Chapter 5

Royalty visits their fallen, a Knight's promise, the Warrior Princess questions, the Trouble-maker visits and the Witch awakens

"Speech", 'thought'


~ O ~ O ~ Omniscient (3rd person) point of view

~ CO ~ CO ~ Cornelia centered point of view

~ L ~ L ~ Lelouch centered point of view

~C.C.~C.C.~ C.C. centered point of view

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May 14, 2010



Pendragon Hospital

~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~

As Lelouch entered the hospital with Cornelia on his right, Euphie holding onto his left arm and Jeremiah behind them keeping an eye out for potential attackers, he thought over everything that has been going on. It has been a couple of days since Lelouch's meeting with Ruben Ashford and the both of them were able to iron out the details pertaining to Lelouch's plans of merging the Ashford foundation with the company that he was planning to start up which they decided to call the Ashford and L.L. foundation and the school. Officially the company will be under Ruben's leadership with a shadow partner which will of course be Lelouch heading mostly the R&D department. They were also able to work something out to build a school and Ruben will be undergoing the task of finding nobles that are willing to sponsor this as governors with Lelouch looking for a location to build said school. Afterwards Lelouch and Cornelia had left to go turn in the papers to start up the company.

Lelouch has also been able to get more money for the company doing what he does best, although with less risk while under Jeremiah's ever watchful eyes.

Today however Lelouch has come to the hospital to check in on the progress of his sister. He already knew how his sister was doing of course by having bribed the people that were in charge of watching over her to keep him update and to keep everyone except Euphie, Cornelia and him out of her room, although he couldn't do anything if the emperor choose to visit which he doubted, and when she will be well enough to wake but he still had appearances to maintain. God how he missed his geass so that he could make it easier to make these people to do what he wants, instead of going through all of this trouble. Today however he had other reasons to be there.

First off was that his sister Euphie would not stop bothering him about how a bad brother he was being by not coming to visit his sister more and had guilt tripped him into coming more often. It's not that he doesn't care about Nunnally, but more like he was protecting himself from having to see his sister like that and not being able to do anything about it. Another reason for visiting was to gain another piece to his side but failing that he would at least make sure that she would stay neutral and would see things his way when would need her.

As they got closer to the intensive care ward where Nunnally was recuperating they heard a familiar voice from behind them that belonged to someone that had promised to be there and Lelouch's second reason to be there.

"Hiya Nelly, Lulu, Euphie, Jeremy" greeted Nonette Enneagram with their nicknames as they turned around seeing her and she picked up Lelouch and hugged him with his face to her chest as her usual perverted way she greeted him.

'Nonette' thought Cornelia worriedly and shooting nervous glances at Lelouch and a slight pink color on her face at seeing what Nonette was doing. The women never learned decorum.

'Oh, it's Miss Nonette' thought Euphie then proceeded to pout because her lulu was being handled by another woman that could be her rival for his attention. Then she remembered that the focus was on her younger sister at the moment.

'The devil' thought Jeremiah with dread and a scowl on his face with the thought of having that woman around and debating internally how to get his young lord away from the she demon.

'Good' thought Lelouch while he smiled devilish and was able hid it by burying his face in Nonette's cleavage.

"Glad to see you Nonette. I'm sure Nunnally would appreciate that you came to see her" Lelouch said to the light green haired woman when he lightly pushed off her chest while giving her slight stimulation without the others noticing what he was doing other the woman herself. Her only reaction was a slight low moan and a widening of her eyes and looking at him questioningly if he knew what it was he was doing.

"No problem…" Nonette said with a faint blush on her face while putting him back down and standing straight and motioning for them to continue to Nunnally's room "… I did say that I would come didn't I?"

"That you did…" Lelouch said to her as they walked "… and I thank you."

'What are you playing at Lelouch' thought Cornelia while she eyed him and Nonette who was also glancing at him with those perverted eyes of hers.

They then arrived to Nunnally's room. Euphie went in first and went straight to her sister's side. The room was actually split into two with a parting wall in the middle with a large window looking towards the bed. Nunnally was currently inside a capsule bed that had forced into a coma so that it would allow for her body to heal before they had to deal with the psychological problems that the girl could have.

Meanwhile the other three individuals were on the other side of the wall simply looking on at the girl and her sister. It was a while before anyone said anything and it was Nonette who broke the silence first.

"What did the doctors say?" she asked looking to the other royals with worry etched on her face.

"She probably won't be able to walk anymore…" Nonette looked horror stricken as she turned back to look at the fragile young girl in the capsule '… and from what they have seen in cases similar to this is that there might be other side effects when she wakes up" Lelouch said while still looking towards his sister with Cornelia looking away in shame for not being able to do anything and Jeremiah looking like he would sooner strangle himself for letting this happen even though he knows there was nothing he could have done.

"Would it be fine with you if we went somewhere else to talk Nonette?" Lelouch asked the woman while he looked away from Nunnally with a strained expression and thinking 'It never is easy having to see someone you care about like this.'

"Isn't here fine?" asked Cornelia trying not to look too suspicious about his behavior.

"I wouldn't want to worry Euphie needlessly if she happened to overhear us" Lelouch explained to her and then looked back to Nonette to receive her answer.

"Alright, that's fine with me" Nonette said as she walked towards the door.

"Hold on I'm not comfortable with the two of you going off on your own…" Cornelia said not wanting Lelouch to be alone with Nonette because of what he could say and cause problems for all of them "… you don't know if there are any potential dangers here. It hasn't been that long since the assassination."

Lelouch turned his head sideways and looked at her from the corner of his eye scrutinizing her before he turned towards Jeremiah and said "would you mind and stay here and keep an eye on my sisters Jeremiah."

"It would be my honor my prince" Jeremiah said crossing his arm over his chest.

"Good…" Lelouch said as he started to walk again "… shall we Nonette, Cornelia."

The two women then followed out the door behind him, one feeling curiosity and the other uncertainty not knowing what to expect.

Hospital Room Down the Hall from Nunnally's

First to enter the room was Lelouch pulling in Nonette behind him by the hand and finally Cornelia. As Cornelia entered the room she closed the door and stood by it in case anyone got the smart idea of trying to eavesdrop in their conversation.

Lelouch went towards one of the two seats that were in the room and motioned for Nonette to sit in the other. Nonette was still confused by all of this cloak and dagger stuff but complied anyways to see what it was her favorite little princeling wanted.

Nonette then noticed that he was sitting more regally than he was supposed to be able to and only furthered to confuse her so she decided to start the conversation.

"So what is it that the royal family's young chess prodigy wanted to talk to me about? Did you want me to tell you some more embarrassing stories about Nelly over there from our academy days, hmm?" she questioned him.

"So it was you who told him about the locker room incident!" Cornelia yelled in outrage, her face turning crimson remembering the said incident and how Lelouch had asked her about being afraid to bend over in the bathroom because of what Nonette had done to her. She still hasn't forgiven Nonette for that and never would. 'Damn perverted woman.'

"I would have found out eventually Cornelia…" Lelouch said with a smirk while looking at her "…it's not like Nonette here is the royal family vault. You can't expect for her to hold onto that information forever."

'Something is definitely up. Since when did little lulu start calling Cornelia by her name?' thought Nonette.

'Looks like she's starting to get suspicious, guess I better get on with it.' thought Lelouch.

"There is a reason why I wanted to talk with you as you have probably already guessed Nonette" he began saying.

"Yes that's true but what I don't get is why the so serious atmosphere …" she said and then her eyes narrowed in suspicion "… and why does it suddenly seem like there's something different in the way that you talk and act."

"Ah so you did notice huh?" Lelouch said with a faked helpless tone that tugged at both women's hearts. Cornelia knew he must have been faking but it was so real that she wasn't sure.

Nonette at the meantime got up and went closer to the boy get him to feel better and was chastising herself for her internal thoughts. "What's going on little Lulu? You can tell big sis noni, you know that right?"

Lelouch had hugged her and nodded his head against her chest, once again making her feel good and she wasn't sure if it was intentional or not.

"It's just that I'm worried that the emperor doesn't care about us anymore" he said whispered with a sob at the end.

"Of course he does little Lulu. He's your dad; of course he cares about you. He's just busy with all that's going on."

He then looked up to her and gave her his best injured puppy look which he knew would get to her and said "You sure Noni? What do I do if he doesn't? It'll just be me and Nunnally"

"Of course he will, and you still have me here by you. If nothing else I promise to you here that I will always be here to protect the two of you and I'll be sure to drag Nelly along with me for the heck of it" she said with that devil may care smile that she was known for.

"Thanks Noni, I'm happy to know that you will always be by my side" Lelouch said with a toothy smile and still subtly giving ministrations to her chest causing her to get all hot and bothered causing her to think that it was because of him giving her that happy look on his face.

