Shizuo walked down the dark street tiredly. He was alone, heading back to his apartment after a long day of catching people for Tom. He needed to unwind, badly, but didn't know how he would accomplish that. He was much too tight from working, as he had every night for the past week. It hadn't happened before, so he was pretty confused about what to do for it.

The street lights flickered as a few moths swirled around them. Another person was walking the other way, toward him. They were small, thin, and Shizuo could hear the annoying chuckle coming from the other man. He stopped in his tracks as he identified instantly who the person was. Izaya Orihara was walking as if he hadn't a care in the world. Izaya hadn't a clue that Shizuo was walking on the same street, he was too consumed in himself.

Shizuo had managed to keep a secret from the all-knowing information broker for years. It was the simple fact that Shizuo had fallen for the maniacal, annoying flea. He only attacked the flea because he couldn't stand the attraction, and he didn't know how to go about confessing. Such a thought was ridiculous; him confessing to Izaya.

"Izaaaayaaaa..." Shizuo growled.

The littler man looked up, shocked that he hadn't noticed the beast's proximity before, then smiled devilishly, "Why hello there, dear Shizu-chan. What are you doing here?" His monster was here, and that made everything a bit better, but also a bit scarier.

"Going home. And didn't I tell you not to set foot in Ikebukuro?"

Izaya looked slightly nervous, Shizuo was coming closer, and leaving him pressed against a wall with no escape. He was cornered. "Did you? Must have slipped my mind. I was wanting to see you though. I wanted to see if I could-"

He was cut off by Shizuo's hands. They went around his neck quickly, and soon the two men were only inches apart. Izaya looked scared for once, he hadn't ever been caught by him before, well, except for that one time he had gotten away by stabbing Shizuo in the gut. He didn't have his knife with him this time. But instead of choking the flea, Shizuo did what Izaya would have never thought possible.

Shizuo pressed his slightly chapped lips to Izaya's soft ones and kissed him. Izaya was stiff and shocked at first, he couldn't comprehend that the monster that he had lusted after for so long was kissing him. Soon, though, Izaya was holding Shizuo's wrists and keeping himself up so he could have enough air to continue the kiss without suffocating. After a few more moments, Shizuo had invaded the flea's mouth with his tongue, and Izaya wasn't putting up much of a fight, he was just mewling every few seconds.

After a few minutes, Shizuo reluctantly pulls away from the kiss and stares at the captured flea. Izaya is flushed beet red and very aware of Shizuo's fierce brown eyes staring at him through the sun glasses, he's still holding his wrists, because he doesn't really want to die at the moment, although he did want to crawl into a hole and stay there for a year.

Without warning, Shizuo pulled Izaya away from the wall and put him over his shoulder. Izaya squeaked, "What the fuck? What are you doing, you monster?!"

"I'm taking you back to my apartment," Shizuo said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Wh-why?" Izaya asked nervously, a tremor creeped into his voice.

"Because I need to fuck someone, and you're here," he said matter-of-factly as he began walking down the street towards his apartment.

Izaya's eyes widened, then he began to squirm and struggle, "That's rape! Don't you fucking dare, MONSTER! I'll kill you for this!"

Shizuo held him tighter, "Won't be rape, since you seem to want it. Don't think I can't feel that hard-on on my shoulder."

Izaya stopped instantly, he hadn't realized he was hard, but he knew now it was true. "Dammit...fuck you...FUCK YOU!" He repeatedly hit the larger man in the back with his hands, but it wasn't getting him anywhere.

"Nah, it'll be the other way around tonight," Shizuo said, unlocking the door. He walked in, closed and locked the door behind him, and set Izaya down. He looked the flea in the eyes and said very seriously, "You know being here puts you at a serious disadvantage, so it is extremely unlikely you'll be able to leave. If you let this happen easily, I'll never tell another person, or thing, etcetera. We can both take care of things without it being violent and no one will ever know. I'll never try to blackmail with it or anything. Can we make a deal?"

"You aren't the boss of me! I won't-" Izaya began to say, but was cut off once again by the other. Shizuo's lips were on his own, but the kiss progressed much faster than before. Shizuo had managed to slide his tongue into the other's mouth with ease, exploring the flea's mouth as if he had known it for years. The larger man pulled the smaller into his arms, and the smaller made no move to escape.

