I'm finally on college vacation, so I have some more time to write. I hope you enjoy this new short chapter!


Chapter 13

Sebastian hissed and pulled away. "Okay, I get it," he complained. He looked into Ciel's blue eyes. "Are you hungry? Well, after all that exercise, I'm sure that you are." He grinned and slid his hand along Ciel's stomach. "Feels pretty empty to me."

Ciel raised a brow. "Why do you ask? Are you going to feed me?" he asked, and took Sebastian's hand away. Their relationship had developed quickly. Ciel looked up when Sebastian shrugged and went to the kitchen. Since he was still in a daze from what the demon had done to him, he couldn't move properly. He tried to get up and did his best to go to the bathroom with his wobbly legs.

He entered the kitchen and took a deep breath. While Ciel took a shower, he would make them something to eat. As a demon, he didn't need to eat that much, so he wanted to stay with Ciel for a while longer.

Even though it was obvious that Ciel wanted him to take him again, Sebastian didn't want to tire him. He wanted Ciel fresh for their next time. If it was someone else, he wouldn't care, but his affection for the young man was stronger than that, much to his own surprise.

After one took a shower and the other prepared food, Sebastian went to take a shower a well before he returned to the living room in a clean change of clothes. They had changed the cloth on the couch for a clean one, since they had made a mess of the previous cloth.

Ciel glanced at Sebastian sitting next to him. The silence around them became awkward. He took a bite from his chicken sandwich and looked at the demon again. Even though it was faint, Ciel could still feel Sebastian's touch all over him. The demon's forcefulness didn't push him away in the least, so he didn't feel intimidated by the demon.

He wondered. If Sebastian was a demon, what kind of powers did he have besides teleportation and the simpler things he'd showed Ciel? "Hey," he called quietly and the demon turned his crimson eyes his way, "what else can you do? I mean, besides the demon powers you have showed me."

Sebastian pursed his lips and gulped down a piece of sandwich. "I can do this," he said and pointed at Ciel. He then raised his finger slowly and the young man floated toward the ceiling.

Ciel almost chocked on his sandwich. "W-What!? I feel so light," he shouted, staring down at Sebastian, who brought him back to the couch. "Is that it?"

"What kind of question is that?" Sebastian muttered. "If any other human saw what I just did to you, they would scream for their lives." He finished eating his food and gulped down the glass of orange juice. "Besides, I can do a lot more than that, but since I'm a demon, I won't do it. My main purpose is to do evil things, which I started hating long ago."

That spiked his curiosity even more. "Show me more," he told the demon. Ciel couldn't get over the fact that he suddenly became fascinated by Sebastian's abilities.

All of the sudden, Ciel felt his body being cut to pieces. A sudden feeling of pure fear washed over him. It was as if his body separated limb by limb. Ciel let out a scream. He couldn't help but shake in fear. But that feeling died down and he soon relaxed again. "What just happened?" he asked, and noticed that Sebastian's eyes were glowing red.

Sebastian sighed. "You asked for it," he muttered. "As you can see, these are the kinds of things a demon like me can do. After all, the more we look like a regular human, the more powerful we are."

"Does that mean that you're really powerful?" Ciel asked, his head tilted. It surprised him that that feeling of pure fear had disappeared as quickly as it came. Yet he wanted to know more. He wasn't completely sure if he just wanted to know more about the demon side of the man seated next to him, or to just get to know Sebastian better.

"I could say that, yes," Sebastian answered. "But that doesn't mean anything. There are other demons as powerful as me. Unfortunately, some of them use their powers wrongly." He put his glass on the coffee-table and leaned his back on the couch. "It sounds like you want to know more about me. If I don't answer, will you pounce on me and beg for it?"

Ciel raised a brow. "You wish," he retorted. "Anyway, I'm done with the questions." He took a sip of his orange juice and put the glass on the coffee-table as well.

Since the television had been turned off, that awkward silence returned. Sebastian looked at Ciel for a split second. "Can we...kiss?" he asked with a slight frown on above his eyes, as if it had taken a lot from him to say that.

"So embarrassing..." Ciel trailed off and demon looked at him again.

Sebastian leaned over and pressed a kiss to Ciel's lips. "Ah, fuck it," he muttered and pulled Ciel by the arm to make the young man sit on his lap. He grabbed the hair on the back of Ciel's head and pulled him into a deep kiss.

Ciel clenched his hands on Sebastian's shoulders as the demon pushed his hot tongue between his lips. When their tongues met, Ciel shivered. This felt like a dessert after they had eaten the sandwich.

He let out a moan as soon as Sebastian's hands groped his ass and pulled him closer. Ciel tilted his head back to look at him. "Don't even think that we're going to do it again, understand? It's already difficult for me to walk."

Completely ignoring him, Sebastian nuzzled Ciel's neck and pressed a light kiss to the warm skin. His soft lips were gentler than before and the demon's hands lightened their grip on the young man's ass. "I can't tone it down. If it's like that, I have to stop."

Ciel looked away. So it was rough or nothing. He didn't know many couples himself, since he'd been in a rural area for so long, so their relationship had gotten strange to say the least. And even if Sebastian was from the city, it seemed like he also had a certain difficult in creating a relationship with someone, especially if they spent a lot of their time in petty arguments.