"The will leaves everything to you, so that makes it pretty easy. I thought he'd give something to Reira or his sister at the very least but…" Yasu trailed off from beside her.

Nana sighed from the middle seat. "I'm sorry Yasu. I made you get the will faxed over to England and then you came over yourself, only to get on a plane back hours later."

Yasu looked at the widow before putting his hand of her head and saying, "You need to be protected. Everyone can't help but want to shelter you, even now. Plus, Ren and Noaki aren't exactly…" Nana looked backwards at the row behind them. Ren was directly behind her, both kids on either side, leaning on him. The trio was fast asleep. Even noisy Noaki, in the seat beside Reira across the aisle, was fast asleep. Yasu was definitely the kind of guy she needed to lean on right now, he was just more mature and professional.

"I think Ren's great with the kids though. They love him." Nana smile thoughtfully, before turning back to look at the copy of Takumi's will in Yasu's hands. He had great connections, to get the will from Takumi's representative or the bank or whatever, without Nana calling to say it was permitted…That or they just didn't dare cross the scary-looking bald man. The first class cabin was quiet, empty except for Trapnest and the crew. Everyone was solemn; the only oblivious one was Satsuki. Her brother was too protective and sheltering to tell her truth, not wanting to make her cry. And with good reason everyone was serious. In the storage somewhere beneath their feet, in a casket, was someone who had connected them all.

Trapnest never would have existed if not for Takumi. Reira wouldn't have sang, Noaki would never have discovered his talent, Ren wouldn't have left Nana O. in the first place, Yasu would probably be a successful lawyer with Reira by his side, and Nana herself would have been able to remain with Nobo…No wait, that was wrong. She would have never had to room with Nana O. so she wouldn't have even met any of them to be completely honest. She'd be married to Shoji about now instead, she realized if she had fought for him against Sachiko he would have chosen her. Funny, how just one fickle, selfish man could be the source of everything for so many people.

"Well, Ren's a kid at heart, so it makes sense." Yasu shrugged. "Alright, for funeral arrangements, Takumi had everything planned out, being who he was and all-" Yasu was shuffling through the papers and suddenly froze.

"Yasu? Is everything okay? What does it say?" Nana peered over and read for his burial site wishes that…he wanted to be buried by his mother…or if…his wife…was already dead, he'd want to share a grave with his Nana. Even in death, he was still possessive. Nana sat back.

"He really loved you. To share an eternity with you and your bones?" Nana began to cry once more and Yasu tensed.

"What a selfish jerk! Always making these decisions without letting me know!"

"So you wouldn't want to share-'

"Of course I would! I love him more than any other man out there!"

Yasu smiled at the pure innocence in her eyes. "I never dreamt that in a thousand years that Takumi would end up with the perfect life. Perfect wife, kids, and home. He had it all."

"He still cheated." Nana peeked over at Reira for a second, who was sinking lower and lower into her seat, guilty.

"Still, he always came back. He married you when it made sense to run in the opposite direction. He raised your children, he never lied to you, and he told you over and over that you were the only woman he truly loved didn't he?"

"That's true." Nana reflected, looking down at the papers. "We should plan the funeral now, it's too much to deal with, and I want this to be over as soon as possible."

"He had all the details down. You don't have to do a thing, I'll have everything arranged by tomorrow morning. You can just relax and focus on the kids on yourself for a day."

"Thanks Yasu. What would we all do without you?" Nana whispered, small tears falling onto her lap. Just the memories were painful. Why did it have to hurt this much? It sucked! She'd never felt weaker than she did now. She was only 27 for crying out loud! And she already knew she didn't want to remarry. Takumi would have pissed if he did, he was so possessive. And if the roles had been reversed, she wouldn't have wanted him to remarry either, she was just that selfish.

Yasu watched her, wanting to kill Takumi, if only he wasn't already dead. He knew he should punch out the paparazzi that had been responsible for this accident, and if he ever found them, he would.

Nana was able to relax and get the kids settled in back home in Shirogane while Yasu fixed everything, just like he said he would. But still, some things were unavoidable. Nana had put on black clothes, and did the same for her children, then grabbed a cab to take them to the wake. Satsuki was still clueless, asking her family what had happened, but no one answered her.

The wake went as any wake should. Family were together to greet mourners and everyone was crying. Takumi's sister was there beside Nana in hysterics, her husband trying to soothe her while their child sat next to their cousins, old enough to understand that Uncle Takumi was dead. Takumi's father didn't show up, which was probably for the better. Nana didn't need that level of stress caused by the drunk making everything worse. Nana's own family came, and they all hugged her and said appropriate things, besides Nami, who seemed more upset about Trapnest breaking up for a moment, before letting her older sister cry on her tanned shoulder.

All sorts of people came, a lot of them Nana had never even met. But people from his hometown, parents to all of his old friends like Yasu and Reira and Noaki came. Luckily, it seemed as though none of the women he'd had affairs with showed. If they had…it wouldn't have been a good meeting.

The wake was open-casket, and people would go up, say something and back away to let someone else have their turn. Nana waited until everyone had gone up, so she could stand up there as long as she wanted, and went up with the children. She whispered to her husband, even though he couldn't hear her, "We're going to miss you a lot. I love you Takumi." She planted one final kiss to her husband's lips and little Ren whispered blinking back tears, "Love you Daddy. I'll learn to play bass just for you." Nana held him up so he could touch his father's hand one last time, and once Nana put him down, he ran off to the closest familiar person, who happened to be Reira. "I'll play bass for you, so you won't stop singing!" Some things never change, not even through the next generation.

