The phone was ringing off the hook. A few moments later, her own phone was ringing as well. Satsuki pointed, and answered the home phone while her mother picked up her cell phone.

"Hello?" they both asked.

"Nana?" a worried voice sounded.

She gasped, "Reira?"

There was a pause. "Yeah." She heard. "Something's happened." Something had happened in England or else she wouldn't have called.

"Is my son alright?"

"Yeah, he's with me."

"Wait, why is he with you?" Nana's eyes widened in surprise. "Where's Takumi?"

"That's why I called-" Reira started regrettably.

"Mommy, there's some man asking to speak with you." Satsuki held the house phone up to her parent, interrupting her mother's conversation.

"Wait, here Reira. Let Satsuki talk to brother." Nana told Reira and Satsuki immediately switched phones with her mother, excited to speak with her sibling.

"This is Nana Ichinose speaking." Nana turned her attention to the phone in her hand.

"Yes, Mrs. Ichinose, Mr. Honjo suggested we call you before the agency releases an official statement."

Nana's heart slowed to a stop. She turned her back to her daughter and asked quietly what the doctor meant.

"I know this may be hard to understand now," the doctor was obviously British, and his Japanese was good, but weak. "There were some paparazzi around who knew Trapnest…your husband…" She knew what he was about to say and tears poured down her cheeks, time stopping in its tracks. "There was a car accident; there was nothing we could do. I'm sorry."

Nana held her hand up to her mouth to quiet her sobbing so Satsuki would suspect nothing while she chattered on happily to her brother.

She heard a voice ask to take the phone and suddenly she heard, "Hachiko?"

"Ren." She gasped, making a low cry.

"They made the band identify the body, I'm so sorry." Nana noticed no one had actually said Takumi was dead yet, all in denial.

"I'll be in England by morning." She immediately swore.

Ren said nothing else and hung up the phone. She put her own phone back where it should be shakily, and Satsuki handed the cell phone back to her mom.

"Reira wants to talk to you." She simply stated and skipped into her room, her day brightened by speaking with her brother.

"Thank you Satsuki." Nana had smiled at her daughter weakly, and watched her go, then pressed the phone to her ear. "Does my son know?"

"Not yet. You should be the one to tell him. That is, if you feel you can."

Nana suddenly remembered Reira was in love with Takumi too and whimpered, "What are we going to do without him?"

Reira was silent while Nana broke down. "I'll be there tomorrow with Satsuki."

"Maybe you should leave her with that friend of yours, Junko?" Reira finally spoke again.

"Then she'll know something's wrong." Nana shook her head.

"Well, we'll be waiting. Goodnight Nana." Reira sighed and hung up, leaving Nana alone. Nana came to her senses and went to grab her coat and put on her shoes, and called Satsuki to do the same.

"Where are we going?" Satsuki asked curiously, pulling on her shoes, her toy bunny beside her.

"To Jun's for the night, and then we'll go straight to the airport to England."

"So we get to see Daddy!" Satsuki grinned and Nana's heart faltered. She didn't reply and pulled Satsuki out the door. She locked the door, not wanting to see anything that reminded her of Takumi, even though the little girl she was holding hands with looked exactly like him. They left Shirogane in a cab and her phone beeped with an email. She looked and saw Ren had gotten her and Satsuki first-class tickets for the next plane to England in a few hours.

She silently thanked him for doing so in such a short amount of time; if she had to get the tickets herself she would have fallen apart. She was only keeping it together for Satsuki.

It wasn't Junko who opened the door though, it was Shoji. So he was visiting old friends tonight as well. They were both stunned into silence, it had been years.

"Nana, what's up?" he looked at her, and the down at Satsuki. "Is this your little princess? She looks exactly like him!" Nana's eyes welled up with tears and she at that moment no longer cared who it was, but she needed someone to hold her up now. So she fell into his arms, weeping.

"Shoji-' Kyosuke came to the door and saw Satsuki watching her mother cry and hug some strange man.

"Satsuki? Did you have dinner yet? Come on, I'll make you something." And Satsuki skipped inside, taking Kyosuke's hand and disappearing from sight.

The exes stood there in the light of the doorway and Shoji asked what had happened.

"Takumi- Takumi is- Shoji, Takumi…Takumi." She clutched his shirt tighter.

