Chapter 1

A Once upon nightmare revisited

Alright this is my first fanfiction story. I had toyed with the idea of my first story to be for another show but decided on code geass when I read other code geass fanfiction and just had to write my own.

The setting for this story is an AU and that he has gone back in time mentally multiple times already and just does things his way while at the same time screwing his enemies over time and time again while gathering those that he cares about around himself and protecting them.

"speech" , 'thought'

~ CO ~ CO ~ Cornelia centered point of view

~ L ~ L ~ Lelouch centered point of view

~ O ~ O ~ Omniscient (3rd person) point of view

Disclaimer: I don't own Code Geass or any of its characters. This story is only for entertainment purposes and all rights are reserved to the creators of Code Geass and the company that owns it.

May Tuesday 3, 2010

Pendragon, st. Darwin street, Aeries Villa

It is the year 2010 a.t.b. On this cool May evening we find ourselves in Pendragon, the capital of the Holy Britannian Empire. On the street of St. Darwin we find Aeries Villa the newest ancestral home of the vi Britannia line of the royal family. It is home to Emperor Charles zi Britannia's favorite wife Empress-consort Marianne vi Britannia. Ever since Emperor Charles zi Britannia took the throne, Britannia has been steadily taking control of the world and today it controls' almost 1/3 of the world.

Back to the Aeries Villa as it has been designated as the home for the vi Britannia line of the royal family which at the moment only has three members. The head of the family is one Empress-consort Marianne vi Britannia. She is also known as Marianne "the flash" for her work on knightmares, robotic automatons built to be fighting machines to replace classic military weaponry, and the knight of six of the knights of the round. She is a slim figured woman with black hair that reaches down to her waist and usually found wearing a hoop dress of varying light colors. She was a common born soldier that rose to her rank among the knights of the round and then later went on to marry the Emperor much to the chagrin of the rest of the royal court.

The next member of the vi Britannia royal family line is Nunnally vi Britannia. At the age of 8 years old it makes her the youngest member of the family of the vi Britannia branch. She is a joyful and fun loving little girl with brown hair done in pigtails with blue eyes. She is always going about in the gardens of the house and learning all she can about the world around her. She spends most of her time with her two favorite siblings. Her half-sister Euphimia li Britannina, third princess of the holy Britaninan Empire and her brother. Her brother is also the last member of the vi Britannia household.

Lelouch vi Britannia, Eleventh prince of the Holy Britannian Empire.

He is the 10 year old prince with ebony black hair and deep rich royal purple eyes. Although he is physically inferior to his other siblings and generally uninterested in any form of physical activity, he has been declared as a genius only surpassed by his father the Emperor and his older brother, Schneizel el Britannia the second prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. He is also considered one of the best chess players in the world only unable to beat his father the Emperor and his older brother Schneizel. Although he is one of the world's top minds at such a young age he is also one of the laziest prince's.

It is the eleventh prince we find tonight in Aeries Villa in his room on the second floor in the east wing of the palace. It is a large room with a large bed across from the entrance of the room. From the entrance of the room to the left there is a large window that oversees the gardens of the palace that have been acknowledged as one of the most beautiful in the empire. Next to the window there is a table for two with a chess board set on the table with worn pieces that will soon be replaced. To the right of the room are two sets of doors. The doors that was closer to the entrance of the room leads to the prince's bathroom that is fairly large by normal standards. While the door's closest to the other side of the room are to his closet that is full of his clothes. Behind the prince's bed are his favorite books ranging from classics like The Count of Monte Cristo or Les Miserableand books given to him like the books given to him from his brother Schneizel that compare's chess games to war tactics.

On his bed we find the prince tossing and turning on his bed. One might think that he is having a bad dream and can't settle down to sleep peacefully but if one pays close attention to him as he slowly starts to stop moving they would notice a slight red outline surrounding his body. He slowly starts to sit up on his bed and opens his royal purple eyes and surveys his room. As he starts to take in the room that he is in he says four words that summarize the thoughts running through his mind.

"Here we go again."

