Chapter 3

Training, Secrets, and the trip.

Last night was maybe the most awkward night of my life. Whenever I looked over at Lola she was looking at me. We ended up ordering take-out and I lucked-out because Reynolds didn't question me about the groceries for the rest of the night. I ended up going to my room after the first 20 minutes faking a stomach ache. When I heard that Lola had left I decided to go downstairs to talk to Reynolds about her, taking my chances about the topic of the Starbucks encounter coming up. But, when I went downstairs to talk to him he had already gone to his room.

Today Reynolds had promised to get back to my training and I am determined to show Reynolds my new legacy.

"Ready to start training your new legacy today?" asks Reynolds while we are eating breakfast at McDonalds. "Ya! I really want to master this." I say "Where are we going to practice? The Lake?" "Na, that's too open. I have rented the gyms pool for the day. "Sounds good." I say taking a bite of my Egg McMuffin. "I really hope it will work this time." "Just remember though, it will take work to perfect it." "Right." I nod.

When we get to the gym it's crowded. "How can I practice my legacy with so many people around?" I ask. "I rented the pool remember?" he says. I nod my head even though I'm worried. We check in and head straight to the pool. I look around and nobody is near the pool room. Once I'm done changing Reynolds tells me to try and step on the water. I stick out one foot but it goes straight through the water. "You need to concentrate on the water. Pretend that it's concrete." I look at the water and see my reflection. Focusing all my attention on the water, I try to step on it one more time. I gasp. I didn't go through! "Don't get too excited. Keep all of your attention on the water." he says even though I can tell that he is smiling. Cautiously I take another step and once again it stays. I look up at him but once my eyes leave the water I fall through. I laugh as I emerge. Reynolds laughs as well. "Well it looks like we have some work to do."

For the next few hours at the gym I practiced standing, walking, and running on water. I think that I have gotten the hang of it but Reynolds tells me I still have a lot to learn. When it's five o'clock we decide to go home. When I walk out of the pool room I feel the same way I did at Starbucks. Scanning the lobby I don't see anything strange. "Come on Alex, lets go check out." While Reynolds signs us out I keep looking around. Then, I see him. It's the guy who gave me my iced mocha at Starbucks. I try not to show any sign of emotion but I can tell that he knows that I know he's there. Then he starts walking towards us. "Uh, Reynolds? We need to leave... now." I say impatiently. He studies my face for a second. "Huh?" he asks. "I'll tell you later." I say and start heading for the door. Thankfully he doesn't question me after that, he just follows me. We are halfway through the parking lot before I look back. The Starbucks guy hasn't followed us out into the parking lot. I start to slow my pace. When we get into the car Reynolds asks, "What was that all about?" "There was a guy following us. I have seen him before. We have to get as far away as possible from him." I say. "Wait. You have seen him before?" "Ya. I, I saw him yesterday when I was out getting the food. He was a waiter at Starbucks and he gave me my drink although the drink was... blood." "What!? Eight why didn't you tell me? He could be a Mogadorian!" "Look I'm sorry! You were busy yesterday and I sort of forgot about it." I say. "Well I guess we are going to have to be more careful from now on." he says. His face looks worried. Even more worried than usual. "Reynolds? Are you ok?" I ask. "Ya it's just. I haven't told you something Eight that I probably should have." Now I'm worried. "What?" I say. "I uh. I told Lola about our secret and Lorien." "You, you did what!" I say too shocked to even speak clearly. "I believe we can trust her, Eight. I have known her for a while. She will keep our secret." "I can't believe this." I say. He puts his hand on my shoulder but I shrug it off.

For the next couple weeks Reynolds and I worked more on my legacy at the pool. I have lost some of my respect for him. He has been seeing Lola even more often and has been staying after work longer. He goes out to lunch with her every day. She has even came over for dinner again a few times. I have also noticed that our training sessions are getting shorter and shorter. It is like Lola is practically living here the amount of time she spends here and taking Reynolds all for herself. I don't think that I will ever forgive him for telling her our secret.

Tonight we are supposed to meet Lola at a fancy restaurant up town called Au Poivre. I tried to talk Reynolds out of it but he simply refused. When we arrived there Lola was already at our table. My grudge against her from the first day I laid eyes on her hasn't changed. Especially now that she knows our secret. "Hello Reynolds. Alex." she says giving one of her wicked smiles. We order our drinks and Reynolds and Lola talk about work for a while, while I sit there playing Angry Birds. "Don't you think so Alex?" "What?" I say looking up from my iPhone. Reynolds says. "Lola just had a brilliant idea! We should all go on a hiking trip. Get to know each other better." "Ummmm. I'm not sure." I say even though I know I have no way of getting out of it. "Oh we are going. Trust me, it will be fun!" There is nothing i can do now but dread the rest of the night.