'Guess its official…' thought Nonette '… I'm a pervert…' She then looked at his innocent smiling face again and blushed some more 'I guess all things considered it's not too bad being one with him around.'

Meanwhile Cornelia who was still by the door was looking on at the scene with apprehension. Here was the one person she was scared of beside her father and she was just wrapped around Lelouch's little finger with his little act and that was what it exactly was, an act. He was just playing to Nonette's emotions and had twisted it around in his favor by getting her to agree to help him if anything should happen.

'What in the world is he? He's doing things that full grown men have had difficulty with so easily that it's just pathetic…' thought Cornelia worried what was in store for the world when her half-brother got rolling on his plans '… Lelouch, how can you so easily play with other people's emotions as if they were putty in your hands?'

The person in question in the meantime was laughing hysterically on the inside at how easy it was to get Nonette to fall into his wounded animal trap. He was sure he would have had to give away some information if it hadn't worked but this went a lot easier than predicted. Now he had another piece added to his side that he could keep in the enemy's camp with none the wiser.

He then noticed the look on Cornelia's face and frowned slightly. That had been a miscalculation on his part in that he had not expected her to come with them while he worked on Nonette but overall it was fine. It seemed having her here might have contributed some to getting Nonette on his side. He made a slight gesture that she saw that was for her to not say anything. Being the soldier that she was she of course did as she was told and the moment was able to play out.

'I've got my inside woman, now to get moving on to other projects…' thought Lelouch while he was still embraced by Nonette '… although I can spend another minute or two here.'

Nunnally's Room

Meanwhile back with the two princesses' and the loyal knight we find Euphiemia by her sister's side and Jeremiah by the door to give the girl some sense of privacy. Although on the outside little Euphie seemed to be calm, on the inside was a completely different story. She was experiencing a maelstrom of emotions about all that has happened to two of her favorite siblings not including her own sister.

'Why did this have to happen? Why would anyone do this to Nunna? She hasn't done anything to anyone to have this happen to her…' were the thoughts running through the mind of the third princess as she gazed at her half-sister in her little capsule that was helping her get better.

She then turned and looked towards Jeremiah and asked "why would anyone want to do this to another person lord Jeremiah?"

Jeremiah wasn't sure how to answer that question. How does one tell a 9 year old the workings of the real world?

However he was saved from having to answer the question when the door opened and in came Lelouch while saying "I wouldn't know Euphie, but all we can do at the moment is wait and hope that she gets better…" He smiled gently towards the pink princess who returned the smile. She then turned back around to continue looking at her sister. Lelouch meanwhile whispered to Jeremiah "… after she does get better we'll of course hunt down the ones responsible for this like the animals they are and make them suffer slowly wont we Jeremiah?"

"Of course my lord…" Jeremiah responded "…it would be my pleasure to help you in your desires." They both wore savage smiles that would make a normal person shiver at but luckily no one was looking in their direction.

Euphie then remembered that they were missing two people to their little group. She turned back around missing the savage smiles that the boy prince and his guard were sporting and asked "lulu, where is big sister Cornelia and miss Nonette?"

"Hmm, those two..." Lelouch puts his pointer finger to his chin and pretends to think it over "… ah that's right Nonette said she was leaving and Cornelia said that she would see her down to the first floor before she came back. Why?"

"No reason, just wondering where they went…" Euphie said as she went back to looking at her sister "… come here and sit next to me to comfort Nunnally."

"Whatever you say Euphie." Lelouch responded with his ever present smirk as he sat next to her.

~ CO ~ CO ~CO ~ CO ~CO ~CO ~ CO ~ CO ~CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~ CO ~

Hospital lobby

Cornelia and Nonette were stepping out of the elevator heading towards the front doors. Part way they stopped and turned and faced each other.

"Are you sure you need to head back?" Cornelia asked of her tormentor "You didn't even say goodbye to Euphie."

"Yea, I had to sneak out just to come today…" Nonette said "… I wasn't about to break a promise with his luluness. I'll just apologize to her the next time I see her. You just take care of yourself and those cute little siblings of yours alright."

Of course I will…" Cornelia huffed crossing her arms "…I don't need you to remind to do that."

"Of course" Nonette said as she began to walk away.

"Nonette" Cornelia called out which caused the light green haired women to turn back towards her "…are you sure about what you did back there with Lelouch? You know that an oath, however rudimentary, is taken seriously and you will be expected to carry it out. You did have a witness after all."

