Harry and Hermione arrived home to find Winky supervising the children doing home work. "Hi Winky are they behaving?"

Winky grinned "They are very good kids and they listen well."

Harry smiled "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Winky would like to buy some English books for herself and then get some more math books for the kids." The small elf told him.

Harry nodded his head "Please check our library first and then you may buy whatever you need at Diagon alley on my account."

"Thank you sir" Winky replied.

Hermione stepped into the room "Harry and I will be in a conference for a couple of hours."

Lily smiled "Mummy I do know what that means. I am not a little child you know."

Hermione smiled "No, of course not dear I would never think that of you."

Lily stood up "Mrs. Winky I think we should practice our privacy and silencing charms this afternoon because Mummy and Daddy quite often forget and it is very disturbing to hear animals in the house."

Hermione and Harry's mouths fell open in disbelieve and then they both blushed "Sorry dear we will be more careful in the future." Hermione replied. They hurriedly walked out of the room and upstairs.

The summer ended quickly and the first two Potter children entered a new Hogwarts as Humans, Goblins, Centaurs, Werewolf, and Vampire children all entered the hall for the first time. Of course many of the new policies were making waves outside of Britain. The council of nine had ratified new laws to take effect and made it illegal to discriminate against any race or being. The Ministry was being filled with all the races to get it functioning again.

What was the final straw for many purebloods that still remained was when werewolves were hired as Aurors; a muggle was hired to teach muggle studies and species interactions. He had been a professor at Oxford University for twenty years teaching biology. Another muggle professor had been hired to teach arithamancy, as he was an expert on base seven math.

Ten families filed a complaint with the council of nine. The council of nine having reviewed the complaint held a public hearing on the matter. It was at the hearing that both professors proved, without a doubt, their credentials against the expert brought by the ten families. Both were able to solve a problem the families experts believe unsolvable and snuck in. The families claimed their answer was false and were only quieted when Hermione reviewed the problem and then used the answer to create a new spell shield on the spot.

Hermione had the others cast curses at it to test its strength. When one of the families cast an imperious at her only to have it dissipate, their arguments died a quick death.

They withdrew the complaint and went home never to complain again.

The council received a summons from the ICW that the high council come before the ICW main body to answer charges of ignoring the statute of secrecy, ignoring international laws on controlling dark creatures, and providing aid to dark creatures.

Harry looked over to the council members and laughed "I supposed I knew this was coming." Although generally Magical Britain was the most antiquated, the rest of Europe was no more than fifty years ahead of them. They certainly were not as progressive as North America or Australia."

Hermione looked over to the council "Do any of the members here have contacts in America?"

Amelia Bones Stood up "I have made some in their DMLE equivalent." She stated.

Hermione nodded "Would you be willing to represent us and to make more friends across the pond?"

Amelia smiled "Certainly but I think that a face to face would be better."

Bella smiled "I agree and I will send Ragnok with you." Amelia nodded.

Harry stood up "It is obvious to me that the ICW wants to send a message to its member nations and to those that move towards a more progressive agenda. As far as I am concerned the ICW has lost its way and is similar to the way our Ministry was over a year ago. It is a vessel used by those in control to maintain that control and I don't like it that way."

Everyone in the room laughed as a senior member of the council spoke up "Is it safe to say that in six months what is left of the ICW will have wished they never heard the name Harry Potter?"

Hermione and Bella laughed before Hermione stated "Six months? I think my beloved can have them on their knees in less than ninety."

Bella winked at her "My money is counting on it being under one hundred and twenty days."

Harry stood up taller "I, of course, have my own timetable but I assure you that it will get done."

Harry, Hermione, and Bella arrived on the Greek island of Porthos and the seat of the International Confederation of Wizards. The three went to the hotel they had reserved and Harry turned on his mage sight and found no less than twelve listening and recording devices. Hermione took a muggle electronic wand and found five more muggle devices. They turned a tape recorder on of Animal sex noises from around the world and began conversing with their mind talent after casting silencing charms on each other's ears.

