CHAPTER: INTERLUDE G - "Trips and Tricks"
CONTINUITY: Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye | IDW Comics
RATING: PG for big dumb robots.
SUMMARY: Fulcrum does something he shouldn't.
DISCLAIMER: None of the characters are owned by the author, simply written for amusement and the fact that the Scavengers don't receive nearly enough attention as they ought to.

It's not that Misfire really expects to hear any kind of noise from his room while he's not in it, but the fact that he hears hysterical sobbing on the other side of the door as he makes his way back seems incredibly weird and incredibly spooky.

His first thought is maybe it's a ghost.

His second thought is maybe that's a dumb idea.

Warily, Misfire opens the door to peer inside, glancing around as he still hears the sounds of muffled crying. He notes that his stash of vials he'd gotten from the station are on display, which they shouldn't be. The box should be closed. Instead, it's open, and looking down to the floor, he spots the source of the whimpering.

"Loser?" Misfire pushes the door open completely, stepping inside to approach the crumpled form of the K-Con. "Hey, I thought you were feeling better. What's all this?"

"I feel terrible," Fulcrum groans out, burying his face into his hands.

A horrible feeling of realization hits him. Misfire stares at his open box of vials, then back down to Fulcrum. "You didn't..."

"I wanted to ask you something, and... and then I got kind of impatient and started to look around and I thought it was energon and... and got kinda upset, that maybe you were holding out on us...? Then... then..." Fulcrum trails off, his voice squeaking off into a mess of sniveling.

"So you got a vial, I take it," Misfire concludes with a wince, which is confirmed by a slow, depressed nod from Fulcrum. "Did you just have a sip or...?"

"Nuh-uh." Weakly, Fulcrum holds up an empty vial.

"Ohhhh no." Just one vial of contents of these various drinks wouldn't knock Misfire off his feet for long, but for someone like Fulcrum who probably hasn't had anything harder than maybe a bit of engex in his little technician life?

This is going to be awhile.

"My perspective's all off," Fulcrum garbles out words, voice distressed.

"Right, I know. C'mon." Slowly, Misfire yanks Fulcrum to his feet, dragging him over to the recharge slab. "You're gonna lay down on something proper until you get this out of your system."

"You want me to sleep?" Fulcrum practically shrieks, his optics widening.

There's a sheepish smile given to Fulcrum. "That's the idea. Here you go, get comfy." Gently, he lays the K-Classer down to the berth before he hops onto the other side. "No worries, you'll have some company."

"But... but what if I don't wake up?"

"You didn't drink anything that's gonna kill you. Just gonna put you out for awhile, pinhead." There's a pause of consideration from Misfire before he peers down at Fulcrum. "What did you want to talk to me about anyway?"

"I can't... words. Um." Tiredly, yellow optics look up at Misfire. "Don't- don't let me forget. Styx."

"Styx?" What about it? Misfire shrugs. "All right. When you wake up, we'll talk about it.

"Okay." Finally, Fulcrum's optics go dim. "Yeah, okay. Sounds good."