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Thinking of you while out for a ramble fown by a cold frosty stream, det down on a bed of hemlocks and primroses and gently I fell into a dream. I dreamed I saw a pretty fair maiden. Such beauty I'd never saw before! Her dress was bound round with hemlocks and primroses, So green was the mantel she wore her hair was of a dark brown color; her teeth was as ivory so white; her eyes they shined like sparking diamonds or stars than shine on a cold frosty night. I drew her near then I awakened with two empty arms and you on my mind. Heaven seemed so near while I was dreaming. It hurts to know you left me behind


Her hands feel brittle and chapped as she rubs them together. The swarm of white clothed medics is an overwhelming sight mixed in with the bright colors of the Capitol natives. The scene in front of Prim is loud. Everything is loud. The bustling from movement and anxious Capitol chatter, the scent of death and fear creeps into her nose, it even tastes like despair. It feels like dread.

Prim, located outside of the President's mansion, listens to her partners babble aimlessly about how bad their lives were. Years ago Prim might have said something too, about her poor family and dead father. Now she's learned not to pity herself.

There are children fenced in the front yard of the mansion, starved and bloody. They look filthy and poor, but something is wrong. One boy has skin that's dirty but purple makeup shines through the mud. A girl has bright green hair. They are Capitol children, trapped by their own saviors, the mad puppeteers controlling everything breathing in Panem.

"My grandfather was reaped. He died in the bloodbath from a boy from Twelve," One medic chimes in. No one notices the Mockingjay's sister standing by them.

"That stinks," a girl medic with a brown pony tail stinking out of a hat says, not sounding sympathetic at all, "My aunt was reaped too. She also died, but by mu-" then everything stops. It's as if the cold air and snow had managed to freeze everything still. Then parachutes daintily flutter down to the Capitol children. They reach greedily with thirst and hunger for the tiny metal balls.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Bombs explode one after another unleashing flames and chaos to the children below. Prim looks up, it's a Capitol hovercraft. An eerie chill creeps up her spine- something's off. Desprate cries for help echo through the fence. Utter shock sets in. Before she realizes what she's doing, Prim urges forward, a first aid kit in her left hand.

"PRIM!" she jerks her head around for a moment and sees her sister waving to her. A shadow falls across Katniss's face. Prim notices the tail of her shirt is sticking out from her skirt. Little duck, Katniss would call her.

Prim finally reaches a little girl and pulls out a bandage when she hears cries again.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The world is in slow motion again. The cold air meets fire as the sky explodes around Prim. Her mouth goes dry, her heart hardens. She screams.

"PRIM!" Katniss's wail is heard over the crowd as the last thing she loves is ripped away from her.

Goodbye Little Duck.

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