In fact, after the initial shock, Izaya grabbed Shizuo's shirt collar with both hands and kept it in a death grip, keeping his monster extremely close. Small, pleased and pleading noises came from him as Shizuo kissed him with an eager experience that surprised him. After breaking the kiss, Izaya looked downward, still keeping him close, and muttered, "Fine...Deal." Shizuo then lifted the flea into his arms and they kissed as he carried the smaller man into the bedroom.


The next morning, Izaya woke up groggily. He felt the weight of something on his side, and skin was pressed to him. He opened his eyes as the previous night flooded back to him, along with the ache it brang to his ass. A slight panic quickened his heart rate, but when he saw his monster's sleeping face it slowed to a normal pace. He looked so peaceful, a look rarely seen on his face, never by Izaya's eyes.

Izaya's legs were brought up near his chest while he had his head rested on Shizuo's shoulder. The monster's arm was draped aross Izaya's body, almost protectively, as the other was under the flea, holding him close by his back. Izaya stared at him, extremely comfortable, yet he would never admit it. Shizuo was waking, and the flea had no idea what he was going to act like.

As the larger man opened his eyes, he looked down at Izaya. "Mornin'," he said simply.

"Good morning," Izaya responded, slightly shocked he wasn't greeted with a death threat to leave the apartment and never speak of the night before.

They both sat up, very aware of each other's nakedness, and of the small pink hickeys that dotted each other's skin at their necks. It was embarrassing, but a slightly happy sight. Izaya crawled out of the bed, but couldn't find any of his clothes, they were all hiding or far across the room. So, since he couldn't bare to be naked around the beast for one more second, he snatched up Shizuo's shirt from the day before and put it on. It was large on him, coming down to his knees and the arms went at least eight inches past his finger tips.

Shizuo chuckled, because it was cute to be reminded just how small Izaya actually was. He usually had a downright evil attitude that made up for his size, but he was feeling sort of lost at the sheer unlikelihood of the situation. Shizuo got up and pulled on the pair of boxers from the previous day, the ones that Izaya had pulled off with his teeth before throwing them across the room. He then led the smaller man from the bedroom to the kitchen.

"What do you want for breakfast?"

Izaya stared up at the blonde as he fumbled with one of the buttons self consciously, "Scrambled eggs." He was stuck with the completely out of character conversation between them, and it felt confusing and good.

"Bacon too?" Shizuo asked as he pulled out everything, along with a carton of milk, and another of orange juice. He poured some milk for himself, and a glass of orange juice for his guest.

"Yeah," Izaya said as he climbed onto the counter to sit, he didn't like being so small in the beast's home, so he wanted to be somewhere taller. He took his cup and held it in his shirt-covered hands.

As his guest kicked his feet and looked at the floor, Shizuo made breakfast. Suddenly, Izaya spoke again, "Shizu-chan? Why're you doing this?" He kept his gaze to the floor.

"After last night, I at least owe you breakfast. I'm not that much of a beast."

"My ass would beg to differ," Izaya shot back.

Shizuo smirked. "You seemed to like it last night. A LOT. In fact you-"

Izaya was flushed pink as he interrupted him, "Don't! I remember what I was saying, I'd rather not hear it from you."

It was quiet for a few moments.

"How do we go from here? All of my plans are scrambled now..." Izaya said, his game was going to take a nosedive if he didn't know how to handle his monster.

"I don't know, where do you want it to go? Back to before?" Shizuo asked, focussing on the pan with the eggs.

Izaya was silent. He knew what he wanted, but was embarrassed to say it outright. All of his confidence had abandoned him as soon as he had seen what Shizuo had hiding in his pants the previous night. "I don't know about back to before...that was getting a bit boring."

"Well, until you find out, we can go back to before. If you want it to change, just call me, I'm sure you can find my phone number somehow." Shizuo handed the smaller man a plate with his bacon and eggs. "For now, eat up."

Izaya set down the empty cup and ate, thinking about his options. Later, Izaya was allowed a shower, and soon after he left dressed in the same clothes as the day before. It was their little secret, he kept reminding himself. They would tell no one. Since that was the deal.