed to get some milk and come right back home! She sniffled, holding back tears of worry.

"He's still not here, is he?" a deep voice whispered from behind her, startling her.

Turning around, the blonde spotted a teenage boy adorned in a white t-shirt and baggy black pants, a yellow scarf laying dormant around his neck, sunglasses blocking his eyes from everything around him. It seemed that even during the darkest of nights, Blues never stopped wearing his sunglasses.

"No…," she whispered, shaking his head. "Something's wrong, I just know it!" She turned to her older brother. "Blues, please, we have to find him!"

Blues patted her on the head. "Roll, calm down. Rock can take care of himself, and don't ever lose faith in him. I'm sure he went to the park or something and fell asleep while watching the sunset."

The soft rustling of leaves silenced Roll from commenting on what Blues had just stated. They both listened intently to the sound, looking around to see what was causing it. "…What in all hell…? There isn't a bit of wind blowing so what is –"

"ROCK!" Roll shouted as she took off running towards someone who had collapsed from behind the bushes, Rush and Blues right at her heels. "Oh my God, Rock!" She knelt down at his side, placing her hands on his arm. "Rock, what happened?!"

Rock looked at his two siblings, smiling when he felt Rush immediately start licking his face. He laughed slightly, a soft smile on his face. "Rush, it's okay, it's okay, I'm fine."

"You don't look fine," Blues stated, kneeling down on his other side. "Mind telling us what happened?"

Rock tried to stand up on his own, but was immediately helped by both Roll and Blues. His left leg was bleeding profusely from a large gash that started from his hip to a few inches above his knee. His armor was covered in dust and scratches; his helmet was dented in numerous places. He spoke softly as they headed toward the house. "Well, I was on my way to get the milk Dr. Light wanted me to get…but Bass jumped me on the way. He's…gotten better."

"Obviously," Blues agreed.

"Blues!" Roll glared at him.

"Well, it's true, ain't it?" Blues shrugged. Just as they entered the house, he shouted, "Hey, hey Doc! We've got an 'mergency over here!"

Dr. Light rushed into the room, looking the Blue Bomber over with concern worn on his face. "My God, son, what happened to you? No, no, that can wait! Quick, bring Rock to the lab! We have to tend to that wound right away!"

As they dragged Rock to the lab as quickly as they possibly could without injuring him any further, he closed his eyes. Bass, I know we're not meant to be enemies. I feel good intentions within you. And I can only hope that what I feel is true… I can only hope that how I feel is an affection that you want to return…

~ * - - - - - - - - - - * ~

Bass stood before his window, adorned in only a pair of black boxers as he looked out into the darkness that surrounded Wily's newest Skull Fortress, the black bioroid's home until he finally lost all patience for the doctor and his insane quirks. Running a hand though his purple hair, he crossed his arms over his chest. Slowly, he glanced down at his now repaired shoulder. The more he looked at it, the more it seemed like nothing had ever pierced through his skin. It was as good as new. No scar, no marks, no nothing. It was even the same tone as the material around it. But no matter how clean and perfect it looked, it was nowhere near as perfect as his rival. I'm nowhere near innocent. …But he is…he's so innocent…so pure… A violent shake shot through his body. Sudden feelings rushed through his circuits, feelings he never dared to feel nor admit. No! How can I? I hate him! He took away my pride on numerous occasions! Took away my pride and every bit of faith Wily ever had in me! …And yet… Bass closed his eyes tightly, blocking everything from his line of vision. How is it that I feel like this? I've hated him for so long, hated him with every fiber in my body. But maybe… His eyes opened slowly. Perhaps…denial? Have I been denying it all this time? There's just something about him, something about the way he looks or fights…maybe it's the way he treats me. That must be it. He's always trying NOT to hurt me. Maybe he's right. Maybe we're not enemies. "Maybe we're meant to be something more," Bass whispered, pressing a bare shoulder against the window as he gazed dreamily into the night sky.