Nonette was quite for a moment looking back at Cornelia before she smiled a gentle smile and said "Yea I'm sure. You know that I always had a soft spot for the kid, but today when I had him in my arms and he looked to me with worry I just felt like taking away his worry and be there for him. Besides it's not like anything will happen to him for a while. Considering what just happened, he will be well protected for a while. Besides, he's still just a kid so it should be a while before his majesty can do anything with him."

Cornelia was silent for a moment observing her friend. She did genuinely seem like she was happy with the choice that she had made. She then sighed 'seems that I can't do anything now. Not unless I want to cause a rift between us. She really does seem happy with her choice…' she then got a sentimental smile on her face '…I just hope we don't come to regret the decisions that have made in following Lelouch.'

"Alright I guess, can't do anything to change your mind huh?" she asked Nonette.

"Nope" she responded to Cornelia with the biggest smile that she could give her.

"(sigh) fine then, I'll see later then. Try and not get in too much trouble."

"I can't make any promises" Nonette said as she turned around and waved goodbye as she walked away.

Cornelia gave her one last look then went back to the elevators to go back to her siblings and visit in with Nunnally before leaving. 'What will I do with you Lelouch? Or are you even Lelouch anymore? Can I trust you to keep your word to protect Euphie? I don't even know what to think anymore.' With one last sigh, she got back on the elevator and went back up to where her siblings were waiting for her.

~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~

Nunnally's Hospital Room

When Cornelia opened the door to the room she found Lelouch just sitting there next to her sister looking at Nunnally through the glass of the capsule. She hadn't really gotten a good look at Nunnally earlier because she had been by the door on the other side of the wall but now she could see that Nunnally was wrapped up in bandages. She also had IV drips placed on her and had her eyes bandaged and wearing a mask to make it easier for the young girl to breathe.

Cornelia just stood there for a while still not understanding why this would happen and what was the point of it.

'I swear, when I find the ones responsible for this I will make them pay for what they have done…' thought Cornelia with vengeance in her heart 'if only Lelouch would tell me where I could find them.' She thought with annoyance and shot Lelouch another baleful glare for withholding information from her. She honestly didn't understand if he wanted her for her battle prowess, then he should have already sent her to drag the ones responsible into the light. His response to her inquiry had not satisfied her.

'"It is not time yet. We wait for the opportune time" Feh, who cares about things like that. I want vengeance now!' Cornelia thought remembering what he had said.

She then walked over behind her full sibling and half-sibling. She then noticed it. Most wouldn't notice it but as she was a trained soldier with some experience under her belt she was able to notice how Lelouch was tense. His whole body language screamed restrained anger. If she were to look into his eyes at the moment she was sure that they would show extreme hatred. It seemed he truly was restraining himself from going out there and getting the bastard that had done this to his sister.

Euphie of course was oblivious to this even though she was right next to him. She was paying more attention to Nunnally who was the one who needed medical help. The three siblings just stayed there for a while paying vigilance to one of their own who had been maimed and was perhaps the most innocent of the four.

Aries Palace

Cornelia was dropping Lelouch back home after their visit to the hospital. She and Euphie had asked him if he wanted to stay with them at the Li Britannia home but he had politely refused saying that he felt better in being in familiar surroundings.

At the moment Cornelia was at the front door dropping off Lelouch while Euphie waited for her in the car. She made a note to remember to have Guildford around more for protection purposes.

"Well Cornelia, until next time" Lelouch said as Jeremiah opened the door for him.

"I need to have a word with you Lelouch. In private" she said while looking in Jeremiah's direction. At that moment there was a ringing coming from inside the house.

"Would you mind getting that Jeremiah?" Lelouch asked of the man.

"Of course my liege" said Jeremiah with a bow and turned to go answer the phone and see who it was that was calling.

"What do you wish to speak about Cornelia?" he asked of his sister.

"Why?" was all that she said.

Lelouch tilted his head to the side and said "why what Cornelia?"

"You know what…" She hissed at him "… why did you feel the need to have Nonette involved in your matters!"

"Why Cornelia, are you jealous that I included someone else into my plans?" Lelouch said as he felt like teasing her at the moment.

'W-w-w-what are you talking about! Idiot!" Cornelia stammered out while flushing a nice healthy red then turned serious while looking at him "I'm just worried what it is that you hope to achieve by doing that to Nonette. I will warn you know, if you cause her any harm I will make you pay, brother or not."

