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Chapter 1: Awkward.

Flowers—beautiful flowers. Ciel sat on the riverbank and took one. "They look so beautiful." A smile formed on his lips and he looked at his reflection on the crystal clear water. He looked up at the sky and took off his shirt to sunbathe under the warm morning sun. "Feels so nice." Green life surrounded him. The trees rustled with the sweet breeze and baby birds chirped for food in their nests. A small group of nightingales flew toward the trees and one of them released a small bomb of a poop that landed right on Ciel's forehead.

Screaming, Ciel shoved his face into the water and washed his pooped forehead frantically. He opened his eyes underwater and almost let the water with diluted bird feces flow into his mouth when he saw someone at the bottom of the river. "Oh my god," he gasped as he moved his face out of the water. Ciel stood, took his pants, shoes and socks off in a hurry, and jumped into the water in his underwear. Holding his breath, he swam to the bottom of the river and looked closer at who had drowned.

The man was extremely handsome and... extremely naked. Ciel slid his hand on the man's black hair. It wasn't the first time he found someone drowned. Further away, the next river way was known as a spot for suicidal people in love.

As Ciel was about to hold the man's arms to take him to the surface, the man's eyes suddenly opened, frightening him to the point of expelling all the saved air in his lungs. The unknown man had scarlet eyes. Ciel grabbed his forearm as both fought for air and swam back to the surface.

They reached the riverbank and Ciel did what he could to pull him to the grass. He then stood and leaned down to look at the naked man. "Are you alright?" The man said nothing and instead panted and coughed heavily. "It looks like you're not." Ciel put his pants and shoes back on. "I'll take care of you." He wrapped his plain white shirt around the man's hips so he wouldn't be so naked. If this wasn't a serious situation, Ciel would laugh because the shirt looked small and ridiculous on the scarlet eyed male. "Come on."

Ciel entered his small house and sat the man at the kitchen table. "This is a rural area, so we only have one doctor here. I'll get you something to eat and then I'll call the doctor."

The man looked around, hugging himself as he trembled in cold. "Why... does this place smell like shit?"

Gasping, Ciel leaned back. "How dare you talk about m-my home like that?! I'm raising pigs in the backyard. You could've at least asked."

"Pigs?" The man stood from the chair and looked out the window of the mostly wooden house. "Where the fuck am I?"

Ciel clenched his hands and hit his foot on the wooden floor. "No cursing in this house!"

The man looked down at the boy. "Why? They're just words. Otherwise, they wouldn't be in the dictionary. Do you expect me to say: darn it, I broke my leg?"

"Watch your words," Ciel warned and went to the cabinets. "Just sit down, don't talk, and I'll get you something to eat."

"Okay." The man sat at the table and looked around. "Man, you live in a shit-hole."

Ciel almost broke the glass in his hand. He put it down and went to the unknown man. "Listen here, you giant beast, I told you not to curse in this house! Which part of not to curse don't you understand?!"

The tall male looked into the boy's dark-blue eyes. "Your skin is really smooth. Do you take care of it with pig shit?"

"You...!" Ciel slammed his hands on the table. "My house, my rules, understood?! If you don't behave yourself you'll have to walk miles by yourself just to get to the city. I bet you're from there. Only filth lives in the city while people like me like to enjoy fresh air!"

"Filth..." The man stood again, towering over Ciel. "People from the city don't swim in pig shit."

Ciel glared up at him. "That's it! I was trying to be nice, but you can't keep your mouth shut, do you?" He grabbed the man's wrist, turned around, and threw him over his shoulder and onto the table. "Don't mess with me, you bag of manure!" The strange man, who had broken the table, began to laugh manically. Ciel frowned down at him. "Care to explain what's the joke about?"

"Bag of manure," the man laughed out loud. He rose to his feet as if nothing happened and handed a card to the boy. "I'm Sebastian Michaelis, a demon in search of a little idiot like you."

"A little idiot—Wait, where did you take that card from? Your butt?" Ciel questioned and Sebastian chuckled. "Hey, why do you call me an idiot when you're the one in a tiny shirt and cursing every other phrase?" He took a look at the business card. "Screwed Up agency?"

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