That's right, even though the prince is only ten years old on this night of all nights the mentality of the prince that has lived these past ten years is lost and is replaced by the consciousness of Lelouch vi Britannia the demon Emperor. He has been forced to repeat his life ten times already making him mentally older than most. After his first 'death' at the hands of his 'friend' he has been repeating his life over and over again from the same starting point after each time he dies. He has tried different ways to change this even including trying different scenarios of living his life and even taking either V.V., his uncle, or C.C.'s code until the end of time. After each death that happened to him he would just wake up on the same night that everything had started.

As Lelouch gets out of bed he notices his clothes and thinks 'damn, forgot she likes to dress me in frills around this time. Oh well that'll change tomorrow.'

He goes over to his closet to pick something out with less frills because he already knows that there is no chance of finding something without frills in his closet at the moment. So he heads towards he knows is his least hated shirt because it has the least frills. It is a black button up shirt with only frills at the wrists. He promptly searches and finds scissors and cuts off the frills.


Downstairs in the kitchen he prepares himself a simple sandwich all the while thinking 'It should be almost 4 in the morning by now. Cornelia will find her soon enough and send someone for me.'

With an annoyed look upon his face he carefully went about cleaning off the crumbs from his face in a regal manner as he thinks about how his latest death came at the hands of that annoying witch. 'I make one comment on how she might have gotten a little pudgy after a round in bed and she decides to shoot me in the head. You would think I would have learned after the last few hundred years to not say anything about that. Damn annoying witch, just for that I am going to give you a punishment in this timeline C.C. and I already got the perfect one in mind.'

As Lelouch finished eating with grace that was unnatural to find in a child of his age a guard came running into the kitchen. When he spots the prince sitting at the table in a disturbingly graceful way he thought 'that's just creepy… oh right her highness.'

"My prince something terrible has happened."

As Lelouch looks over the guard in an analytical way a small smirk plays on his lips. 'Show time already mother, uncle? Well whatever, this body is already getting tired anyways.'

"Lead the way" Lelouch tells the soldier and he notices that the soldier is feeling a little uncomfortable with the way he is acting. This only causes Lelouch to smirk even more in a sinister way that screams that he is enjoying how he is making the soldier feel uncomfortable until they enter the foyer and he spots his mother's body which causes him to instantly scowl. He then turns his face into an impassive mask but also takes notice of Cornelia looking in his direction with a puzzled look on her face like she can't understand what she just saw.

~ CO ~ CO ~CO ~ CO ~CO ~CO ~ CO ~ CO ~CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~


Cornelia li Britannia is the 20 year old purple haired violet eyed third princess of the Britannian Empire. She is also not your average everyday fairytale princess. She does not sit back and wait for prince charming to come to her rescue or spend her days siting there in her palace doing nothing but look pretty for him.


She is a soldier.

She fights for what she believes in and in earning her own recognition and not ride on the recognition of her father for the rest of her life like some of the other members of the royal family. The person she strives to be like, who showed to everyone that women could be knights in their own right, is her idol Empress-consort Marianne. Ever since she was a child and told Lady Marianne that she would one day become the chief general the Empress had been helping her every step of the way. She helped Cornelia from convincing her mother to allow her to go to the military academy and enroll, in the dreaded years spent with the dreaded NonetteEnneagram and her perverted ways and up to the day that she was chosen to be the captain of Lady Marianne's royal guard. To her there was no greater honor than having the faith of the person that she admires to have faith in her abilities.

So when Lady Marianne told her to move the royal guard from the house proper it baffled her as to why she would lessen the protection of her family and wonder if she perhaps had lost faith in her ability to choose good soldiers to guard them. When she expressed her concerns to Lady Marianne she simply told her "don't worry dear, we'll be fine. It's just for tonight and I doubt the children will notice. Let's also not forget that I was a knight of the rounds, so I think I can manage one night without the protection of the guards. I just feel like having some privacy tonight is all. Go on, spend some time with little Euphie. She's missed you, what with you being so busy all the time."