Hermione said in a tense voice "We have some serious muggle and wizard eyes on us."

Harry was not responding but was looking out the window smiling and seemed to be carefree about being here. Hermione turned him around "Mr. Potter what are you up to."

Harry almost laughed "You know for being the smartest people I have ever met you are going to kick yourself for not coming up with this yourself and after tomorrow you are never going to call me Caveman again because tomorrow all of our problems will be gone."

Bella looked at him with a look of wonder "Harry what are you going to do?"

Harry smiled enigmatically at her and asked "What are the odds that I can make the ICW disappear in less than ten days?"

Hermione answered "One to impossible!"

Harry shrugged "I am willing to bet you that you are wrong. Are you game… Mrs. Book worm?"

Hermione stepped back "Your bullshitting me! There is no way, it is not possible to do it that quickly." Hermione stated emphatically.

Harry looked at her "If you are so sure of this Bookworm , then you and Psycho should have no problems betting me… oh I don't know….let's see….ah, I have it. You will both do whatever I want for one month as your master and you can never use the term Caveman again."

Bella put her hands on her hips "What do we get in turn?"

Harry smirked "Two months of your cave boy slave at your service.

"Less than ten days?" Hermione asked

"Heck if I am not done in nine I will consider it that you have won." Harry added for good measure.

Bella laughed "Hermione he is bullshitting us. He is laying it on so thick so we second guess ourselves. He is bluffing. He just wants us to back down first."

Hermione and Bella said almost immediately agreed to the terms "Fine we will take that bet and at the end of the ninth day you will belong to us Cave boy!"

Harry looked nervous suddenly and replied in a meek voice "Uh, what exactly would you have me do?"

Hermione smiled and walked around him like she was inspecting a piece of beef "Well for one since you were so arrogant about all this I am allowing Bella to do anything she wants with you to include you becoming her boy toy!"

Harry gulped "Are you sure about this Hermione." Harry gave her a very sorrowful look.

"Harry James Potter don't even think about trying to talk me out of this. Bella can do whatever she wants for the two months."

Bella piped in "Can we do things with him together?"

Hermione smiled "Yes, of course."

Harry suddenly stood up straighter "Well, in my book what is good for the goose is good for the gander and I can assume that, should I win that any restrictions on you are void."

Hermione turned quickly "Uh, Harry…"

Harry gave his evil grin "Bookworm, you will do anything I ask as will your co-conspirator. I gave you a chance to play nice and I am only taking it where you decided."

Hermione and Bella said at the same time "Oh, shit…he just pranked us."

Harry laughed "Well as soon as I complete my prank then Remus has determined that I would be the official leader of the marauders as no one would be able to top this prank...ever."

Hermione and Bella looked at each other and mouthed "Oh, shit."

Harry turned and went to the balcony "Come Slaves I shall need witnesses to my magnificence."

The three apparated to the center of the Island and was on one of the largest hills and very close to the upper limits of the wards. Hermione asked him "Why are we here?"

Harry responded while he was working "This is the closest place to the upper ward line." Hermione stood back as he incanted a very old spell with some twists to it that neither had ever seen before. It was ten minutes later that Harry finished and a very large flash of magic occurred around them.

Bella and Hermione's thoughts became fuzzy and they wandered in circles until their minds had cleared. Hermione asked "Luv what are we doing out here? Shouldn't we be getting ready for…. something."

Bella looked confused we are here for some reason. It's something very important. What was it?"

Hermione looked at Harry who was laughing very hard "Harry what is so funny?"

Harry handed her a slip of paper and she read it "The ICW is located on the island of Pathos in Greece."

Hermione looked at him with wide eyes and then looked at the slip of Paper "You...this…fidelus… that can't be… this is not…"

Harry was still laughing at her "It's not possible?" Harry took the paper from her and turned to Bella "Why don't you try to ask her about it?"

Hermione looked at him still stunned and then gathered her wits before walking over to Bella "Do you remember anything about…." Hermione's voice could not formally form the letters ICW. Shook it off and tried again "There is an international organization."