"Did he do anything to hurt you? Did you guys get in a fight or something?"

She shook her head and sobbed. "He's gone. Takumi's gone and he's never coming back!"

Shoji understood then and pulled her inside, shutting the door behind him, so no one would pass by and see. "Jun!" he called. Junko appeared and gasped, "Oh god, what happened?" she went forward to Nana, who left Shoji's embrace and clung to Jun's instead, weeping with all her soul.

"I'll be going now ...Sachiko is expecting me. I'm so sorry for your loss Nana." And then Shoji was gone from her life once more.

"Alright, what happened?"


"Did that jerk do something? Why don't you two just get a divorce?"

"Because I'm a widow!" Nana snapped her head up, her face stained with tears. Junko was stunned into silence, unable to reply. "I need to get on a plane with Satsuki in a few hours to England to sort things out before…before we bring him home for the last time." She gulped.

"We'll put Satsuki to bed so she'll be better rested at the airport as soon as she's finished eating whatever Kyosuke gave her."

"Both of the kids have no idea. Little Ren may have some, but…" she sunk to the floor and buried her face in her hands, her engagement and wedding rings clearly visible."This will destroy them, they love their daddy more than anyone!" she sobbed hysterically to herself.

Junko knelt down with her. "I'm sure you're not giving them enough credit. Both of them are incredibly strong for their age."

"I don't even know how long we'll be in England for." Nana muttered.

"Contact Shirogane's front desk and tell the concierge that I'll be going over there to pack luggage for you and your daughter." Nana nodded wordlessly, and Junko grabbed her coat, Nana still unable to move.

"II loved him Jun…even through everything." She looked straight ahead at the wall as she said this.

Jun frowned sadly. "I know sweetie. I know you did. I'll put Satsuki to bed, and get going."

Nana did not respond and she sat there wordlessly, staring at the wall. Only when she heard her daughter's excited and tired voice ring out from down the hall ring out she came to her senses. She wiped at her eyes and stood shakily, taking large gulps of air to calm herself. She pulled out her cell phone and called the building she had just left.

"Shirogane front desk, good evening, how may I help you?"

"Yes it's Nana Ichinose from room-"

"Ah yes, yes. Of course madam. " he interrupted.

"I have a friend coming over there to grab me some things from the apartment for me. Could you let her through?"

"If she had the key, I'll let her go right on in." he promised. She thanked him and hung up the phone in time for Jun to reappear. Nana handed her friend her house keys.

"I'll pack enough for 3-4 days, just in case. I'll be back soon." Jun then walked outside, hailed a cab, and was gone. She really was like a mother to Nana. That reminded Nana that she tell her family, but she simply didn't have the strength to that night. She stumbled into the kitchen and sat down in one of the chairs at the kitchen table in a daze.

"You should get some sleep too." Kyosuke said as he put two coffees down on the round table, and sat down across from her. Nana wrapped her hands around the warm cup, staring down into the brown liquid, but only feeling cold.

"I can't sleep. Not even if I tried." She looked up and saw the stuffed bunny on the table as well. So Satsuki had brought it with her after all. Nana closed her eyes, suddenly picturing that night all those years ago that Takumi had come home, and lay down sadly on their bed, holding that bunny close to him like an innocent little child. She blew out a ragged sigh; everything reminded her of him. She wished the other Nana was around. Even if her best friend hadn't liked that Nana had picked a womanizer over Nobou and herself, she would still have been there for her friend. That's what best friends do. The only problem was Nana had just left one day and had been missing since then, and why, no one knew. That was why she remained in Tokyo, and hadn't gone to England with Takumi, because she was waiting for Nana to return. Takumi had been searching for Nana Osaki like crazy, because he knew that once he did, his wife would finally come to stay with him. Nana closed her eyes as tears threatened to spill over and let her head hang down, her shoulders sagging.


She ignored Kyosuke, weeping. Nana got up, taking the bunny along with her over to the couch in the other room, lay down, and broke into gut wrenching sobs holding the stuffed toy in a choking hold to her chest. Kyosuke watched in sadness and knew it was useless to try to calm her down. She had a right to break down like this, since she truly loved her husband with all her heart. Nana had wanted so badly for her marriage to work, not just for the kids, but also for herself. She hugged the toy as if it were her lifeline, her connection to her husband, and kept uttering that one name over and over to herself. Kyosuke went over to her, knelt down beside the couch, and smoothed her hair. Poor girl, she felt like she couldn't burden anyone with her grief so she poured it all out on a lifeless object.

