Chapter 1

I laid sprawled on my bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

" So... Bored..." I mumbled, turning over and rolling off the bed. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, heading for the fridge. I grabbed a quick snack and a juice before heading back upstairs. Back in my room, I plopped down in my chair and logged onto my computer. Going onto a chat site me and my two best friends use. I quickly logged in and started typing.

Me: Hello! Anyone home?

I waited for a few moments, then a message appeared.

Angelle: Wassup, Willow? ^o^

Me: Haha, nothing. Just bored outta mah freakin mind.

Ara has joined the chat

Ara: Hey Wil. Mandy... -.-

Angelle: TT^TT

Me: Hey Ara. What're u up to?(heh, I rhymed it! ^u^)

Ara: Haha, lol. Nothing. Are you guys bored?

Me: Yes, like I said before. Outta mah freakin mind.

Angelle: I wanna go 2 da library! o

Me: O_o

Ara: Whatevs mandy. I could show u guys something pretty cool that I picked up today.

Me: What is it?

Ara: ;)

Me: D:

Ara: How bout we meet at ur house Willow? I'll show you guys there.

Angelle: It'll take me a while to get there, but sure.

Me: Yeah. I'm hecka curious now.

Angelle: Curiousity killed the cat, Willow! :p

Me: Yea, but satisfaction brought him back! ;)

Angelle: -3-

Ara: See u guys in a bit.

Ara has left the chat

Angelle: I'll see u in a bit, b-chan! :o

Me: Kk

Angelle has the the chat

I sighed and leaned my head agains the back of my chair, glaring at the ceiling once again. How much longer till they get here? I wondered.

After about a half an hour, Angelle finally showed up. I gave her a hard time about it. She just shrugged it off and plopped down on my bed.

" So Arashi," I started. " What exactly did you bring to us?" Arashi grinned widely, teasing Angelle and I.

" You know that manga you guys read, the one where they have these helmets that transport them into the game?" She asked.

" You mean .hack?" Angelle beamed. I laughed as Arashi nodded.

" Well," She started. " I found something like that." Arashi pulled out a small box and set it on my bed. I blinked. When did she get that? I wondered. Then Angelle started squealing. I looked as Arashi pulled out a helmet that looked as if it were covered in rust, but it was just the color.

" Cool!" Angelle squealed as she dived and grabbed one. I picked one up out of the box and looked it over.

" Does it work?" I asked Arashi as she shrugged. I looked over the helmet again. Is it safe? I wondered.

Are you scared? A voice questioned me. I blinked a few times. Great, I thought. Now I'm hearing things.

You better be sure about that, or I'd be very offended. I shook my head and turned to Arashi.

" We should try them out." I said. Angelle glanced up at me.

" Yeah!" She beamed yet again, her eyes swirling with child-like fasination.

I grabbed my laptop and let Angelle borrow it while I went to my brothers room to ask if I could borrow him for his. After a long negotiation, he finally let me borrow it. I gave my brothers' laptop to Arashi and I got on my PC. We all got onto the login site for AdventureQuest Worlds and typed our login names. I couldnt help but giggle a little at mine. Out of our trio, my name was really random.

" Ready?" I asked and my two friends nodded. I stared at the helmet, then put it on. We all looked each other, then pressed the login button. At first, nothing happened, then I felt a shock and everything went white, then there was darkness.

Ugh, okay. I did update the chapter because I added more to it... And I changed the character names. ^^' anyways. Sorry that its taking forever. I get writers block a lot, so I'l try to update as much as possible.

My best bud will probably bug the crap out of me wayward cause she's making the manga version of my story. ;)

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