JJ feels the feather light touch along her cheek. She moans and shifts into the touch. The same hand strokes gently down her neck, across her collarbone, and then down to her breast. When that hand is replaced by a mouth she moans and arches into the touch. As she comes more awake she suddenly panics as she sees dark hair.


She pushes "Mack" away from her. Emily grabs her hand and stares into her eyes, understanding.

"It's me, Jen. You're home, baby," she says gently.

JJ takes a couple of deep breaths to calm herself. When she starts to apologize, Emily just kisses her, her hand returning to the breast she had been lavishing with attention. JJ eventually forgets her fear and responds to the kiss, her tongue dancing with Emily's. Emily breaks the kiss and stares into blue eyes she had always just wanted to get lost in.

"I love you, Jennifer Prentiss."

Her mouth immediately moves back to JJ's breast, her hand stroking lower, massaging strong abdominal muscles, sliding over a firm thigh, then gliding over neatly trimmed curls.

JJ's wraps the fingers of one hand in Emily's hair. The other clenches and unclenches the sheets as her hips thrust up, begging for the hand petting her curls to make the final dive into her. As they do, she stifles a scream of ecstasy.

Emily's thrusts two fingers deep into her wife, her palm pressing the hard, throbbing clit. She quickly adds three fingers as she feels JJ already nearing climax. She lifts her head and looks down at her wife.

"Look at me, Jennifer."

JJ forces her eyes open, blue eyes locking onto brown eyes full of love and desire.

"I love you, Jennifer."

Emily kisses her wife as JJ's orgasm washes over her. Emily continues to thrust, her tongue keeping time with her fingers. JJ writhes beneath her as she is driven up and over once more. Slowly Emily removes her fingers, feeling JJ jump once more. She eases back and stares down at the glistening blonde.

"I could do this all day," Emily admits.

JJ smiles. "Me, too. But there is something else I have to do first."

"What's that?" Emily asks.

JJ rolls, forcing Emily to her back. "I have to taste you."

Emily moans as JJ plants herself between her legs. The brunette arches up as a tongue slowly draws up her wet folds.

"Oh, Jen…oh, baby…"

JJ's tongue dances in and out of Emily. Emily's hips pump up to meet every move.

"More…Jen, please…more…"

JJ brings a hand up and drives two fingers into her wife as her mouth moves to the hard pearl at Emily's center. Emily bucks up once….twice…and finally explodes like a firework. JJ laps up the essence of her wife then crawls up beside her. She stares down at her wife.

"I love you so much, Emily. I have missed this with you. Texts, emails, Skype's sustained me but making love with you is what keeps me alive."

She leans down and gives Emily a deep kiss. She can tell her wife already needs more. Her hand steals to the dark curls below. Emily moans at first contact. JJ smiles, loving the way her wife feels and responds. She pulls out of the kiss as her fingers once more enter the heat of her wife. Emily's eyes are nearly black with passion.

"You are so beautiful, Emily. So fucking beautiful."

Emily is speechless. She can only moan as her hips lift to meet each push of her wife's hand. JJ lowers her mouth to one of Emily's hard nipples. The women move as one until Emily is finally rocked by a second orgasm. As Emily's body slowly comes down from the high, JJ gently caresses and rubs her legs, arms, body. JJ smiles at her.

"After last night I thought it would be days before I could go again."

Emily smiles. "Me, too. I don't think we've had a three hour love making session since we were newlyweds."

JJ chuckles. "Mmmm….yeah, the hammock at the island."

Emily nods. "Yeah and the bed afterwards. I'm sorry I woke you."

JJ grins. "I'm not."

"I just need you so much, Jen. I keep thinking this is a dream." She strokes JJ's cheek. "Do you know how many times I dreamt I was about to kiss you or make love to you only to wake up and…and you weren't here?"

JJ nods. "Probably as many times as I dreamt about you." JJ stares at her a moment. "About Mack…that time…"

Emily shakes her head. "Don't, Jen. I told you I understand. I meant it. But if you need me to say it again I will: I forgive you. Even if it only gave you a moment of comfort in that hell you were in I am actually thankful for that." She grins. "But don't tell Mack I said that."

JJ chuckles. "I won't. I swear." She glances over at the clock. "It's almost 8. Think Henry is up yet?"

Emily smiles. "Probably. How about we shower and then go check on him and our families."

JJ nods. "Best idea I've heard all morning."

Emily raises an eyebrow. "Really? The best one?"

"Well, technically I didn't hear the other idea. Just felt it and responded in kind," she says with a wink.

Emily laughs as JJ stands and offers her hand to her wife. As Emily stands, JJ runs her hand over Rocky once more.

"She's so big."

Emily nods. "Yep. And one hell of a soccer player. Or possibly an NFL kicker."

"Either way," JJ throws her hands in the air in her victory stance, "SCORE!"

Emily laughs and drags her wife with her into the bathroom for a long, sensual shower.