After that Cornelia did go spend time with her sister but still couldn't quite let it go that she felt that something was going to go wrong. At quarter after three in the morning her fears were realized. One of the guards that she had left to guard the perimeter of Aeries Villa heard something from the house and when the soldier went to investigate what it was they found Lady Marianne had been gunned down with Nunnally in her arms bleeding. As soon as she heard what had happened, she rushed right over to the Aeries Villa and saw for herself that Lady Marianne had indeed been gunned down.

'How could this happen. There is no way for anyone to get in here without being noticed by someone. Could it have been terrorists that did this? They would have to have been backed by some high level person in society from the E.U. or the Chinese federation that wanted the Emperor's best soldier out of the picture. If it was that then it is more likely that it was an assassin from the E.U. from all of missions that she did in the war against them. Oh god what about Lelouch, is he safe? Does he know? What should I tell him? He won't take this well. God I hope he doesn't do something stupid like demand answers from father.' Was what Cornelia was thinking and going round and round in her mind.

As Cornelia was doing that and descending into curses and promising retribution to the ones responsible for what happened here tonight a soldier was coming into the room and announced the arrival of another member of the royal family.

"Presenting his Highness, Prince Lelouch vi Britannia, Eleventh prince of the Holy Britannian Empire."

As the soldier announces her younger brothers arrival to the scene of his mother's murder all the color leaves her face as she turns to see him enter the foyer. When she sees her brother's face as he enters the room she notices that he had a smirk on his face while looking at the soldier like he was playing with him but then when he turned to see the body his mother still on the floor bleeding and Nunnally being taken to the hospital his face turned into a scowl that was directed more towards were his mother lay but more in a way that suggested that he didn't like her more than displeased with what happened to her. He then quickly schooled his features into an impassive mask that could rival even that of their father's when she was sure he was more expressive than what he was showing at the moment. It also leaves Cornelia confused as to why he is acting like this.

'What's wrong with him? He looked like he was having fun doing something to the soldier that was with him but as soon as he saw Lady Marianne's body he looked almost like he didn't like her but that can't be. Worse I can't get a read on his emotions with emotionless mask of his. Maybe it's too much for him to handle?'

~ L ~ L~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~

'Oh joy, lookie what we have here, its mother dearest...' Lelouch thought sarcastically while looking at her "… Or at least her body is. You'd think after all these replays I would have forgiven her by now but every time I see her all I can think about is how she abandoned us. Well whatever, I don't have to deal with her for another 7 years. Well whatever, time to go back to bed.'

As Lelouch walked past his mother's body with an interested look on his face, he remembers to ask about someone that is absent from the foyer. "Where's Alstreim?"

"The girl that was sent here for etiquette training your highness?" a soldier questions.

"Yes" he responds.

"Lord Bismark, knight of one, came to retrieve her for his majesty your highness." The soldier responded.

"I see. That will be all." he answers and continues to climb the stairs. As he passes Cornelia she asks him "Where are you going Lelouch?" as though she can't believe he is acting the way he is. He looks over his shoulder towards her and sees in her eyes that she doesn't understand why he is acting like that. He looks forward and as he starts to walk again he tells her "going to bed, what else?" As he left he couldn't help but smirk as he could tell everyone in the foyer was looking at him incredulously because they couldn't believe he was acting so cold to what happened to his family.

~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~

As Lelouch walked back towards his room Cornelia was staring at him like he was a complete stranger to her.

'What the hell is wrong with him?! He doesn't even look like he cares what happened to his sister and mother. What's going on in that mind of yours Lelouch?' Cornelia thought. She then noticed the way the other people in the foyer were looking at the callous way her brother was treating the whole affair. She couldn't have any of this getting out to the rest of the family because they will try to use it as a reason to have him removed as an heir so she quickly said "It seems that the death of my brother's mother has affected him. No one mention anything about it. You Guilford…" Cornelia pointed to Guilford "find out what happened. I want the ones responsible for this caught and killed for this treasonous act against the Empires best knight."

"Yes your highness" Guilford answered with conviction.

Cornelia then turns and heads to Lelouch's room to find out what is going on with him. As she enters his room she notices that he is not in bed but instead at his game table moving some of the pieces about on the board but in ways that are not allowed in a normal game of play. As she was about to reprimand him for the callous way that he was acting downstairs only moments ago; he cut her off.

