Chapter 1: The Beginning

"I am Brina. I am 15 years old. It's Friday night and I'm home alone, great start of the weekend". "Weird part was that there was no school today". My dad is out with his fiancé. I really dislike both of them he is abusive and swears at me for no reason while she is ignorant and rude too, so I am glad they are out for the whole weekend.

My laptop lights up the corner of the room and I walk over to check my Facebook, no new results. Then my laptop starts beeping reminding me I have a new email. I click to see what the one message says but it doesn't show up… hmmm weird, I then sit and stare at the clock until 6:30.

I decide to go to the park and just be alone but when I get to the park nobody's there the park is silent. I slowly walk over to the playground and sit on the swing. After 15 minutes of just sitting there on the swing a boy on his red bike comes along. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans with his hair all messed up. The boy was peddling fast and he was standing up like he was in a hurry, I just watched him. He finally stopped on his bike up at the picnic tables under the shelter. He just circled around the table like a puppy chasing his tail. Then he spotted me and he kept watching me almost like he was reading my mind. I then heard thunder and I didn't feel like going home at that moment.

I wanted to know why he was staring at me. Finally the rain came and I started to walk over to the shelter. I just sat there across from him on the opposite picnic table. I knew two things just at that very moment 1) he was cute and 2) I felt safe sitting with him. He just kept staring at me and this time I stared back at him. He had perfect chocolate brown eyes and his hair was a blond/brown color. He then asked me "Why are you sitting here under this shelter when its pouring rain out here you could be at home right now?" I responded "I needed to get stuff off of my mind." "Oh I see" he said. "Why aren't you home right now" I asked him. "Well, I just like riding my bike" was his answer but he sounded nervous. I knew he was hiding something I just didn't know what.