Ecstasy of Blue
Chapter Six: Silent Truth

By: Bibly

"Bass! Bass!" Rock giggled as Bass nipped at his neck lightly. "That tickles!"

Bass grinned at Rock's remark, lifting the smaller bioroid's shirt slightly and running his hand over his well-formed belly. Had he found out that Rock felt the same way he himself felt earlier, all of the things he had gone through probably could have been avoided. It probably would have been easier for him to fight against his programming, but then, there was no way to find out now.

Gazing up at the Blue Bomber's face, Bass' grin widened slightly upon seeing his usual childish smile across his face. "Having fun?" he questioned, laughing slightly when Rock nodded his head. "Good, good." Running a hand through Rock's hair, Bass pressed his lips against his own, kissing him briefly before pulling away and looking down at him. Rock smiled sweetly, then looked past him to the night sky above.

"It's a beautiful night," Rock stated softly.

Moving to lay next to him, Bass gazed up at the night sky as well. "Sure is." He wrapped his arms around Rock as he pressed against him, sighing when he felt Rock's face nuzzle against his chest. Closing his eyes, Bass basked in the smaller bioroid's warmth before noticing that something was amiss. The warmth was slowly fading and was being replaced by a sever pain in his side. What in the -? Upon trying to open his eyes, a spark of pain shot through him, making him bare his teeth to stop from screaming out. After a few moments, he was able to open his eyes slightly. His eyes widened a bit when he noticed that he was lying on the ground alone with his armor still in its place. He grasped the ground with his hand. As he pushed himself up, Bass cringed in pain. Where was this pain coming from? And WHY was he laying on the ground by himself? Using a nearby tree as a source of balance, he pulled himself to his feet, and then gazed down. He gasped. A rather large chunk of his left side had been blown off, leaving his broken circuits left open to the dark world around him. One large circuit seemed to have been rebuilt, however, meaning that the reason behind his black out was that one of his main circuits had been severely damaged. Thank you for that damn fast auto repair system, Wily. But, who – Soft sobs could be heard coming from behind him. Bass turned around, then gasped upon seeing who it was.


The Blue Bomber's helmet had been thrown to the side as he sat on the ground, his face buried in his hands. Treble sat some ways away from him, eyeing him angrily. Bass was surprised Treble hadn't tried to rip him to shreds, since he was the only one around.

Does that mean…he shot me? Bass blinked, still staring at him. Then I guess it was pointless to fight my programming…

Bass tried to step soundlessly to the side, not wanting Rock to see him, but as he did so, he stepped on a small twig. The soft snap that was sent into the night sky caused Rock to snap up and look at him. An angry look suddenly replaced his saddened expression. He took to his feet and bolted towards Bass, tears still falling from his eyes. "Damn you, Bass!"

"Rock, I –"

Rock slammed himself against the ebony bioroid, causing him to slam against the tree and yelp in pain. He took a swing at Bass' face, but his blue-gloved hand was easily stopped by Bass' white-gloved one, which slowly wrapped around it. Rock clung to him as sobs raked through his body. Bass was taken aback by what he was doing. Not only was Rock trying to bury his face in Bass' armor, but he had slowly placed his hand under his shoulder guard as well, trying to keep himself from buckling to the ground. "Why'd you do it, Bass?! Why? …Why…?"

Well, I guess… I might as well just do something… Bass shrugged as he wrapped his arms around Rock's waist. Without even thinking about it, he called off his armor, leaving him in his street clothes and allowing the smaller bioroid to bury his face even more. "Rock, I didn't mean to hit Roll." Rock continued to sob, not bothering to reply. Bass closed his eyes. "…I…I'm…sorry." Placing a finger under his chin, Bass lifted Rock's head so that they could see eye to eye. He smiled, wiping his tears away with his thumb. He slowly lend his head forward and kissed him lightly.

~ * - - - - - - - - - - * ~

Rock's eyes widened. Is this a dream? Just a sweet, sweet dream…? He was so surprised when Bass' lips touched his own that he had forgotten what he had been crying about. His eyes remained open for a few moments before he relaxed, closing his eyes and melting into the kiss. He had dreamt of the both of them like this for so long, but he never thought it would come true. He never thought that Bass felt anything close to even liking him. Please, if this is a dream, don't let me wake up…

The kiss soon ended, leaving both of them flustered and unsure of what to say. Rock stared up at him and watched as Bass' eyes slowly opened, revealing the two red irises that he had always thought portrayed his true emotions towards him. As they stood in each other's arms, Rock opened his mouth to say the three words he had been longing to say for so long, but just as the words were about to come out, Bass placed a finger against his lips softly. He smiled slightly before he closed his eyes once again and collapsed in Rock's arms.

"Bass!" Rock shouted as panic took over. "Bass! BASS!" Looking down, he saw that Bass' shirt was covered in the oil that had been leaking from the large wound in his side. "Damn it!" He shook his head quickly. " I can't teleport the both of us! But…" He turned and looked at Treble. He was gone! "Damn it!" Just as he returned his attention back to the bioroid in his arms, he felt something tug at his arm. Looking down, Rock spotted the purple dog. "Treble! Treble, can you teleport both yourself and Bass back to Dr. Light's lab?" Treble looked at him with an unwavering gaze. "Please Treble! Dr. Light will help him if I ask him to! He knows what's going on, I'm sure he'll help Bass more than Dr. Wily!"

With an slight growl, Treble bit down on Bass' sleeve and disappeared in a beam of purple light, carrying Bass with him. Rock did the same soon after they left. When he arrived at the Light compound, he retrieved Bass from Treble and bolted into the house, running as fast as he could before skidding to a halt within Dr. Light's lab. "Dad! Dad, you've gotta help Bass!"

