Chapter 1

The Legacy

I was staring out my window. The sun was just touching the horizon. I love this house that Reynolds and I picked out a year ago. It is right on the lake. Reynolds said that he would be back before sundown. I couldn't help but let my mind wander. I started to think about the girl that keeps showing up in all of my dreams. It's always the same dream each night. A girl my age with long dark hair and thoughtful eyes stars out a window of an old convent. That is usually all I see but last night's dream was different. This time her eyes found me. I knew that I wasn't actually there but still it felt as though her eyes were staring right at me. Who was she? Was she one of the Garde? My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the security alarm go off.

They are here. The Mogadorians. Reynolds still isn't here. I ran over to the security cameras just to see nothing. That's when I noticed that the alarms had stopped. Then the front door opened. I teleported to the front door and punched my cepan right in the stomach. "Reynolds! I..Uh... Sorry I thought you were a Mog. Why did the alarm go off?" I asked. "Woah there. Let a man catch his breath." Reynolds went into the kitchen and sat on a chair. "I forgot to disable the alarm before I came in. I was a bit...distracted." "Distracted?" I asked. Reynolds was never distracted. He was always so focused. He shook his head "Never mind that" "Ok. So can we start my training now?" I asked. Reynolds and I always train at night so we don't draw to much attention to ourselves. "Not tonight. I'm too tired. I think that I will get to bed early tonight." with that he walked to his door and shut the door. No training? That was a first. What was going on with him? I decided not to think about it too much, and then I heard my iPhone buzz. It showed a message from Cody. Cody was the only one that I could call my "friend". I only know him because he goes to my gym across the street. Reynolds and I have agreed to keep a low profile and not have me go to a school. We have to be prepared to move on a moment's notice. The message says "Want to hit the gym tomorrow morning?" I reply with "Can't. Reynolds and I are busy tomorrow. Afternoon?" Reynolds and I are going to the Bridge Point Dump to train. It is a perfect place to practice my legacies. I grab a Fiber One bar and teleport to my room. All my life has ever been about was training. Training to fight Mogadorians and someday fight Sektrakus Ra with the rest of the Garde. I reach down my leg and feel my two scars. Nine of came here and only seven remain. When will we be together again? With that final thought I drift off.

Five knifes are coming straight at my face. Teleporting five feet to the right, I use my telekinesis to stop them and aim them straight at an old mattress. Then Reynolds is in front of me and swings his fist at my face, I doge it and teleport right behind him and I punch the middle of his page. "Wow you sure are strong."My cepan says "Break?" By now I usually would be exhausted but today I can't explain what I am feeling. I feel stronger. "I'm just warming up" "Well ok then. Just checking." Reynolds smirks. Right after he says this, he is charging towards me and on top of me. "I thought you were just warming up!" I teleport back to standing up and my cepan face plants the floor. This doesn't stop him though. He is back on his feet in a second and is whipping knives at me. I dodge them all. Catching them with my mind and throwing them right back at him. I stop them just millimeters before his eyes. While his eyes are on the knives I kick his feet out from underneath him. "And this round goes to the all-mighty powerful Eight!" I yell. "Ok. Ok. I need a break now. How about Mr. Almighty goes punch that mattress over there or something." I teleport on top onto a pile of tires and jump off as if I am diving. Then I teleport to a standing position before I hit the ground. I bow dramatically and Reynolds claps dramatically. "I think that is enough for today." "Alright, I have to meet Cody at the gym" I say. "Ok I will meet you back home in a few hours. I 'm going out to meet someone from work at the Bridge Point Cafe." Reynolds says. "Bye!" I say and I teleport right in front of the gym. Reynolds always meets people from work so it's nothing new. But the way he said it makes me kind of nervous.

When I walk into the gym I see Cody checking in. "Hey Alex." he says. Alex is my name here. I can't have people calling me eight. That would get suspicious. "Hey Chad. What do you want to do today?" I ask. "I was thinking some weightlifting" he smirks at me. I have to dial it down a bit when I am here. Way down. I am really 5 times stronger and faster than Cody but again, showing off my strength would get suspicious. I pretend that I am a little weaker than him so he always challenges me to a weightlifting competition. "Sure. You're on. I'm up for anything" We walk over to the weight room and I head straight for the dumbbells. Cody however goes straight to the barbells. He always goes there, adding more weight every so often. "Hey! Don't you need a spotter?" I call out. "I'll be fine" I start with the 25 pound dumbbells, planning to work my way up to 50 pounds. Cody surprises me by starting out with 50 pound weights on each side. He seems to be doing fine with them but then he starts to fumble. He was about to drop it. Before I knew it I teleported right to him and caught the weights. I put them back as if it was nothing. "What? How. How did you get here so fast?" he asks out of breath. "What do you mean? I was always here" I try to cover it up. "Come on Alex I'm not stupid and how did you catch that barbell? You are not that strong" he says in disbelief. "Hey. I'm getting strong." I say as I flex my muscles. I know Cody won't let this go easily but I hope this will do. "Whatever." is all he says. He starts to walk away. Without looking back he says "Lets hit the pool and do some reps" There isn't anyone at the pool so I don't complain. I change into my bathing suit and I decide to get right in rather than wait for Cody and I jump in. Then something strange happens. Instead of being submerged in water I feel as if I just jumped on concrete. Before I feel the pain I feel panic. I look down and I see water. I can still feel the water though, I try standing up and it works. I can walk on water. This must be a new legacy! But how am I going to swim? Just then Cody enters the room. I lay down and pretend that I am floating. Cody runs into the pool room and does a cannon ball. I flinch as he hits the water but unlike me he goes under. "Aren't you going to go under?" he asks when he emerges. "I'm fine" I say. Unconvinced he starts swimming towards me. Oh God what am I going to do? All of a sudden I fall through the water. I swallow a lot of water from the unexpected fall. Coming back up I choke and sputter out water. "Dude. What is your problem?" I wave a hand at him. "Nothing. I'm fine" I say between coughs. "Well when you are done dying how about a race?" "You're on." I smirk "I could do with another win" I'm still unsure about my newly developed legacy though. I can't back down from the challenge though because Cody is suspicious about me enough already. "5 times back and forth." he says. "Too easy. I hope you are ready to be embarrassed." I say. "Oh really? Well then if you are so sure about winning how about we put some money on this then. Ten bucks to the winner?" "Make it twenty." I say. "3-2-1 GO!" In a matter of 10 seconds I am at the end of the pool. Then the other end. So far so good. My legacy hasn't bothered me yet. I'm so concentrated on my legacy that I don't realize Cody has passed me. I teleport a few feet in front of him and we start our last lap. I go underwater and teleport to the end. I wait just a little bit before Cody comes to emerge. "Ha! I'll take that 20 dollars now." I say smiling. Both from winning and my discovering my new legacy.