My first Fallen fanfic and I'm usually writing Warriors fanfiction, so please alert me if there are any mistakes here. I read Fallen about a week ago and Taylor Swift's Sad Beautiful Tragic caught my attention here, so voila!

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Beautiful, sad, tragic—all the words to describe her death. Every time, every seventeen years, her raven-black curls catch my eye and her soft gaze lures me to the deepest pits of Hell. I know what is awaiting of course. It is unstoppable, inevitable. I never know what I can do around her; I'm always waiting for her to catch fire and waste away before my eyes and the overwhelming grief to grip me so tightly I can hardly breathe.

Gabbe has always tried to comfort me, but there is no end to this treacherous torture. I am damned, and this is my punishment. I cannot save her, no matter how hard I try, and I try to stay away, but I'm drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

And now, watching as Roland's gaze is directed at any foreign object other than my face, I strip my face of the sunglasses I had been wearing, shoving them into my pocket. I turn, looking for the point of Roland's discomfort and my gaze is immediately captured by those depthless brown orbs that brought a tingling to my fingertips. Her elegant facial features are framed by familiar short black locks, curling at the ends. My breath catches in my throat and it feels as if my throat was being blocked by some large object.

Though I know that my surprise is masked slightly, I am nearly panicking inside. What was I supposed to do? She had obviously seen him already and her eyes betrayed her interest. There was no way I could escape her now. She was stuck here with me and the cycle was most likely almost completed, waiting for him to make a move.

She couldn't escape now.

I'm damned.

And so was she.