Bella responded "Yes, there are many of them. Which one are you talking about?"

Hermione tried "the … I cannot talk about this with you until you know the secret." Hermione gave a deep sigh "Harry, you won."

Harry smiled "That would be master you won."

Hermione gave a slight smirk "Master, you have defeated us and your lowly slave realizes she is not half as smart as she thought she was."

Harry patted her head "Yes, my young paduwon but there is still hope for you as you realize who your true master is." Harry continued onto Bella and handed her the slip of paper. She read it and then stood up straight and looked from Harry to the paper and then back several times and then she promptly fell back and began to laugh hysterically.

Harry set down on a rock and smiled to himself. Hermione sat beside him and was very unsure. To be quite truthful she felt very unconfident. Harry carefully and slowly picked her hand up and gave it a very tender kiss as he looked into her eyes. "Hermione, you did not fail me or anybody else. It is definitely ok for others to come up with the solution without you."

Hermione picked at a rock "But everyone expects me to do that. When I don't they look at me funny."

Harry picked her head up "Hermione I don't care what anybody else thinks about you. What I do care about is how you feel about yourself. We are emotionally damaged people Hermione and I have seen all of your fears ever since we bonded eight years ago." Hermione gasped at the realization of what he had just said.

Hermione looked into his eyes as he continued "You have never ever disappointed me. In fact you have amazed me because despite your fears, you have done some amazing things in spite of them. For you doing some things in spite of your fears is more of a challenge than I have had." Harry chuckled "I may look brave but I usually don't think before I go do."

Harry slide closer to her "Hermione you are truly far braver than me because you think before you do and you have plunged in when you believed there was no chance you would succeed but you did it anyway. I realized if I thought like you I could not have done it at all. I am not that brave. Hermione you have awed me for years."

Harry wiped his eyes "You have made me a better person because I have tried to be as brave as you and as smart as you." Hermione looked at him and realized that he truly meant every word that he said. Something inside of Hermione healed that day. The realization that the man who inspired her the most was in fact inspired by her and her own self worth became so much more.

Harry kissed her lips "My worth, my emotional problems, you have healed because as I watched you and all that you went through I learned about myself. I learned that I can't shut myself off because you need me to support your emotions, to support you and by doing this I help myself. No man or woman is an island."

Hermione smiled at him and her eyes truly understood that his heart was opened to her. She held his face in her hands "Thank you Harry. I am so lucky that I didn't lose you. I will never regret coming on this journey with you. I love you more than you can possible imagine."

Harry and Hermione shared a tender kiss for many minutes until a voice beside them cleared her throat. When they looked up Bella had tears streaming down her face "That was very beautiful and I shall remember it always." Bella looked at Harry with longing. Hermione saw the look and turned her head side ways to study the woman before her.

Hermione was in thinking mode "Harry, if you have a bond with me that gave you the ability to feel my deeper emotions and thoughts, do you have the same with Bella?"

Harry looked at her and without hesitation answered "Yes and I always have." Harry sighed "At first I chose to close that part of myself off from her. I didn't trust her at the time."

Harry stood up "Over time she kept feeding me her emotions and thoughts and I felt the change." Harry looked at Hermione "Bella came with me on my second exploration trip and we had a long talk. I have always felt the pull from her and I chose not to act or acknowledge it until you were ok."

Hermione stood up she walked to Bella and held her hands "When we bonded, all three of us soul bonded, didn't we." She asked.

Bella whispered "Yes."

Hermione leaned forward and laid her head on Bella shoulders "I have made your life hell because you needed our husband and he would do nothing to hurt me."

Hermione was looking at Harry and her smile faded "Harry open the bond up completely. I know you're the key. I want to feel both of you like you feel me."

Harry smiled at her and closed his eyes and Hermione was soon feeling Bella thoughts flood into her mind. Before she knew what she was doing she began to kiss Bella and tears were streaming down her eyes "I am so sorry. I didn't know." She apologized over and over.

