Here is the 2nd chapter to my Folive song-fic/ normal fic. You belong with me in Olive's POV

I grabbed my guitar and started to strum eventually it turned into you belong with me. As I sung the song I thought about me and Fletcher.

Fletcher is spending even more time with Chyna as they were now dating. I she doesn't even understand him but I do.

I and her have such difference in music but I'm okay with that. I and Fletcher are best friend and have been since We met. I know everything about him.

We are so different since we became teenagers she has worn miniskirts while I have stuck with t-shirts. When Lexi graduated she became head cheerleader and I sit on the bench waiting for the game to end. Every night I dream of him waking up to me and realizing that were perfect together.

I am the one who understands him not her. Why hasn't he seen that he belongs with me.

He walks me to school every day. He always wears his worn out jeans. I always think we belong together. When we get tired we sit on a park bench and just chat and laugh. That's when I think 'this is so easy.'

When he smiles I get a sweet feeling in my stomach. Though, he hasn't smiled since he started dating Chyna. What is he doing with a girl like HER.

We are perfect why doesn't he see?

He belongs with me.

I'm looking out my window at his house. We live next door yet it feels miles away. How does he not know he belongs with me.

I make him laugh when he's going to cry. I know all his favourite songs and his dreams. I think I know where he belongs and that's with me.

I understand. Why hasn't he seen he belongs with me.

How does he not know he belongs with me.

Hasn't ever thought he belongs with me.

I walk to bed and cry myself to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed.