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Chapter 2

Normal POV-

"Johnny. Please say something." Mavis still had Johnny's hand on her stomach and was trying to comfort him. "I know it's sudden. But please just say something to me, anything." Johnny just sat there like a statue staring at Mavis with wide eyes and a slight open mouth, not sure what to say. He was shocked, confused, frighten and a little embarrassed. "Johnny pleases." Mavis was almost on the verge of crying. "I….. Uh….. Um…. So…" Johnny finally got out of his trance but still had all does feelings rushing around his head. There was a long moment of silence but Johnny broke it by screaming "WHAT!?" Of course Mavis jumped at this and got up with him to try and calm him down the best she could. It didn't work. "THAT MAKES NO SENSE! WHEN DID IT HAPPEN!?" Johnny of course didn't realize he was yelling and Mavis had to put her hands on his mouth so she could explain. "I think it happened in France after that big party we went to at one of your friends." Mavis was being calm about this but on the inside she was a nervous wreck. "STILL I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER ANYTHING!" Johnny still screaming, Mavis had enough. "JOHNATHAN CALM DOWN!" This of course woke up one of the guest. "QUIET YOU NOISY TEENS!" hollered the elderly guest. "Didn't we use…" "No" Mavis was very frustrated and Johnny was looking pale and stressed. "I got to go!" Jonathan said and headed for the door. "Where are you going?" Mavis asked calmly. "For a walk, and possibly scream somewhere else." Johnny then left. "To be honest he took it better then I thought." Mavis said to herself in the empty room.

Johnny POV-

"I don't know what's going on I am freaking out I am confused I am..." "QUIET DOWN YOU STUPIDE TEEN!" "I am talking to myself." I just don't know what to do right now. One minute I'm hiding vases from Dracula and the next thing I know my girlfriend tells me she's pregnant. What's going to happen to our lives, is Mavis going to keep it, well DUH of course she's going to keep it. Why else would she have told me if she wasn't going to keep it? I don't know if I'm ready to be a dad! OH MY GOD DRACULAS GONNA KILL ME! AGAIN! I got to try and relax; maybe I can talk to someone about it. No I can't, I don't know if anyone else knows. Whoa how did I end up on the roof? That's weird. Okay I have to sit down and think what just happened these last couple of minutes. My girlfriend is pregnant, I freaked out, I ended up on the roof and I am probably going to die again tonight. CRICK... did the roof just crack again? Ehh it will hold. "AHHHHHHHHH!"

Dracula POV-

"Ahhhhh….. I love being zin the sauna after a long day at vork." I was sitting in the sauna room with Wayne, Frank, Griffin and Murray. "Hey Drac, do you know why Mavis has been kind of, I don't know, paled lately." Frank asked me. "Vy yes I noticed. It's probably just teen hormones or something vath are getting to her." I of course had no idea what was going on but teenage hormones is a good explanation for it all. "Well hopefully she lightens up before the pool party tomorrow night. Me and her are beating Wayne and Johnny at a chicken fight!" Griffin said proudly but ended up arguing with Wayne about who was going to win. I have odd friends. Maybe I will ask Johnny if he knows anything. Wait a minute do I hear screaming? "AHHHHHHHHH! OUFFF!" Just like that Jonathan was on my labs. Again. "Jonathan perfect timing ve were just talking about you." I said while putting him down and zapping him a towel and telling him to go change. When he returned I ushered him to sit down next to Frank; he sat on Griffin by accident instead though, that made a good laugh and a couple of jokes before we got serious again. "So Johnny, vwhy is Mavy Wavy acting so strange these couple of days?" I asked looking at him straight in the eyes. "Uhh… ummmm….uhhhh…" He started squirming and I knew he was hiding something. "Johnny, what's going von?" I asked without hesitating. "What nothing why are you asking me I got to go!" Johnny suddenly just flashed on his cloths and flew out of the sauna. "What did he say?" asked Wayne. "I don't know but the kid talks fast." Said Griffin. "I know he is hiding something, and I vill figure it out no mater vwhat." I said while sitting up strait and crossing my arms.

