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Secret of the Blue Eyes White Dragon

Chapter Two: Trapped

I sat nervously in the sleekly opulent limousine. It'd been a long time since I was inside one, so I had to keep looking around and checking that this craziness was actually real. Me, Kiara Walters, street kid of three years, riding in a limo again after years away from this sort of thing. I couldn't believe it, not really. Beside me, Mokuba smirked at my nerves when he thought I couldn't see. I scowled, fidgeting with my seatbelt. Truthfully, it had been about three years since I had any sort of binding on my body, especially seatbelts. When I could afford it, I rode on a bus. Nothing like this had come my way in a long time.

Something within me stirred as we approached a skyscraper labeled, what else, KaibaCorp. I was used to the stirrings, but not like this; the stirrings usually warned me of danger, but this felt more like….joy. I blinked bemusedly and shook my head. Stupid sixth sense. I had had it ever since I could remember. It saved my butt more than once on the streets; it also saved me many a beating back home. There is absolutely nothing joyful about a millionaire possibly obsessing over you, I mentally lectured myself. I also scolded myself mentally for not connecting the name Kaiba with the tallest building in Domino City, it's doors flanked by massive metallic blue dragon statues. When the door of the limo opened, I was still so wrapped up in my own thoughts it took my arm being grabbed by the burly driver to snap me out of my own thoughts.

I growled and yanked my arm out of the burly driver's grip. Nobody chains me! Never again! I won't submit to that sort of thing ANYMORE! I restrained further snarling and got out of the limo as primly as I could.

Mokuba's POV

Mokuba watched Kiara as she got out of the limo, obviously in a huff. He didn't exactly understand what had drawn his brother to this girl to the point of obsession. She was rather plain looking, besides the odd silver hair and her eyes. She was fairly tall and skinny, typical of many street kids.

Mokuba was silently thankful that neither him nor Seto had to resort to running from Gozaburo Kaiba. Even if that had resulted in Seto's torture for so many years. Mokuba winced silently as he remembered how many times Seto had come back from his study sessions bruised and cut by Gozaburo's favorite weapons, a switchblade and books slammed into his older brother in various ways. Shivering slightly, Mokuba shook his head to clear it of such depressing memories. He needed to focus on Kiara for the moment. He looked over and realized Kiara had fixed those slightly unnerving dark blue eyes on him. Mokuba blinked in surprise when he remembered what Kiara's eyes reminded him of.

His brother's Blue Eyes White Dragon.

How in the world could a human have a dragon's eyes? I hope it doesn't have anything to do with the Egyptian stuff Yugi is always talking about.. . . Otherwise, Seto is going to be irked. . . REALLY irked.

However, Kiara's eyes were far more wary and vulnerable than the beautiful, powerful dragon's eyes. She looked nervous. Kiara kept fidgeting as they walked into the front office. The buxom pinkette front office secretary beamed at Mokuba when she saw him. She waved them over happily. Mentally groaning, he walked over with Kiara warily following me. Mokuba wished that Cherry hadn't spotted them.

"Hey Mokuba-sama! Is this a girlfriend I see?"

Mokuba reddened, "No Cherry-san! This is possibly big brother's new secretary. Kiara-san, this is Cherry Sakuranjo. Cherry-san, meet Kiara Walters."
Politely, Kiara put out her hand, "Good to meet you, Sakuranjo-san."

"Awwww, what a sweet girl! We will be lucky to have her on our team here at Kaiba Corp for sure. You know, I can tell," Cherry said, winking at us both. Her emerald eyes sparkled excitedly.

"Anyway, I can't keep big brother waiting. I have to get Kiara-san up to big brother's office," Mokuba said hastily, putting his hands on Kiara's slender back and pushing her over towards the elevator. Kiara wiggled loose, giving Mokuba a disgruntled look as he waved goodbye to Cherry.

Mokuba sighed and walked to the private elevator he used to visit his brother. Maybe this WOULDN'T blow up like so many things that had been going on lately had blown up. Hopefully his brother would find what he'd been searching so unknowingly desperately before in this young woman.

Love from someone besides Mokuba.

Kiara's POV

Elevators. Why does it always have to be elevators? I gulped as I looked warily at the all too small silver doors. Now was not a good time to have a crippling fear of small spaces. . . . I sighed uneasily as I screwed up my courage and forced myself to step inside after Mokuba. What made it all the worse was the inner part of the thing resembled a lushly upholstered partly metal tube. Doing my best not to show an ounce of my inner fear, I stood absolutely still as Mokuba pressed a button and the door closed.

A chill of impending doom rippled over me as the elevator began to rise. Dammit. There's only one recourse now if I don't want to end up bawling like a baby by the time we're halfway up….Stop shaking! I mustn't show fear. After all, who knows if billionaires can scent fear….Ugh you are being silly… Get to the good part already… You know you're just babbling to cover the quiet.

