Emily feels a hand stroke down her cheek. Her eyes flutter open. She knows that touch.

"Jen," she whispers weakly.

JJ leans down and gives her a gentle kiss. "What the hell am I going to do with you, Emily Prentiss?"

Emily manages a small smile. "Never let me go?"

JJ nods, tears in her eyes. "Oh, yeah. Definitely."

She can't stop the sob that escapes. Emily lifts up her arm. "Come here."

JJ drops the rail on the side of the hospital bed and crawls in beside her wife. She cries as Emily just holds her closely, murmuring words of comfort. JJ finally gets control of herself.

"I…I should be telling you everything will be okay," she says.

Emily kisses her temple. "I'm okay, baby. You look like I did before my leave of absence."

JJ nods. "I bet I do." She lifts her head. "I'm taking at least a week off. Maybe more. I'm broken inside. And this case has completely fucked with my head. Add in the fact that you have to bribe Henry to speak to me," Emily blushes, "and it means I need to worry about me and my family a little while."

"How…how did you know about Henry?"

JJ smiles. "Lucky guess. Both nights when he said goodbye he immediately demanded a cookie."

"Oh. Sorry, baby. He's just confused."

"I know. And that's why I'm taking this time. God knows we rack up enough comp time and vacation time. Hotch said my desk is there whenever I want to go back. Right now you and Henry and Rocky need me. And I need you three."

Emily pulls her close. "I love you, Jen. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, that's my vow to you."

JJ gives her a small kiss. "I know, baby. I know."

They are still lying there an hour later when Dr. Manton walks in. She smiles at them.

"I should have known her blood pressure finally going down coincided with your arrival, Jennifer." JJ smiles. "Emily, Jennifer, this was a pretty bad scare. Honestly, I thought we would be taking Rocky today."

Emily shivers. "Oh, God…" She looks at JJ. "I'm so sorry, Jen."

JJ shakes her head. "Not your fault, sweetheart." She looks back to the doctor. "What do we do, Dr. Manton?"

Kendle leans against the wall. "I truly don't know."

"Does it help if I tell you I'm taking a leave of absence?"

Kendle smiles and stands back up. "Yes, actually, it does. Emily, if I tell you no more work until after Rocky is born could you do it?"

Emily's mind flashes to the package she had received. Her heart and bp monitors both spike enough to set off their alarms. JJ and Kendle stare at the machines until they settle back down.

Emily nods, pulling JJ closer. "Yeah…I think I can."

Kendle breathes out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness. And with JJ around to keep you in line I am ordering you onto strict bed rest."

"Uh, can she go with me up to see my parents next week?" JJ asks.

Kendle nods. "Yes. But same rules as if she's at home. High spike, get her to an ER."

JJ nods. "We will. Promise."

"And if you have any questions or problems, call me. Any time of day." She pats Emily on the leg. "We're going to bring Rocky happy and healthy into this world, right, Emily?"

Emily smiles. "Right, Doc."

"Good. I'll get your paperwork started. You can go once the IV is done."

"Thank you, Dr. Manton. We really appreciate it," JJ says.

"Have a good day, ladies."

As the doctor leaves, JJ stands up. She brushes a lock of hair off of Emily's head. "Thank you."

Emily frowns. "For what?"

"You tried to call me to warn me. And you called Hotch. And then you called Garcia. And then you actually listened to the doctor. Thank you for everything, baby. But mostly, thank you for loving me and centering me the way you do. I love you so much."

She leans down and gives her wife a deep kiss. Both women chuckle when the heart monitor alarm sounds again.

"You kiss me like that again and Doc won't let me go," Emily warns her wife.

JJ smiles. "Sorry. Sort of."

She leans down, her head against her wife's. They both sigh, content to be close and as safe as they can be with a psychotic killer still at large.