Aw geez, I know this isn't very well-written, but now I know what it means to have a plot bunny that won't go away. And God, do they not go away. I'll probably edit this at some point.

Benny is a clumsy Asari; the unlucky owner of two left hands and an immutable stutter that strikes whenever she gets the least bit nervous. At forty, she's the spitting image of an Asari struggling with puberty, catching the front end of her adolescence with an inadequately tiny glove.

But shifting hormones have little o do with her already chronic shyness. She avoids group situations and only talks in class when she absolutely has to. She's very gifted academically, but it doesn't make her feel any better about her piss-poor social skills.

Her mother tells her not to worry about it, that she was just as bad when she was her age, but Mom is crazy awesome, and it's hard to believe her when she's macking like a boss with Dad in the middle of the day.

"Don't worry Little Wing," her mother had said say, "you may be confused now, but clarity comes as inevitably as time."

Little consolation, Mom.

But by god she will not be deterred now. Awkwardness be damned. This, she will get right.

Because sitting next to her on the couch is the prettiest girl in her Transitive Bio-Ethics class, in the entire University, Sarah Stottlemeyer.

And Sarah Stottlemeyer is kissing her. Hard.

She's turning her head from side to side, tongue slipping languorously in and out of Benny's mouth. She's smiling with her eyes closed, and Benny smiles too, nervously, with her eyes open.

Suddenly Sarah jerks forward, and her body is pressed flush against her, and Benny can't help but feel the human's breasts rubbing against her.

Why oh why did I have to be wearing a thick sweater today? Hindsight is twenty-twenty.

Benny doesn't know what to do with her hands.

Should she caress Sarah's hair?

Should she embrace her?

Should she stroke Sarah's thighs?

Should she try groping something?

Why was this so hard?!

She settles on clutching at Sarah's waist, and her fingers slip into the girl's shirt (purely by accident, because Benny only has game when it happens by accident).

Sarah gasps. Benny swallows.

"Benny your heart is racing," Sarah presses her ear against Benny's chest, "are you nervous?"

"N-n-no I…"

Sarah laughs, amused, but kind. "Do you want to stop?"

"No!" Benny surprises herself with her own outburst.

"Then don't be so nervous. Here," she takes Benny's hand and presses it against her boob. "I'm nervous too."

After Benny gets over the fresh wave of astronomical nervousness that is Sarah's boob in her hand, she has the presence of mind to be touched. "Sarah…"

Nervousness banished, confidence bolstered, Benny takes the initiative and goes in for the kiss. It starts out slowly, but she gains confidence as Sarah murmurs sweetly against her lips. Before too long their kissing intensifies, becoming faster and more urgent.

And not once does Benny let go of Sarah's boob. She doesn't think she'll ever let go. And Benny doesn't know what she's doing but she breaks away and starts nibbling on Sarah's neck.

Eliciting a gasp.

Giving Benny the courage to reach into Sarah's shirt.

And out of the corner of her eye she sees something move.

"Oh my God! Dad!?"

Commander Jane Shepard, having just arrived home from an exhausting day at work, had not seconds earlier walked into her living room to find her daughter lip-locked with a young woman she vaguely remembered Benny mentioning. But Jane had no idea that the relationship extended beyond friendship.

If anything she was worried Benny was too much of a loner.

Utterly befuddled as to what to do, Shepard stands there for several seconds, feeling like an absolute idiot. Millions of emotions running amok through her body. Hesitantly, she decides to sneak up the stairs to her wife's offices to ask her what to do.

And so she sneaks, forgetting that she is terrible at being sneaky.

"Oh my God! Dad!?"

She freezes mid-step, cringing at the sound of her daughter's embarrassment.

She turns, rigid like an automaton.

"Oh! Benny! Hi! Didn't see you there"

"Dad what are you doing?!"

"Ms. T'Soni I can explain!"

"Nope!" Shepard says, averting her eyes and clapping her hands over her ears, "No need! I was just…uh, going…yeah. Up the stairs to see my wife. Uh-huh. You kids have fun. Bye now!"

And as soon as she is out the door, she scrambles up the stairs like a madman, bursting into the study and shocking the bejeezus out of her wife.

"Jane? What-"

"Liara!" Shepard yells, stopped from speaking further only because she has to stop and catch her breath. "Benny…she…kissing…girl…neck…sexy times….what do I do?!"

Downstairs Benny is burying her face in a pillow, with an amused Sarah trying to coax her out.

"Benny, it's okay, I think your Dad is more embarrassed than you are"

Benny just shakes her head.

"Wow, you two really are alike." After a minute of soothing back-rubbing, in which Benny is persuaded into leaning back into a smiling Sarah's arms, Sarah asks, "So, awkward question, but why didn't you ever tell me that Commander Shepard was your Dad?"