"What happened?" Blues asked from his place at Dr. Light's side. The good doctor was nearly finished with repairing their sister, telling Rock that he, Bass, and Treble had been in the forest for much longer than it seemed.

"Well, you know how Bass got Roll? I got really pissed off and hit him in that one spot you told me about… You know, that one weak spot you found on Bass' schematics that dad retrieved when he was repairing Bass way back when?"

Blues blinked, walking up to them. "Didn't I tell you that it would also kill him if he was given enough time?"

Rock wailed. "Yes, yes, I know! But I was just so pissed, and I thought that he didn't care, and now I know…I-I…"

Despite what was at hand, Blues smiled. "I told you." Glancing back at Dr. Light, Rock and Blues noticed that he was already waiting for Bass to be laid on one of the lab tables.

As Rock placed him on one of the tables, Dr. Light looked at him and said softly, "Now go wait in the family room. I'll come and tell you when I'm done."

Rock nodded and left. He rubbed his sweaty hands on his t-shirt after he called his armor off. When he sat down on the couch, he stared at the ground even when Blues sat next to him and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"So, did you find out?" Blues asked softly.

Rock nodded. "I think so… I mean, after I shot him, he woke up a few hours later, and…" He sighed. "I didn't even realize what was going on until I felt his lips on mine…"

Blues smirked. "So ya kissed! Well, that's certainly good."

"Yeah, it is… But now he might die…" Rock started to cry once again, shaking his head as he covered his face with his hands. Blues wrapped his arms around his shoulders, rubbing Rock's arm lightly as he cried into his chest. They remained that way until the two of them fell asleep. After what seemed like mere moments, Blues was shaking Rock awake. "Huh…wha-?"

"He's all done, bro," Blues answered him, a cheerful yet sleepy smile on his face.

Blinking confusedly, Rock peered outside. He was surprised to see that it was light outside. Rock suddenly remembered what had happened and snapped his head to the side to peer back at his older brother. "Bass, he's…? Everything's…? …Where's dad?" he stammered as he stood to his feet.

A large smirk was worn on Blues' face as he stood next to his brother. "Dad's asleep. He's been up all night, after all." Patting Rock on the back, he turned and headed for the door that still remained busted open. "G'on and check up on him. Dad said he'll be online for a few minutes before fatigue knocks him out."

"Where're you going?"

Blues held up a piece of paper. "Dad needs some stuff from the store, and since Roll's out and you're all…yeah…I said I'd go get everything." He smiled. "Well, stop talking to me and go check up on Bass before he decides to take a nap!"

"Right!" Rock smiled briefly at Blues before running towards the lab. Hundreds of questions ran through his head as the hall flew past him. Please, don't let that kiss be anything more than a dream…please…

Pushing the door open, Rock looked around, spotting Rush and Roll lying on their lab tables before finding Bass. As if afraid of what he was about to see, Rock cautiously walked towards him. He watched as the now shirtless Bass' chest rose and fell slowly. His trunk was wrapped in cloth as to cover the newly repaired area until Bass felt he wanted to remove it.

"…Bass…," Rock whispered as he ran a finger over one of Bass' violet streaks. Bass grunted slightly in reply, still a bit groggy from being restarted. Rock stared down at him, taking in every bit of his appearance. He ran a hand through Bass' purple hair. He never saw him without his helmet before last night. Seeing his long, purple hair falling over his face and over was a complete change.

"Rock…," Bass murmured, opening his eyes slowly.

"Bass! Bass, you're awake!"

Silence over came the two of them as Bass looked around. "…Where am I?"

"You're in Dr. Light's lab. I took you here so he could repair you." Rock smiled at him softly. "…How…do you feel?"

Bass winced as he sat up, placing his arm across his belly as he rubbed his side softly. "I feel…like I got beat by a metallic bat over and over and over…"

Rock frowned. He glanced at Bass' hand and then at the tiled floor. "Bass…I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that, it's just that you hit Roll and –"

"No, Rock, I…I'm the one that should be…sorry," Bass whispered as he stared at him. He touched Rock's face tenderly. Rock stirred and looked into his eyes, knowing that he was starting to blush. "And I'm hoping you can forgive me."

Rock smiled softly and touched Bass' hand. "Yes. I do… At least she's okay now."

"Good. Thank you…," Bass whispered as his eyelids began to droop. He yawned, showing Rock his fangs, and then laid back on the table. "I think I'm going to get some shut eye…" He smiled at Rock once more before drifting off.

Rock watched as he slept, a loving smile worn on his face as he rubbed the spot on his cheek where Bass' hand had touched him. Rock knew. Bass knew. After so many battles against each other, after so many threats and so much pain, they finally came to an understanding. They could finally live together in peace.

Without a moment's hesitation, Rock climbed onto the lab table next to Bass, wrapping his arms around him as he slept. He yawned, realizing that he barely slept at all that night. As he closed his eyes and waited for sleep to envelope him, he felt Bass nuzzle the crook of his neck with his face.

~ * - - - - - - - - - - * ~

Bass sighed as Rock's breathing began to slow. He could tell that the smaller bioroid had fallen asleep in mere moments, and as he pulled his head up to peer into the face of what was his sleeping nemesis, a single tear rolled down his cheek. I'll be sorry when I can't fight my programming anymore, Rock... But I just want you to know…

"…I love you…"



Author's Note: Yay! My first and only finished fanfic! What did you guys think? Did you like it? Hate it? G'on and tell me! And also tell me this: Would you like to see a sequel to this? If enough people reply and wanna read more, I'll be more than happy to continue. ^_^ Anyway, thanks for reading, all!