Bella finally held her head firmly with her hands and stopped her "There is nothing to be sorry for. I knew through Harry that you needed to heal and because of Harry I understood the depth of your feelings for him. "

Hermione looked at her and her face looked surprised "You waited 4,000 years for us to get here." Hermione spun around to look at Harry "You made her wait all this time, why?"

Harry didn't answer but looked at Bella and she answered "He didn't make me wait, I made me wait. It was my path to redemption." Bella sat beside Harry and held his hand. She carefully looked at it and then closed her eyes and held it to her face. Her breath became quick at his touch. She opened her eyes and then looked deeply into his eyes.

She kept looking at him and then answered Hermione "It took many years for me to understand what love truly is and I could not be where I am today without it." Bella turned to Hermione "I have been brought back from insanity and know it and I truly love you and Harry."

Bella continued "When Veldane died I was lost for a few years because I truly loved him. He will always have a small piece of my heart. Hermione you needed something from Harry to help you and my needs were not as important at the time. I hoped that eventually that your healing would be complete and then I could be with you as I wanted."

Bella closed her eyes and felt the bond before turning with surprised eyes to look at Harry "You did it. Both of you have healed yourself." Bella turned to Hermione "I want us to start over as true partners in everything… Hermione you must agree to this before we can move forward. May I join with you and sharing Harry?"

Hermione kissed Harry, then Bella and then gave both of them a very sly smile "Our master Bella. We will have to share him as our master for the next 30 days anyway."

Harry stood up and smiled at both of them before held his hands out to them "Come on we have four thousand years to make up for." They reached his hands and held on to him. Harry with a slight chuckle stated "I hope you ladies didn't forget about our bet because for the next thirty days…your asses belong to me." He stated.

Harry snapped his finger and their clothes disappeared. Harry disapparated into the hotel lobby with Bella and Hermione and both turned red from embarrassment. Harry smiled as he walked to the stairwell. "Oh, this is going to be so much fun…for me that is!" he state to them.

Bella looked at Hermione with a grin "I blame this all on you."

Hermione looked back with a grin "Me? you're the one that talked me into this. It's your fault."

Four days later they emerged from the room dressed in their very finest robes. The day had come for their confrontation with the ICW, the full assembly. Harry held their hands "I think after four days that no one will probably ever remember what the ICW was, this should be a very subdued morning."

Hermione laughed "Harry even I have to admit that you were brilliant. To defeat your enemy without even breaking a sweat…"

Harry stopped and looked very serious "Didn't you see the sweat roll from my brow as I cast the spell? That was very hard work I will have you know!"

The three landed in the very deserted ICW main hall. The large assembly chamber was across from them and Harry waved his hand to open the ornate double doors that led to the main floor with the stadium seating all around it. At the main bench sat a single solitary figure who looked very surprised at the people who entered. He watched them make their way down to the accused box. Harry stepped into it and looked at the man with a smile.

The man looked confused but responded quickly "May I help you."

Harry kept his smile "You requested us to be here today."

The man responded with more confusion "I did?" He looked around his desk but only saw blank paper. He asked "I don't seem to have any documents up here. I remember we, I mean I had something important that was happening today but I can't remember what. What was your name?"

Harry kept his smile "I am Harry Potter."

The man, William Johns St. Ives, flashed a dangerous and predatory recognition of the name but the blank look soon replaced that as he lost the memories of what Harry was wanted for."

Harry took a piece of paper from his robe and levitated it to William. When William looked at it his mien took a whole different look as he stood up quickly "You! You are under arrest!" he shouted.

Harry eyebrow arched upwards "Bill, that kind of attitude will do you no good. Look around you. There is no one else left to play except the four of us."

William smacked his hand on his desk "Because you put this entire island under a fidelus charm, you son of a bitch. You will remove it immediately!"

Harry laughed "No, Bill it is not just the island, I placed the whole organization under a fidelus. No one on this planet can remember a thing about the ICW except the four of us." Harry paused "As soon as you leave this island, you won't remember it ever again either. The ICW and its antiquated ways are over."