"Nana, you'll never lose Junko or me, I promise." It didn't seem as though she could hear him, her senses shut off to the rest of the world, so it would only be her own world that shattered. And she remained like that until Jun returned. Nana had actually fallen asleep in her hysterics, but the sad thing was that the tears kept coming, and she muttered Takumi's name all too often with a sound of strangled pain.

Jun looked down at her widowed friend sadly, and set the luggage down at the end of the sofa. "Set the alarm for 2. She has a flight at 4 am." Nana had indeed told Jun this before Jun had left to go to Shirogane.

"This really sucks." Kyosuke admitted as he headed to their bedroom, while Jun put a blanket over the now single mother before following her own husband to bed. The alarm rang all too soon, and Junko groaned getting out of bed. She already knew the depressed woman in their living room wouldn't want to get up. She roused Kyosuke who went to brew the coffee and she headed to the living room.

"Nana, you have to get up. You have a plane to catch." She shook her friend. Nana moaned, and turned away from Junko. Getting on that plane meant accepting what had happened.

"This is just a bad dream." Nana murmured to herself desperately. "You'll wake up and Takumi will phone you like he does every week." Junko watched Nana, knowing that her friend's life had fallen apart before her very eyes in less than 6 hours.

"Nana, you can't let this destroy you! You have two children to look after! You're a mom, so act like it! You have to grow up!" Nana opened her eyes and sat up slowly. Without a word, she stood; taking the clothes Jun had laid out for her and went into the bathroom to change.

Nana managed to fix her appearance and drink her coffee robotically, as if unaware of her actions, simply following routine. After making her face look fresh and normal, she went into the guestroom where Satsuki was sleeping. "Hey baby." She whispered sadly when Satsuki opened her eyes. "We have to get on the plane soon."

Satsuki's face lit up through her exhausted expression, breaking her mother's heart. Nana helped her child get ready and by 2:30, they were all piled into Kyosuke's car heading to the airport.

"Brother Ren…" Satsuki trailed off, yawning. She never saw her sibling; she thought this was a fun visit.

"I'll wake you up once we get there, you can sleep now." Nana promised her little one, pressing a kiss to Satsuki's forehead. The young girl nodded drowsily and lay her head down on her mom's lap. Nana looked out the window, petting her daughter's long raven hair absentmindedly.

"Are you sure you don't need us to come in with you?" Kyosuke asked as Nana got out of the car, holding her daughter so Satsuki wouldn't wake yet.

"No. There's only one average luggage, and it's carry-on anyway. We're flying first class too, so we'll get to the gate relatively quickly.

"What about the paparazzi?" Junko asked, an eyebrow raised with concern.

"I'm not famous, Takumi is…" Nana paused, realizing she'd used the present tense, and how much it stung. "I'll call you if I need anything." She finished instead.

Jun frowned. "We love you Nana, be strong." Nana blinked back tears. For a woman who wanted love so badly, it was either in front of her all along in her friends and family, or she never got it. Shoji cheated, things with Nobu fell apart, and now even Takumi was out of reach. She managed to carry the luggage in one hand and the sleeping Satsuki in the other, and went through security easily. When she finally got to the gate she sat down and relaxed.

Satsuki had to be awake for the security, so she was walking beside her mother, hands held tightly so they wouldn't end up separated. All too soon, boarding began for the flight, and Nana swore she heard at least a handful of people whispering about her behind her back.

"Isn't that Takumi's wife and daughter?"

"It's the bassist's family! You know, the hot one from Trapnest? I always manage to forget his name though,"

"Their daughter looks exactly like him!"

Nana was almost frozen to that spot, but was tugged along by a tiny girl who referred to her as her mommy. Satsuki was just so excited to see the boys in the family; all she wanted was for her family to be together. They settled into their seats, Satsuki immediately falling back asleep, the toy bunny in her hand like always, while Nana stared out the window into the black night sky, seeing her reflection in the glass, and wanting no more than for the past 8 hours to be make-believe.

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