~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~

Lelouch's Room

Lelouch raised his hand as a gesture to his sister to hold her tongue for the moment. Meanwhile he is thinking 'sure you get to leave like nothing has happened and be unconcerned for those you leave behind mother and leave me to deal with everything else. I'm going to make sure C.C. sends some very disturbing things for you to see just you wait. Now I need to deal with Cornelia.'

"What is it Cornelia?" Lelouch asks her.

"What's wrong with you Lelouch? Your acting like you couldn't care less about what's happened. Lady Marianne is dead and you haven't even asked about Nunnally." Cornelia practically yells at him. She then continues "and here I find you playing with your blasted board game instead of being by Nunnally's side. Tell me Lelouch, why are you acting like this!"

'Whoa, forgot how loud she can get' Lelouch thought as he answers "because I already know who did it and it won't do any good to fret and worry when there's nothing I can do about it."

'What?! He knows what happened to Lady Marianne?' Cornelia thought.

"What do you mean you know what happened? Did you see who did this?" Cornelia asked him.

"Why it was the terrorists of course" Lelouch responded in a way that had Cornelia thinking that he was lying to her. "or at least that's what the Emperor is going to say is what happened" he finished in a smug way like he knew what it is their father is going to say about the entire affair.

'He's lying. He does know what happened' Cornelia thought. "Lelouch if you-" Cornelia started slowly but was again interrupted by Lelouch.

"The truth is a far more dangerous thing than you need to know" Lelouch started ominously "If you wish to still know the truth behind the royal families deepest darkest history you will have to be willing to pay me a price." Lelouch tells her in such a way that she thinks it might be better to leave now and remain ignorant of this supposed truth. 'No. I am a soldier first and what happened here must be brought to light and the ones responsible brought to justice. No matter what the price it is.'

"Name your price" Cornelia tells him.

'Prefect' Lelouch thought as his famous maniacal smirk from his other life's graced his lips for the first time on this young body and it sends shivers down Cornelia's spine like she is making a deal with a demon. "The price my dear Cornelia is your life" Lelouch states as he points to the other chair in front of him. "You will become mine to do with as I see fit. If you accept close the door and sit down."

'What the hell?! He's messing around with me. I am not going to play along with him anymore. Like hell I'm going to swear myself to my 10 year old brother for information that might not even be real.' Cornelia thought and as she was turning to leave and had one hand on the door handle, Lelouch said one more thing to her.

"Before you decide to leave" Lelouch starts and Cornelia freezes wondering how Lelouch knew she was leaving without looking in her direction and what he might say to try and convince her to stay and saw him relax into a pose with one arm on the armrest with the palm on his chin and looking like the picture of high nobility languidly and cockiness. "The same person that was here tonight will be going after dear sweet Euphemia next" Lelouch says as if it was simply a fact.

With that last statement alone though has Cornelia frozen in place with cold sweats upon her and all color leaving her face. Slowly her face turns from that of shock to that of one of pure horror at her brother's statement that her precious little sister could be in danger. She turns her head because she is still frozen at that spot by the door to look at Lelouch who is still not facing her and in a small weak voice she asks "What?"

"Hmm, you say something Cornelia?" Lelouch asks as he moves a piece on his chess board in the same position while thinking 'Oh Cornelia, for dear sweet Euphemia you will do anything to ensure that she remains safe…' Lelouch then smirks evilly because of his next thought '…your mine.'

Suddenly Cornelia yells out "What do you mean they will go after my sister! How do I know you're not lying to right know to get me to do what you want! Or that you are the one behind what happ-"

"You will hold your tongue Cornelia li Britannia or you will lose it!" Lelouch yelled cutting her off in a voice that scared her for a moment because it reminded her of their father.

He then said in a calmer tone "Next time think before you let your temper get the better of you woman. What reason do I have to lie to you that will not get me what I want if it is revealed so easily? I may not care what happens to that woman but never try to insinuate that I would do something like that to Nunnally. I would sooner die then willingly let my sister come to harm. I care infinitely more about Nunnally than you could ever care about Euphemia so don't you dare speak blasphemy in front of me. Say something like that again and you will not be forgiven Cornelia" Lelouch tells her with a dark tone that tells her to do as she is told and not cross him.

'Well that certainly was something new. I don't remember her accusing me of causing the events of this night before. I'll ask C.C. later' Lelouch thought before starting again in a calmer tone.

"Now as I was saying, the choice is yours: leave and remain ignorant of the truth and watch Euphemia die in 7 years or stay and listen to the truth that will forever change the way you view the world with the only price being that you will become mine" Lelouch says giving her the ultimatum of leaving and probably never learn the truth as far as she knows or staying and becoming his to do with as he pleases and learn the supposed dark hidden secret of the royal family.

'If I stay I would be essentially handing my life to my brother for information that might not be credible or leaving and potentially risking Euphemia's life' Cornelia thought.

Cornelia stood there not knowing what to do for the longest time. Then after a long time that Lelouch spent idly moving pieces on his board, Cornelia slowly closed the door and slowly made her way to the chair to sit across from Lelouch.

"Alright I'm listening" Cornelia says as she sits down.

"Swear yourself" Lelouch says, his eyes still on his chess board.

"What? Why?" Cornelia asks looking at Lelouch like she couldn't believe he just said that, and if he knows the full ramifications of what he just told her to do. Swearing oneself to someone is something that is not taken lightly and if one breaks their oath after they have sworn themselves it is considered the ultimate disgrace. That is something Cornelia would not want to happen to herself.

Lelouch finally looks up at her in the eyes and Cornelia suddenly feels like she is looking into the eyes of someone far wiser than herself who has seen more hardship and despair than anyone person should ever have to see and live through and not go mad.

He then says to her without breaking eye contact "Swear yourself to me Cornelia. Pledge that you will always serve me and act in my interest above all others in whatever means that I want and that your life belongs to me and can do whatever I want with it. I know you Cornelia. When you give your word, you will not break it because it would go against everything that you stand for and leave you a woman without any morals. You will not be able to live with yourself. I have been betrayed before and I will not have it from someone that I care about" Lelouch tells her and she can see it in his eyes that what he is saying is the truth and she can also see that he really is jaded to the point that he cannot trust people without having something over them that will also destroy them which makes her wonder how it is possible for him to be so jaded if only earlier that day he was trusting of those he knew.

Hesitantly she says "I-I pledge myself, Cornelia li Britannia, second princess of the Holy Britannian Empire, to you Lelouch vi Britannia, eleventh prince of the Holy Britannian Empire, and give my life to you to do with as you please and to serve you to the best of my abilities."

Lelouch scrutinizes her for a moment to see if she is lying to him before he smirks and leans back in his seat.

"Good, seems that this time round, I won't need to worry about what to do with you" Lelouch says which continues to puzzle Cornelia.

'What the hell is wrong with him? First he makes me swear myself onto him and now he's acting as if he were an adult and has done this before' Cornelia thought. "What do you mean 'this time around'?" Cornelia asks. To her it almost sounds like he is talking about another life.

"Where do you stand on the mystical tings in the world Cornelia my dear?" Lelouch asks instead.

Cornelia is miffed at the evasive question but answers anyway "I don't really put much stock in those cheap gimmicks. What does this have to do with what happened and what you said earlier about Euphie?!" Cornelia demanded.

"Calm yourself my dear. It has everything to do with it, and believe me not all mystical things are gimmicks. What if I were to tell you that there is such a thing as immortality?" Lelouch continues.

"I'd say that you've been spending too much time around our sisters" Cornelia snarls back at him.

"Normally I would have agreed but unfortunately I can no longer say that" Lelouch says with a small sigh.

"What do you mean?" Cornelia says, sensing that they are finally getting somewhere.

"What happened here tonight was the doing of one selfish immortal called V.V." Lelouch tells her.

"…are you insane?" Cornelia asks while she gets closer to get a better look at him.

"No. I don't believe so" Lelouch says and thinks while mentally chuckling 'no matter how many times I tell her that is her go to response'

"I wonder if you know about the Emperor's family history before us." Lelouch asks her.