Mavis POV-

I lied downed on my back on the bed, looking at a black and red stick. It's the special pregnancy test that I took from the gift shop downstairs; why dad put em there I will never know. It came in handy do, I kept staring at that little red check, the first time I saw it I was upset and scared but now I'm excited and scared. I just hope Johnny is going to feel the same way one day. I sat up strait and hid the test under my pillow when the door suddenly swung open, but thankfully it was only Jonathan. "Hi." I said sheepishly. "Hey. How are you feeling?" He asked while sitting next to me. I didn't know why he asked me if I was ok but I did have something bothering me. "Actually I'm a little worried, about you." I confessed. "Me? Why are you worried about me?" He was acting like I was asking the stupidest question on earth, but I just kept going. "The way you acted before I was really worried. I was about to go find the witches to go find you." I said while scooting closer to him. "Sure I'm scared and all that but I am really excited too. But let's give it a little more time." He said with a slight chuckle at the end. I giggled and hugged him, he hugged me back. "Hey do you want to see something?" I asked after we separated the hug. "Sure." I went under my pillow and took out the pregnancy test, I gave it to him, and he made a face. "EW is there piss all over this!?" he said holding it with the tips of his fingers. I laughed and told him I washed it, after that he relaxed, held it carefully and examined it. After a while he smiled. "Were having a baby." He simply said still smiling; I started crying tears of joy. "Were having a baby!" He said even more excited then before I started nodding, crying and smiling at the same time. We were so happy. He picked me up and twirled me a couple of times and when he finally settled down he put me down and looked in my eyes and I looked in his. "I love you Mavis." He said while putting one of his hands on my back and one on my stomach. "I love you too." I said. Then just like at my birthday party I kissed him before he kissed me, I could feel him smile between our kiss. After a while he released and he had this worried look on his face again. "What now?" I asked probably looking more worried than him. "How is your dad going to take it?" he said while still holding me by the waist. All the happiness just suddenly drained out of me and I had this big scared feeling inside of me again. Even worse then when I found out I was pregnant. "Oh my god!" I sort of screamed but I didn't care, my dad doesn't know yet. I released out of Johnny's grip and started pacing on the ceiling again.

Jonathans POV-

"Honey I think you're panicking for no reason. He's going to kill me not you." I tried really hard to keep Mavis calm but it was no use. She was deep in thoughts of how to tell her dad she couldn't even hear me. "I got it! Let's practice how I'm going to say it to him. You be my dad." She finally hovered down and started her speech. I did my best Dracula impression by standing up strait and putting a slight frown on my face. "Alright dad, I have something to tell you." She started, I decided to make her laugh and do a really stupid Drac impression. "Vell Mavy Wavy vy don't youse tell me vwats wroung, Blah Blah Blah." She giggled and finally relaxed a little. "Well I guess you have been wondering why I have been acting so strange these couple of weeks. Well the perfect explanation is that… I am pregnant. You're going to be a granddad!" And then I did something I probably shouldn't have done. "VWAT I AM GONNA BE A GRANDFATHER! NO! I AM DYING I AM DYING!" I then did a dramatic flop on the bed and put my hand over my heart. I shouldn't have done that because when I peeked out of my left eye I saw that Mavis wasn't there anymore. "Mavis. Mavis! MAVIS!" I yelled darting off the bed. Uh oh.

Mavis POV-

OH MY GOD IM FREAKING OUT! Johnny over dramatic reaction of my dad might be the exact way my dad might react! I can't make that happen, I just won't tell my dad. But he is pound to find out sometime, like when in labour in nine mounts. I just can't tell him right now, if he reacts like that, I am going to be heart broken. Just to think he might not want anything to do with me or the baby. I sometimes get annoyed by him but I still love him to death and I can't live without him. Plus I want my baby to have a grandfather, who will love and care for it as much as he did for me. I ended up on the roof, so I laid down on my back looking at the twilight sky. I put hand on top of my stomach and started crying. What have I done? I can't take all these secrets. I thought to myself while sitting up and staring at the moon. "What am I going to do?"

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