Lab Rats: Chase's bionics glitching

By: Heamic08

AN: Hey everyone! I love Lab Rats, and my favorite character is Chase, so I decided to make this! Hope ya like it =) This is going to be a bunch of one shots =)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Lab Rats, now do I?

Chase was in History class. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and pulled it out. It was a text from Bree.

Bells about to ring. Might want to leave. Just letting you know =)


Chase slid his phone up and typed back:

Thanks Bree! I'll pack up my stuff and get ready to go. See ya at home!


He put his phone up and packed up his books.

"Umm, Mr. K, can I go on home? I don't feel too well." Chase lied. The teacher nodded his head. Chase walked out of the classroom and to his locker. He didn't get out as quickly as he could, and the bell went off. He screamed in pain and rolled around on the floor.

"Chase! Are you ok?" Bree asked, panic in her voice. Finally, the bell stopped ringing, and he sat up, in relief.

"Bree, my ears hurt, really bad." Chase complained. Bree nodded her head and texted Adam.

Adam, it's Bree. Chase didn't get out fast enough and he heard the bell. His ears are hurting him bad. Hurry up and meet me at the front of the school.


Bree heard her phone go off and took out her phone.

Got it. Be there in a second. Tell Chase I hope he feels better!

Adam ;)

"Chase, Adam texted me to say 'He hopes you feel better.'" Bree told Chase. Chase nodded his head in a thanks way.

"Where is he?" Chase managed to croak out.

"He's almost here." Bree got out, and there was Adam, standing behind Bree.

"Can you carry him out? I can't." Bree asked him. Adam nodded and scooped Chase up into his arms, bridal style, and carried him to the house.

"Hey Bree, Adam, Chase. Where's Leo?" Mr. Davenport asked.

"Chase had a meltdown. The bell rung, and it was way too loud for his hearing. We came straight home." Bree explained.

"Ok, well, just set him on the couch." Mr. Davenport said. They set Chase on the couch. There, Chase fell asleep, looking so cute with his face stuck in a pillow, and him curled up.

AN: This is as good as it's going to get tonight. Sorry!