"Of course; the 97th Emperor was his father and countess zi Britannia his mother. Only child of the zi Britannia line" she says the simplified version of the Emperor's life.

"Wrong. He was not an only child" Lelouch states as fact. Cornelia only looks at him as if he is insane after all.

"Lelouch all the records say that father was an only child" Cornelia says.

"Who do think has control of the records?" Lelouch asks her like it is the most obvious thing in the world. "The Emperor erased the existence of his older brother so that no one would ask about him and had anyone that knew about him dealt with his own way" Lelouch tells her.

"And why would father do something like that for his dead older brother?" Cornelia asks him.

"Because he isn't dead" Lelouch reveals like it was an everyday occurrence to him which it probably was but she doesn't need to know that.

"Are you trying to say that this nonexistent uncle of ours is responsible for what happened tonight and that he will try to do the same with Euphie?" Cornelia says with a raised eyebrow and questioning tone not believing what her brother was saying.

'He has been spending too much time around those sisters of ours' Cornelia thought.

"Yes" Lelouch answered simply "and he's immortal by the way. That's one of the reasons why he was erased" Lelouch said while thinking 'That and seriously who would give pint size any respect'

"And you expect me to believe this story of yours?! Lelouch this is no time to be making things up. Lady Marianne is dead and-"

"She isn't" Lelouch cuts her off with that statement. Cornelia looks at him for a moment as if she couldn't believe what she just heard.

"What do you mean she isn't?!" Cornelia almost yelled but stops when she sees the cold look he gives her. "What I mean is would you explain your reasoning as to why you think she isn't… how am I supposed to address you?"

"Well it would be fun having you call me your majesty again…" Lelouch starts but cuts off when she gives him one her death glares "… but Lelouch will do. We'll save the 'your majesty' for later in bed during a more intimate moment" Lelouch says and is treated with a furiously blushing and spluttering Cornelia. "Oh? What don't tell me that didn't cross your mind when you gave yourself over to me" Lelouch says with that irritating smirk of his with a teasing tone "Like I said, later."

'What the hell. He is acting completely different than normal' Cornelia thought while some unwholesome thoughts of her and Lelouch in bed in various acts of debauchery go through her mind 'don't think about it, don't think about it'

"Anyways as I was saying…" Lelouch continues on like he didn't just imply that there would be naughty things in the future involving him and her "… she isn't dead; at least not her spirit. You see she has this little power that was given to her by a witch of sorts. Don't interrupt, I'll get to that later" Lelouch says when Cornelia opens her mouth to ask about the witch and promptly closes it. "So this power of hers lets her to transfer her soul from her body to someone else."

"I would know if Lady Marianne had such a power Lelouch" Cornelia says. "Especially if she went about body hopping and leaving hers out vulnerable for anyone to do with as they would please. She would need to tell someone."

"Ah but that's the thing my dear, her power is a one-time use. A trump card if you will. If someone managed to kill her she would just jump into someone else."

"And who would Lady Marianne jump into? There was no one there Lelouch or do you expect me to believe she would jump into Nunnally with this power your speaking of" Cornelia says still not believing him either from skepticism or not wanting to believe.

"Who did I ask about before coming up here?" Lelouch asks her. Cornelia only takes a moment to think of the answer "Anya Alstreim" Cornelia answers.

"Correct. Of course Bismark knows about her power and has taken the girl to the Emperor. Of course she won't take the girl's body completely from her. They will be sharing the body from now on.

"Are you saying that the Emperor knows about this power of Lady Marianne's?" Cornelia asks.

"Of course, since it was our uncle and the Emperor who introduced her to the witch that gave her the power. I'd stay away from the Emperor as much as possible if I were you" Lelouch tells her.


"He's got it as well"

"Father can jump bodies as well?"

"Of course not; his is the power to manipulate memories" Lelouch says with disdain. This of course causes Cornelia to straighten a little more in her seat.

"Are you saying-?"

"That he can make it so that you don't remember something; or alter it to be something else? To change your memories of all the times that you have spent with Euphemia to memories of hate towards her? Yes, I do believe that is what I am saying." Lelouch says to her.

Ok now you are just sounding-" Cornelia starts.

