I'm so mad at myself that I haven't updated since November. This was my first fanfic and I haven't been working on it at all. I guess I've lost my inspiration and I've been super busy. My friends and I are going to Sakura con next month (as ATLA characters) and I've been working on my cosplay for awhile and on top of that I have family and school. Four advanced courses is not an easy task. But despite that I started 3 other fanfics, which makes me feel even worse. I even finished a 10 chapter story while completely ignoring this oneā€¦*sigh* but I will not give up! I hope to pick this one back up by the end of April.

So please forgive me and bear with me here! I love my 3 followers and any other readers I have so please read this once I get started again.

Thank you! ~Crystal