Satsuki whispered she loved her dad too, and that the angels better bring him back soon, so he could tell her all about it, obviously too young to accept what was right in front of her. The older Ren came up behind the girls and scooped his goddaughter up into his arms which made her laugh. Nana even cracked a small smile. Making Ren the godfather of her children had been one of the wisest decisions she'd ever made. He'd always wanted a little family, and since his girl was missing, he couldn't exactly have his own right now. Now he had his family, as Nana figured Ren would become the father figure for the kids. The funeral was harder to get through.

People would say things about Takumi, sharing memories about the good times and whatnot. "Takumi was a punk growing up, but he was always responsible and mature. He gave up everything to make music, to make the people he loved happy. Of course, I never dreamed that he would turn out so good, but I think that's because he had people surrounding him who accepted him for who he was. He got so lucky, having such a beautiful wife and his children, and having the talent and friends he did too." Yasu had said. The speech went on longer than that, but everyone seemed to have a lengthy speech about how great Takumi Ichinose really was, which was fine with Nana, it gave her more time to think about what she going to do once she got up there. After Ren sat down Nana stood, took a deep breath, smoothed the creases in her dress, clutched the speech in her hand, and walked up to the podium. Junko watched her go, praying Nana would stand strong for the rest of the service.

Nana adjusted the microphone, smoothed out the speech and began to read, "Takumi Ichinose was the perfect man to me, despite all his flaws-" she gulped, suddenly unable to continue due to the overwhelming amount of faces in the crowd that choked her. Each of them had known him. Grief threatened to drown her and she kept trying to keep her head above water. "He…he…" she couldn't do it. She was about to break down again. The children were watching. She couldn't let them see.

She crumpled up the speech in one hand, shocking everyone, and began again. "I spent the past three days agonizing over what to say once I got up here in front of all of you. Trying to create the perfect thing to say when there's nothing. Because it doesn't change what happened, because you all knew and loved him too. The past five days have been the biggest hell I've ever gone through, and it's all because of some paparazzi! That's not fair at all! Takumi wasn't perfect, he did a lot of things in fact that most women would have left him for a long time ago. But I never divorced him, because despite everything he did to hurt me, I loved him and I know he loved me back. We understood each other, like no one else, and I don't know how I'm going to live without him. Now I'm a widow, and my children are fatherless…" she began to cry, and lost the ability to speak completely. Then, Ren and Nobo were there to guide her back to her seat. It was silent for a moment, the only sound being Nana's sobs, and everyone was somber. There were more words, and then everyone filed out of the building into their cars for the funeral procession to the cemetery. Nana stood of the steps of the church, crying into her handkerchief, trying to muffle her sobs. Yasu, Reira, and Noaki had whisked the kids off into a car with them, knowing Nana was unable to take care of them at the moment, while Ren stayed with her.

"Hachiko, it's almost over, I promise."

"I want Nana!" the widow wailed suddenly for her best friend. Nana would have no idea of what had happened until tomorrow when the story hit the stands. She figured that maybe Nana would come back for her friend once she realized the widow would need her support.

"Ren, you join the rest of your band. We'll take it from here." A young man announced, wrapping an arms around Nana's slumped shoulders. Ren nodded and headed off, while Nana wiped at her eyes furiously.

"Nana, you don't have to cover it up because of me." Nobu smiled at her sadly.

"I'm not!" she protested. "I'm just sick of crying."

"Hachi-" Shin frowned, and Nana threw her arms around the 21 year old.

"Oh Shin! I know he was like a father to you, I'm so sorry!" she cried, while Shin rubbed her back in circle to soothe her.

"Let's get in the car, we'll talk about it on the way." He told her, and she complied. With the two members of Blast with her, she calmed down, and got mentally prepared for the burial. It went on as any other burial service ever, and Nana spotted Takumi's mother's grave nearby. His wish was being fulfilled.

Only when the casket was being lowered into the ground and was having dirt shoveled on top of it did Satsuki finally seem to catch on to what to was going on. Her eyes went wide with fear and realization, and then to her mother she cried out, "Mommy, make them stop! Daddy can't breathe down there! Mommy, why are you letting them hurt him? Make it stop! He still has work to do!" she wailed, and Nana sobbed, picking the young girl up and holding her close. Everyone seemed incredibly torn apart by the little one's words and suddenly everyone seemed to be crying.

After the service, after everyone had gone home, Nana stayed behind, not wanting to head over to the hotel where she and all of her friends were staying overnight, not wanting to catch a train this late at night. She knelt down and saw a little stuffed bunny there beside all the flowers, knowing Satsuki had left it there for her daddy. Nana picked it up and gripped it tightly with one hand to bring it home with her, knowing Satsuki would never be able to go to sleep without holding that bunny in her arms, even though Satsuki had left it here. And then with her left hand she traced her fingers over the engravings on the slab of marble poking out of the ground, letting silent tears escape, and then felt the smooth part of the tombstone below Takumi's engravings, knowing that when she died, that part of the rock would be engraved her with name. She stood with an audible sigh. But until then, she had wonderful people to surround and take care of her. And well, their love was all she really needed to survive, wasn't it?

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