A/N: Hey guys I'm Moviegir05! Okay so this is my first story ever so go easy on me and gives me tips if I am doing something wrong. Alright so this story is something me and my friend from school were talking about that we thought would be cool for a sequel for hotel Transylvania. So enjoy :).

P.S. Johnny is a vampire. I might do a prequel sometime if this goes well.

P.S.S. Johnny and Mavis are not married. In this story they have been together for a year and a half.


Mavis POV-

I passed back in forth of the ceiling of me and Johnny's bedroom. What was I going to say? And how was I going to? For two weeks I've been keeping this secret and I finally felt brave enough to say it. Kind of. Johnny flew in threw the window while I was still passing on the ceiling. "Hey babe, what are you doing?" he asked. He startled me and I almost lost my balance on the ceiling. "Oh, nothing." I said while floating back down and sitting on the bed next to Johnny. "You sure? You look a little flush." He said while cupping my cheek. "I'm fine." He finally seemed convinced and went to the lobby to greet monsters that were visiting for the summer. After he left I flopped on the bed and stared at the ceiling. "What am I going to do?"

A/N: Well I know its short but I will keep writing soon. I know some of you probably know what Mavis is hiding but keep it to yourself :). I want people to be surprised. Anyway review please. Ill keep writing soon :).