Kurt Hummel thought this was going to be just another day at school, sure he expected a possible slushie and definitely some shoving and a likelihood of being pushed into his own locker. The dumpster incidents had stopped since he joined glee, he tended to be with another member of the group at all times, but none of this meant he enjoyed the whole bullying experience. He missed the safety Dalton had provided, he also missed Blaine, but their no bullying policy had been a great comfort each morning. But at least he no longer received threats from Karofsky.

The only thing that was in the way of Kurt having an acceptable day today was the snow which had feel last night. There wasn't much, but there was enough that a lot of the jocks and cheerios were chasing innocent bystanders with snow balls around the car park until they found shelter inside the school and when there wasn't some outsider they could attack they turned on one another. All Kurt needed to do was sneak inside and hopefully avoid detection from the snow ball armed idiots currently attacking each other.

He almost made it, the entrance was in sight, he could practically feel the heating system on his nose when the first hit him. Right on the back of his head, instantly ruining the hair style he had put in place earlier that morning. Snow was worse than slushies, it was dirtier, colder and hurt a lot more, since more power could be put into the throw. Kurt hesitated before he went to take an extra step forwards.

"What's the matter Hummel, too gay for an innocent snow ball fight?" Kurt heard one of the jocks shout. Kurt hesitated, he reminded himself over and over that he should just walk away, that none of them were worth his time or energy. He even wondered why he had stopped in the first place. Before he could take another step he felt a snow ball smack the side of his face almost knocking him over. He knew it had damaged his ear from the ringing and instant pain. The snow balls didn't stop, Kurt slipped on the ice, he feel to the ground, no longer being able to hear the laughs from his attackers. As his head smacked onto the ice Kurt could no longer see his attackers either.

Blaine had woken up a little earlier than usual, he needed the time to make his way to class without slipping on ice, this would take him about twice as long as usual. Plus he needed to stop by the Warbler choir room where he had left one of texts books. And he wanted to squeeze in a phone call to Kurt his classes started. Missing Kurt had really started to set in this week.

He had retrieved his book and was making his way to his first class of the day, having spoken with Kurt earlier he was feeling rather happy today. The snow almost put a stop to that when he had to pull a hat on over his perfectly gelled hair, potentially messing it up. But Blaine just kept reminding himself he would be seeing Kurt tomorrow and that he had Warbler practice and two free periods today. Blaine felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, he struggled for a moment to remove his gloves so he could answer his phone.

"Hello?" Blaine said, he hadn't recognised the number.

"Is this Mr. Anderson, Mr. Blaine Anderson?" An unfamiliar voiced asked on the other end of the phone.

"Yeah, may I ask who this is?" Blaine said stepping to one side to allow some Freshmen to walk past him and into the school building.

"My name is Mary I work at Lima hospital, I'm calling on behalf of Mr. Kurt Hummel, his father asked me to inform you he's been in quite a bad accident," Blaine's heart fell to his stomach, rendering him speechless, "Mr. Hummel wanted me to inform you he'll be going down to surgery soon." Blaine was already making a circle back to his dorm and towards his car.

"Can you tell Kurt's father I'm on my way." He wanted to add to tell Kurt but he had no idea if Kurt was even awake and he wasn't sure whether he would want to hear that kind of information over the phone. He sent a quick text to Wes telling him what was going on and headed straight to Lima.

When Blaine did arrive at the hospital he was no longer his put together self who had left the dorms that moment. His hair was no longer in perfect gelled condition, his tie had been loosen and his face was red from the cold.

"Can you tell me where Kurt Hummels room is, he was bought in this morning?" Blaine asked the receptionist.

"Yes, third floor, head injuries ward, room 286." The receptionist said after she had typed the information into the computer in front of her. Blaine took off to the elevators.

Burt Hummel was leaning against a wall inside the room, Kurt was not there.

"They've taken him into surgery." Burt said when he saw Blaine come in.

"What happened?" Blaine asked, sitting in the vacant chair, slightly out of breath.

"He was walking into school this morning and some kids ambushed him with snow balls. They think it's broken his ear drum and when he feel he hit his head pretty hard. The doctor his almost certain that when he wakes up he won't be able to hear a thing. They don't know if he'll ever be able to hear again." Burt couldn't even look at Blaine as he spoke, the emotional pain was written all over his face. Blaine felt the blood leave his face, this one stupid prank would ruin the rest of Kurt's life. It would ruin his dreams of Broadway, the running of his day to day life. His education. Everything.