Here is a Folive song-fic

First song is I'm not that girl in Olive's POV I'm actually listening to it now :) also when it says gold hair with a gentle curl I changed it to Brown hair with a gentle curl.

I hopped on my Piano stool and started to play the song I'm not that girl.

I love him. Once when I was in the hallway I tripped and he caught me I was heart-broken when he had steadied me, let go and walked off. I just stood there redness rushing to my cheeks. Then I reminded myself I'm not that girl

I remind myself not to dream of him. I remind myself who I am. I beg myself not to remember that rush of joy. I remind myself I'm not that Girl.

When in class I go to the world of What-might-have-been. I still listen though. When a Teacher calls my name the reality sets back in and my heart aches again because I'm not that girl.

Chyna. Chyna is the one he chose. Not me. She has brown hair with a gentle curl. He loved her the moment he met her I'm not that girl.

He doesn't love me so I shouldn't wish for him. I wasn't born to be that pretty girl that everyone loves I was born to be a know-it all that everyone hates. I remind myself that I'm not that girl. I'm not that girl.

I feel tears flow down my cheeks as I finish playing the last few keys.

You know what's sad is that I sometimes feel like a geeky nobody that people don't like and tease so I decided to put this in here.

Calling me dumb won't make you smart.

Calling me ugly won't make you pretty.

Calling me fat won't make you skinny.

Calling me untalented won't make you talented.

Calling me weak won't make you strong.

So remember that next time you want to make fun of someone.