I closed my eyes and slid easily into my haven from pain and fear. Memories of when I was the predator, not the prey. I was massive, my wings span over one hundred feet as I soared over a land of searing sun. Searching, always searching for something I needed beyond words. My wings beat powerfully as I soared over the palace this time, no one seeing me due to the fact I could camouflage myself well. With one more wing beat, I soared over the castle and deep into the desert. I let out a roar and the creatures that could hear me scattered in fear. The human in me loved this feeling, the feeling of utter invincibility. The feeling of soaring through cloudless sun-kissed skies, mistress of all you surveyed…

Utterly breathtaking. Faint memories drifted through my mind as I watched myself soar over the golden sands, growing more distinct as time passed: running over sand that seared my feet even as I gloried in the speed, eyes as blue as Egypt's sky, skin the color of dark sand, and a smile as warm as Ra's light… I smiled silently, curtailing the good memories not my own before they went a direction I preferred them not to. I was deeply glad to have these memories to go to in times of hurt.

Otherwise, I don't think I would have survived so long.

"Are you okay?"

Mokuba's voice jarred me out of my reverie. Aaaand back into the dratted elevator. Dammit kid, why couldn't you just let me be? I HATE riding in these damn things…. I resisted the urge to shudder. Must not show fear. NEVER show weakness…

"Yeah. I'm fine."

"You're lying…."

I jumped a little. Blasted kid. What right does he have to call me a liar?

"I know. Big brother-" Mokuba reddened, an obvious oops from him, "Seto tends to lie when I ask him that question. You got his expression when you said that."

"You're too perceptive for your age. I… I don't like small spaces. There. Happy?"

"Yeah. But you aren't. This is the only practical way to get to Seto's office. The public elevators would be a lot more crowded, and Mitzi would really screw up the introductions if we used the everybody-else entrance. "

After I shuddered in dislike of the idea of these tiny tubes being even MORE crowded, I felt a little sorry for Mitzi, whoever she was. It was obvious Mokuba didn't like her much, from the tone he said her name with. I sighed, fidgeting nervously. The ride up to the office seemed to take forever. I was starting to get a pounding headache behind my eyes from being cooped up in the too small space for so long…. Gods stop this… End this ride… This is taking too long…

A screeching noise jarred me from my reverie.

I screamed aloud as the elevator jerked to a stop, throwing both of us off balance. Mokuba tumbled to the floor while I slammed into the doors of the elevator. There was a long moment of silence as we just caught our breaths, eyes wide.

I started to hyperventilate as I realized the elevator wasn't moving anymore. Sinking to sit in a hunched over position, I thought Oh god, are we stuck?! Are we gonna~!? I started to shake, which was when I saw Mokuba. Black eyes wide, the boy was shaking worse than I was. And that was saying something. Taking and releasing a deep breath, I shakily crawled over to the younger boy. Pulling him into my arms, I cuddled him to my chest. Abruptly, he started to cry, tears leaking out of clenched shut eyes. I petted his hair, unable to speak for now but holding him tightly in a hug. After his brief crying jag, he sniffed and composed himself, wiping away evidence of tears. I smiled faintly when I saw- and recognized- the gesture.

He climbed out of my arms, standing on shaky legs. I let him climb over me to get to the control panel. Deftly, he slid his fingers under the panel and yanked something loose. A slender keyboard slid from the wall, and Mokuba started to rapidly type on it. A screen emerged from the wall. I watched, fascinated, as Mokuba typed quickly and a face appeared in the screen. A face that sent a thrill of familiarity through me. But this face was different than I remembered. Gone was the smile, gone was the warmth of his blue eyes. Even his skin seemed a colder color. I simply stared at him for a moment before he began speaking.

"Mokuba? Why are you calling me from the elevator? What's going on?"

"Nii-sama, the elevator's stuck!"

"Have you tried the override codes? Which floor are you on?"

"Yes and umm," he glanced up at the elevator's level screen. Mokuba promptly went white. I stood up on very shaky legs, my eyes on the screen. It didn't seem possible for the man in those memories not my own to have changed so much and yet so little. Apparently, Kaiba cared for his little brother just like he did in my memories (faint as they were), but he was… well, he FELT so different. There was a hard edge to his personality that I could detect even over the vid screen. It only seemed to soften around his little brother.

What has made you so cold, Seto? Are you even really the man in my memories? It could be a coincidence that you look like him… Or you really could be the man who haunted my dreams ever since I can remember. I won't really know what to think until I meet you in person, now will I?

"S-Seto… We're between floors…."

Kaiba swore, pinching the bridge of his nose in what looked like an attempt to stay calm.

"Damn… I'll send the mechanics. I'm coming as well. Do you have your cellphone Mokuba?"

"No! I didn't think that we'd get stuck in an elevator Seto!"

Brusquely, Kaiba said, "Stop panicking. I'll stay on with you, but I have to call the damn mechanics first. Can you hold on till then?... Wait. Did you say 'we'?"

"Y-yeah… Kiara is with me."

A vicious string of swears in various languages left Kaiba's mouth. He took a deep, calming breath and faced the screen. "Right. Now I see her. Will you do fine in there until I can send the mechanics to fix this problem?"


"Good. I'm signing off Mokuba, Kiara."

