Chapter 9: Answers

His smile stayed on his face "Brina I want to know something that I think you know" I said "What's that?" He said "I know Seth told you about my machine and what I'm missing"? "Maybe" I said. His smile disappeared he snapped his fingers; Austin and Cameron were standing right behind me they grabbed my arms he then said "Look this is how it works you tell me what I want to know and you stay unharmed" I said a little nervous "Okay I'll tell you whatever you want" Brody fingers snapped again, they let go of my arms then his smile came back, he looked me in the eyes and he said "Good girl do you know what I'm missing?" I said "Yes." He said "Do you know where Seth is?" My response to him was "I don't know" Brody's smile disappeared, he snapped his fingers this time Austin grabbed my arms and he was stronger and alone. Cameron came with a knife in his hands he gave the knife to Brody. Brody started walking closer to me with the knife pointed right at me he stopped when it was right in front and slightly touching me. He said "I warned you!" I screamed and cried out "But I know that Seth came here to eavesdrop and I honestly don't know where your button is." He kept the knife pointed at me "Is that all?" I still crying said "yes that's all." He lowered the knife, and gave it back to Cameron. Austin released my arms and went to go stand behind me. Brody wiped my tears away and he then said "See I am very understanding when you give me what I ask for. Now I want to know everything that you have done with Seth since I found you two in the park". I said "ok so Seth took me home with him and then he took me to an agency where they remodeled me so I look like this now instead of that girl I used to be. Then we went to some hotel and then he took me to Hunter's mansion while he was going to eavesdrop on your meeting. But after he left I never saw him again then you three came and took me from Hunter's place and that's it". Brody smiled "Good so he told you how my machine works and what I'm missing and why you, Libby, and Emilie are the only girls left. That's why he took you with him didn't he?" "Yes, that's why" I said. Brody snapped his fingers Austin grabbed my arms again tighter. I said confused "I told you exactly what you wanted?" He smiled "yes but I am still missing what I need." "I don't know where it is though" I said.

Chapter 10: Harm

Austin was still holding my arms with his tight grip, and he made me stand up. They brought a different chair out for me this time. This time it was a small simple brown chair. Cameron came over and tied me up. Brody walked over to me and grabbed my chin so I looked him directly in the eyes he then said "Time to call Seth." Emilie came in and Libby controlled the screen they called Seth's phone. Hunter picked up he said "hello" Brody said "Is Seth there" Hunter said "yeah hang on a second", Hunter handed the phone to Seth. Seth said "who is this" Brody said "you know who it is" Seth then "What have you done with her" Brody said "Nothing yet". The image of me tied to the chair came on the screen then Seth said "can I talk to her" Brody handed me the phone I said "Seth" he said "where are you, are you ok" I said "I'm fine but I'm scared" he said "I'm coming to get you right now" Brody took the phone away and Brody said "bring what I want" Seth said "I will, don't harm her" Brody said "Oh I won't."

Then Brody hung up and he walked over to me he untied me and he lead me to my room. Then he left, Libby and Emilie came into the room I hugged them they never harmed me so far I started crying they both said "we will wake you when Seth arrives it will take a while". I sat there in bed trying to stay awake but I fell asleep, I was tired and scared. Then I heard Libby and Emilie come into my room I sat up they did my hair and did my make-up. I asked them "what is this necklace for that Brody put on me?" They looked at me and said "He is trying to imprint on you so Seth knows he means business." I looked at them and said "Is Seth here yet?" They said "yes and we warned you to not make them angry." I nodded and stood up and began to follow them out to where everyone was waiting for me. It was a long walk so I thought all about seeing Seth and what was going to happen to me or him. I love him and nothing will stop that whether I become a slave or not. If I even leave this place alive, I hope so but you never know with Brody and boy's minds. I saw the room I knew what Libby was leading me to because there was Seth and Hunter and they were being held by Austin and Cameron. Brody was holding the black backpack and he opened it and I saw him holding the button that Seth showed me back at Hunter's mansion.

Chapter 11: The Machine

Libby directed for me to sit in the chair that was in the middle of the room I knew what was going on so I sat down. Brody walked over to Seth first and said "Look Brina is obeying me now why can't you do that." He said to him "Because I am strong and so is she." Brody walked over to me, he looked me in the eyes and he hit the button. Just like that the chair I was in tied me up to the chair. Then out came the arm rests, I left my arms by the side not putting them anywhere near. Brody was getting mad so as soon as Hunter was chained to the wall Cameron was walking towards me and he grabbed my one arm he put it on the arm rest it locked one of my arms in place. Cameron was strong but he couldn't get my other arm up. After Seth was chained to the wall Austin had to come over to me and grab my arm and put it up on the arm rest I tried to resist but he was stronger than me and Cameron than my other arm locked into place.

Emilie then came out and was painting my nails and when she was done I had to let them dry. Brody then came out carrying the crown he started walking towards me. He stopped right in front of me lifted the crown up. I leaned my head to the right and the left and back and forth. Brody had to pull the crown back down he handed it to Emilie. Seth then gave me a smile I gave him a small one back. Brody snapped his fingers he said "you guys think this is fun and games well it's not" this time Austin came out right in front of me and pulled out a knife. I stopped moving but I didn't let Brody put the crown on me. Seth said "Please she isn't going to stop moving let me try No tricks I promise." Brody agreed and let Seth, and then Cameron unchained him. Seth came over to me while Austin put the knife away. Seth said "stay still" then he touched my cheeks and kissed me only once then walked away and he got chained back to the wall by Cameron.

Chapter 12: The Crown

Brody grabbed the crown again and put it on my head I stayed still for the whole 5 minutes while it worked. Then Austin started walking towards me again and took a gun out of his pocket. He pointed it at me and demanded "get the crown off her and release her now!" Emilie took the crown off my head then she released me. Austin grabbed the gun and put his arm around my neck and pointed the gun at me. Cameron said "No one follows us or she dies" and he was now holding the knife. Then just like that I was thrown onto the seat of the car while Cameron was busy tying me up and he was handcuffing my hands together. Austin drove away and I was off into the car once again but I was more scared this time. Cameron told me to sit still in the seat which I did because he still had the knife on him. I said "You're never going to get away with this!" Austin said "Tie her mouth shut". I looked at Cameron he then put duct tape on my mouth. Cameron said "where are we going Austin?" Austin said "we are going to the new mansion we just bought." Cameron said "what are we going to do with her." Austin handed the syringe to him and he put it in my neck and I passed out again.

Back at Brody's headquarters Brody said "Now I did not see that coming!" Seth said "Unchain us so we can all go save her" Emilie and Libby then unchained them and they all were heading out the door but Hunter said "Where are they taking her?" Brody said "the necklace I put on her has a tracker in it Emilie pull up her location" Emilie did and she said "they are heading toward a mansion on 2701 Beach Road that's about 6 hours away. "We will never make it" Hunter said. Brody said "Let's go now then we can make it." Seth said "I'll drive." Brody and Seth sat in the front Hunter sat on one end and Emilie and Libby sat on the other end. They all started driving towards the mansion where I was being taken hostage.