William looked stunned and then threw the paper away on the floor. It was not noticed by him that the paper began to smolder, and then smoke, before it flamed into a fire. "It is not possible for you can't have done what you said."

Bella began to laugh "Oh Billy, Billy, Billy… he just did. My husband just took down an international organization. He dismantled it completely without even lifting a finger to cast an offensive spell. What is more important is that this institution cannot interfere ever again."

Hermione smiled "In fact he is starting his own international organization to replace yours and what is more…" Hermione lifted her arms to indicate this building and the land surrounding them "He has the facilities to do this."

Harry leaned forward "You thought you could blindly attack me through your organization and get me under control. By allowing me access to this place I was able to cast the spell that utterly and completely devastated the last vestiges of resistance to getting this world united by uniting all governments for common goals and interests." Harry smiled "More importantly I will get all magical and non-magical beings working together for the common good."

"It is amazing how exactly as the fidelus went up, many of the world's conflicts ceased to exist. I knew exactly what you had been doing."

William sat back down heavily "How did you learn of all this?"

Harry looked around "Bill I have a special relationship with magic and it told me. It also told me that the twenty top nations in this organization were causing most of humanities strife so they could profit from the wars, food shortages, and the suffering you have caused."

Harry did a tempus spell "The High Guard have caught all of your fellow conspirators and they have been transported to an island in the south pacific. It is an island that is 1 mile wide and 1 mile in length. It is your prison for the remainder of your life. There will be no amenities and only the bare essentials will be provided and it is the least I could do for the millions of men, women, and children you have made suffer for your greed."

Harry turned to leave as two high guards appeared next to William and placed magical manacles on his wrist. William yelled "Wait, will we be able to do magic?"

Bella answered "Your magic will be stripped from you as it has been done to the others. You will live out your life as a mundane." William upon hearing this began to cry and was dragged away by the guards.

Hermione turned to Bella and Harry "Is it over now, can we finally live our lives as we choose?"

Harry looked at her and then at Bella and gave his lopsided grin. He held his arms out to them and they claimed his arm and a side each. "Well, my life for the next twenty-six days will be all about choices of what I want the two of you to do. You two not so much as we still have the bet that has to be paid."

Bella and Hermione began to laugh and then Hermione stated "Twenty-six days, is that all?" She winked at Bella and then with a grin "Harry how about double or nothing and we make another bet to win our freedom from your evil clutches?"

Harry was smiling now "I don't know I very much like the bet we have now and you two are far smarter than me. I mean why would I look a gift horse in the mouth?"

Bella began to grin again "Hermione he is right you know it is a lot to risk on his part when he has us right where he wants us."

Hermione really smiled "Perhaps we could make the stakes for longer and add some other incentive. Would six months more after this be enough incentive?"

Harry had a smirk "I was thinking more along the lines of the rest of the year."

Hermione held her fist up "Yes!" Bella smacked the back of her head and Hermione fake pouted "I mean oh no anything but a year, sir…I wouldn't be able to stand it."

Harry almost began laughing and barely managed to hold it in before he replied "So what is the bet you were thinking about?"

Bella grinned "Who is right about this question. What color is the Mediterranean sea?"

Hermione then chirped in "Bella claims that it is Marine Blue and of course I say it is Green. So Potter since one of us is definitely right, we are out of your control."

Harry cleared his throat "I do not think so my very lovely ladies, who are now totally, completely and unequivocally mine and I own you for at least the next year… the answer is simple it's Aqua, the water is Aqua."

Bella hit her foot on the ground "Now see what you have done Hermione? We will be forced to do all sorts…" Bella turned Harry to her where she planted a very warm kiss on his lips …of naughty…"

Hermione turned Harry towards her and gave him a similar kiss and stated after "…and Nefarious"

Bella spun him again "… Harry I think you should get us home now. Before we do naughty and nefarious things to you…"

Hermione closed the gap between them from the back and whispered in his ear "We have always been owned by you and neither Bella nor I want it any other way." Hermione kissed his ear before a smiling Harry apparated them away.