"Come back on soon, Nii-sama."

The screen went black. Mokuba gave a shaky sigh, and plopped down where he stood. I stepped over to him, sitting behind him. Squirming around to face me, Mokuba gave me a sheepish smile.

"I'm sorry we got into this… Normally Kaiba keeps this elevator in tip-top shape, but he's been kind of frazzled with Mitzi bothering him like she does. I'm really sorry this happened on today if all days..."

"It's not your fault, Mokuba-san."

Mokuba chuckled faintly, blushing a little as he rubbed his nose, "Hey, don't call me that. If you accept the job, you'll be pretty close to me and Seto. Is it alright if I call you Kiara?"

I fidgeted uncomfortably, "Sure Mokuba-sa- Mokuba."

"Cool," Mokuba said, a bright grin coming over his face. I couldn't help but smile. Now I see why Kaiba is so protective of this kid… His smile lights up the room…

"So… How old are you? Seto knows that you still go to school, but we never figured out your exact age…"

Is he a stalker or what? Geez… I've heard of background checks for prospective employees but this is ridiculous…

"Seventeen, going on eighteen."

"Ha-ha, like in 'The Sound of Music'! Cool. I'm sixteen."

"Really? You're a little short…"

Mokuba's cheeks flushed, "I know! But I really am sixteen! Seto and I are four years apart, but he got the height in our family… It gets kind of annoying when he can loom over you when you piss him off..."

I chuckled softly, "Sorry. Didn't mean to press a button. How tall is Kaiba?"

"Seto. And he's 186 centimeters tall. I'm 142 centimeters, officially. But Seto says I've grown a centimeter at least in the last month!"

I didn't want to burst the kid's bubble, but I doubted it. From the sounds of things, my assumption about Kaiba caring deeply for Mokuba seemed correct. And that love and respect was returned in spades by the younger boy. I listened as Mokuba chattered- mainly a ploy to get my mind off the fact that the walls felt like they were closing in around me. I also had a feeling Mokuba was chattering to fill the silence. I appreciated it. In return I made the necessary noises of polite conversation so he could continue.

Eventually, however, even Mokuba had to fall silent. I started to breathe a little faster when the silence stretched on uncomfortably. My head felt like it was being squeezed and it was starting to ache from the pressure. I sighed and pressed my fingers to my temple. I tried my best not to breathe harder, but I couldn't help it. The walls were closing in…. squeezing my head… I'm not meant for small spaces…. No… Kaiba you had better get your tail into gear and come back on the damn vid com…. At least I'll have something to distract me from this…

As time wore on, I realized the best idea would be to rescue myself. No sense depending on a guy who would be late like this. I mean, he was rescuing his brother too for Pete's sake! Why would he be this late?! I stood up quickly, startling Mokuba as I started probing at the walls, looking for an escape.

Helpfully, Mokuba spoke up, "There's a hatch on the top. But I can't reach it on my own…"

I gave him an irritated look, "Why couldn't you have mentioned that sooner?!"

"You didn't ask."

I growled, face palming. I looked up, and saw the now all too obvious metal hatch and handle sticking out from the rest of the mirrored ceiling. Squatting under the hatch, I turned my back to Mokuba, "Here. Climb on."


"Climb on my back and get the hatch open. If there's a way to get up to another floor, like a ladder or something, go up it."

"Wh-what about you?"

"I'll manage," I forced out, feeling my chest tighten even as I said the lie. I would likely be in the throes of a panic attack by the time that slowpoke Kaiba got down here to rescue me. I refused to let Mokuba see me that way. He had already trusted me with so much… Mokuba had been one of the few people who had treated me decently in years. Well, actually, my whole life. He had been one of the nicest people I'd met.

"O-okay…" Mokuba climbed on awkwardly. It was obvious he had never had a piggyback ride before. I grunted softly as he accidentally bumped my ribs with his sneakers. Standing with difficulty, I braced myself against the wall while Mokuba awkwardly climbed higher. I grunted irritably when he started moving around erratically.

"What are you doing, running laps up there?"

"This hatch is kinda hard to open, it's never been used before… Ah! There we go," Mokuba said, and I felt his weight lift off my shoulders. Craning my neck upwards a little, I could just see him clambering onto a ladder on the wall of the shaft. The sense of loneliness descended over me again when I saw him climbing. Relief flooded me when, a few short minutes later, a floor door opened and Mokuba was hauled out. Then, to my surprise, I saw a tall, familiar man descend into the elevator shaft. Long, strong arms reached through the gap left by the open hatch and he swung easily into the elevator. Kaiba had to duck his head as his face swung around to meet mine.

I was left breathless by his face. On the video monitor, he had been handsome, but in person he was damn imposing. Striking blue eyes, brown hair a little mussed by his descent… Even the oddly angled head didn't spoil the image of ruthless perfection. Oh, it figures my new boss turns me on….Let's hope he doesn't have as nasty a temper as Mokuba described… Oh well, at least this might just be a temporary job…

If I had known how much trouble I would go through for this man, I, without a doubt, would have run the other way from him.

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