"Insane? I know but it's the truth nonetheless. Now I know you don't believe a word I have told you this night and probably will continue not to believe me without some kind of proof" Lelouch says.

"Of course not!" Cornelia yells "Who would believe this nonsense that you have been blathering on about. Powers and soul transfers and memory manipulation, do you take me for a fool Lelouch?!" Cornelia asks hi angrily.

Lelouch gracefully gets up from the chair in an unnatural way for a 10 year old and approaches Cornelia in a way that frightens her a little in an instinctual way.

"I said to control yourself my dear. Do I have to punish you?" Lelouch asks in a deceptively seductive and sweet voice that should not be able to come from a child but still manages to get Cornelia a little excited and wonder what kind of punishment he would give her before she squashes those rebellious feelings.

"My statement still stands Lelouch" Cornelia says in a meek voice.

Lelouch smiles a smile that makes Cornelia's heart flutter for a moment, then says "I know and I will have the proof you want in a week" he then gives her a peck on the check that causes a light blush to appear on her face.

"What kind of proof?" Cornelia asks in a soft voice.

"Why an immortal witch of course" Lelouch says as he heads to his bed "In the meantime continue as if I had said nothing with the investigation until the Emperor tells you to stop. Also don't say anything to Schneizel either until you see my proof, you don't know who can be trusted at this point in time and I don't trust him so better safe than sorry. I'm taking a big leap here in trusting you so don't expect me to do so again if you violate it."

"How do I know I can trust you?" Cornelia says and causes Lelouch to stop in his tracks.

"You don't" he answers carefully "but you don't have anything to lose either by not saying anything about what we have talked about tonight."

"Who are you?" Cornelia finally asks "you don't talk or act like the Lelouch I know. What have you done with my brother?!" Cornelia demands.

Lelouch slowly turns around with an expressionless look on his face. He stands there a moment observing her and then a smug looking smirk slowly creeps upon his face and says "very observant my dear. You are right of course, your Lelouch is gone…" he says as his eyes tint a little with madness and Cornelia gets a horrified look on her face "… and before you ask he won't be coming back, not possible. He was merged into me when it was my turn to have control. He was going to be lost anyways after the events that happened tonight. He was not going to be the same anymore and it would have serious repercussions for everyone that knew him, including little Euphie." At that Cornelia didn't know whether it was good or not if what he is saying could be a good thing. "You could say that I have already experienced what he was going to go through in regards to his life whether I intervened or not and a lot less naive than him. Like I already told you, the further you down the rabbit hole Cornelia, the more things make less sense."

"I-if you're not the same little brother that I know, then who are you?" Cornelia asks a little terrified of what the answer might be.

"I am the protector of the weak and innocent, the nightmare and bane of those who abuse their power and oppress others. I destroy worlds and create them anew…" Lelouch declares while sweeping out his arm, his hand like he was holding the world and then crushing it "…I have gone by different names since the start of my journey those many years ago…" He starts and sees Cornelia is enraptured "…Lelouch Lamparouge the innocent school boy…" He says with a pure look on his face "…Zero, the black knight of justice that destroys evil and the hero of the innocent…" he says while his face turns to one of disgust because of all the injustice in the world that needs to be corrected and those responsible brought to justice "… a warlock to one who seeks an equal to share their life with and explore the wonders of life…" he says with a condescending look on his face which then turns into one that looks like it would enjoy watching others suffer with a better than thou look that would better fit on a demon and scares Cornelia for an unknown reason "…And Lelouch vi Britannia, 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, but better known by the masses as the Demon Emperor. I am the world's greatest hero and its most demonic villain. The world is the stage, the pieces are being set into place, and the curtain is soon to be drawn." he walks over back to the table, all the while looking at Cornelia who is somewhat terrified and a little awed by the existence that is her 10 year old brother that is now in front of her and is looking like a mighty deity of death, destruction and salvation in front of her. He picks up the black king and as he sets it down on the middle of the board practically slamming it which causes the rest of the pieces to fall leaving the black king the only one standing. He says some ominous words that feel like they are foretelling the future.

"In the end I will be the last one standing. Let the games begin."

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