Secret of the Blue Eyes White Dragon

Chapter One

I brushed my metallic silver hair, scraping it into a messy ponytail and leaving the usual two bangs down the front, tying it with my favorite Sapphire Skulls ribbon. Tired blue eyes gazed back at me from the one heirloom I had saved, a golden gilt mirror, now rather grimy with the dirt of the alley I had slept in. I glanced over, spotting the Kame Game shop in the distance, the cheery old shop owner coming out to sweep the storefront. His grey hair bobbed in the wind, Solomon waving to passerby, making me want to smile. Solomon was so kind. . . He'd even offered me a place to crash once. He was the only one in Domino city that seemed to care what happened to me. Homeless, nameless-to-the-world me.

I shouldered my schoolbag and my backpack. These bags pretty much held all of my worldly possessions, I reflected as I headed toward the familiar safety of Domino High School. I would be eighteen this year, and then it would be time I could stop hiding from my so called family. Finally. I smiled and waved at a vaguely familiar pointy headed blond boy, surrounded by a brown haired guy, a blond guy, a brunette girl and a white haired boy. Only the short blond boy waved back, the other four (as usual) not noticing me. I had no idea what it was, but people never noticed my presence unless I drew attention to myself. At Domino High school, that was a good thing if you were different and wanted to avoid the public eye (which meant bullying). I still was a little irked at how hard it made making friends. I smiled as I made my way over to the school, fully intending to spend my day there and be educated.

However, I never made it there.

A black haired boy, shorter than my 165 centimeters, came in front of me. He was scowling and blushing, as if confronting me both embarrassed and annoyed him. He let out a big sigh, and, black eyes having a stubborn glint to them that I immeidiately liked, he met my eyes. This was odd enough; most children couldn't see past my tendency to not be noticed. He looked young, but his eyes told he was old mentally for his age.

"What's your name?"

"Kiara Walters. Who are you?"

He sighed, black eyes clearly considering me an oddity, "Kaiba Mokuba. And my brother wants to hire you."

"Who is your brother, again?"

"Kaiba Seto. Head of KaibaCorp, creator of the technology responsible for Duel Monsters? Does that ring a bell?"

"Barely. What would your brother want with me, Kaiba-san?" I used the horrific a little mockingly, ticked that he was so mocking about my lack of knowledge about Duel Monsters. I mean, a homeless girl in Domino City didn't really have the time for watching Duel Monster battles.

"He wants to interview you. For a secretary job."

I blinked incredulously. What would a millionaire want with a homeless girl? Maybe it was my odd silver hair or blue eyes, but I had no idea what else he would want with me other than my body? And I was SO not playing the prostitute to his rich bastard. Or anything else kinky or crazy a bored billionaire could dream up. I snorted bitterly.

"No. I don't want to become Seto Kaiba's anything."

I tried to walk away from Mokuba. He irritably stepped in front of me, "Hey, at least go in for the interview. Seto's been having a hard time with his secretaries lately and the principal recommended you as the best student he knew at organizing and secretary stuff! Actually, all your teachers did too. The principal's willing to make an exception to the no after school jobs rule."

I couldn't believe my ears, "And Seto Kaiba is willing to kick up all this fuss for a girl like me?"

"Yes." Mokuba clapped his hands, and a sleek black limosine rolled up, blocking my escape route to the school. I sighed exasperatedly, folding my arms.

"At least go for the interview."

Alright, alright, I knew I needed the money. I had no skills to speak of, besides aforementioned organization skills, and was struggling to keep a C average in school. With my street life, I didn't get much sleep, and the sleep I did get was usually crappy at best. I ended up in fights all too often with gangs over my turf (again due to street life), making for missed days and missing days equaled trouble for my grades. Maybe one of the things about this job would be a place to sleep. Lightly rubbing one of my bruised elbows, I considered this for a heartbeat.

"….. Fine."

Reluctantly, I walked over the dusty road towards the limo. The black door slid open on its own, unnerving me. With a glance back at Mokuba, I slid into the cushy seat. Mokuba slid into the seat beside me and shut the door. He made a signal to the driver, and a silent engine started up. We motored off in the same complete silence.

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