They stared at each other for a minute gauging the others reaction when Lelouch said "Don't worry. I may have plans but I always protect those that are on my side…" he said sweetly before his face turned to that of contempt and fury as he said "…of course as long as they don't betray me first."

Cornelia shivered at the way he said that not all that eager to find out what happens to those that betray him.

"I take it then that you have experienced this in one of your supposed past lives?" she inquired as to verify.

"Very astute Cornelia…" Lelouch said with a slight bow "…yes I have and they lived to regret their decision to turn their back on me."

"You know you still haven't proven to me to actually believe that any of the things you have said are actually real…" Cornelia said trying to get more from this encounter "… at the moment I am more inclined to believe that you just snapped and are now just crazy."

"All in due time Cornelia…" he responded as he saw Jeremiah coming back with phone in hand "that reminds me, I had to get rid of the last batch of people you had here as guards."

"What?!" Cornelia exclaimed "…why would you do something like that!"

"They were unable to pass my little test that I had given them" he said nonchalantly like it was nothing.

"Lelouch, they were there for your protection. You can't just have one man…"

Lelouch cut her off by saying "if they cannot pass a simple test from me then they are of no use to me. Don't worry, I do plan to have more people but of my choosing. Until next time my dear" He said as he walked in and Jeremiah bowed to her as he closed the door on the infuriated second princess.

She just stood there for a few seconds before getting out her phone and calling up Guildford.

Bring… bring…. Bring…

"Yes your highness" responded her knight.

"Guildford, I want you to find out why Lelouch had the guards I had gotten for him removed from the Aries palace as soon as possible."

"Of course your highness" he replied before hanging up to go do her bidding.

'Goddammit Lelouch, what are you planning' thought Cornelia before she herd her sister calling her from the car so that they can go.

~ L ~ L~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~

Aries Palace

Main Entrance

"Who is it Jeremiah?" Lelouch asked.

"It is lord Ashford calling in regards to the company" Jeremiah responded.

"Here let me talk to him" Lelouch said as he reached up for the phone 'damn this puny body'

"Yes Ruben, what is it?" He asked of the Ashford head.

"Ah Lelouch my boy, I was just calling to ask how you wanted to have documents delivered to you. Seeing as how you didn't use your real name for this am I right to assume that you don't want others to find out about this until later?"

"Heh sharp as ever old man…" said Lelouch as they had a short laugh "… that's right. It's best to keep this under our hats for the moment. I don't want any of the others to catch wind of this just yet."

They both knew he meant the other Royal children, specifically Schneizel, and perhaps the Emperor.

"How do you propose we correspond about matters relating to the company?" Ruben asked the boy hoping for a specific answer.

"Well at the moment I am planning on having the R&D under my supervision in case anyone gets any bright ideas about snooping around what you're doing. They will obviously wonder how it is that you will be able to keep the foundation going and who your partner is. I will then have Lloyd and Cecile transferred to a lab in Japan to be under your supervision with me still supplying the money and the one in charge of them of course so as to make sure Lloyd stays happy. Don't want him going off to another person for funds. As for corresponding I was thinking of possibly having Milly be our go between person. How does that sound?" Lelouch reasoned out to the Ashford Patriarch.

"That was what I was thinking myself…" Ruben responded from his side with a mischievous grin on his face thinking that maybe not everything is lost after all "… I was going to ask her soon if she would be interested in being the one to deliver our messages to us about the goings on of the company."

"Yes it's fine with me…" Lelouch responded with his own mischievous smirk knowing what Ruben had wanted with no worries because it coincided with what he wanted "… but do remember that I will be having an audience with the emperor soon and will be going under an operation to secure my standing in the court."

"Are you sure it is wise to do so?" Ruben questioned the boy. He was confident in his dealings with the boy will pan out but he wasn't too sure about him going and doing something like this. If he doesn't succeed then all of this planning will have been for nothing and it will have only hindered his family even more.

"Yes don't worry. It is better to prove myself to him now rather than wait for him to think that I have no use and would be better off without me and Nunnally. I will see you in Japan when I am done alright?"

"Alright if you're sure, just make sure that you make it out alive boy. There will be too many broken hearts if you don't make it back and I will hunt you down myself if Milly happens to be one of them you know" Ruben told the boy to make sure he got the point.

"Don't worry Ruben; I don't have any intention of dying just yet" Lelouch told the man as he hung up the phone as he got to his study to continue with his planning.

As he sat down at the chair and turned on the computer to look over his plans and schematics for the future because as of the moment there was little he could do but wait for his enemies to catch up to him.

'Well this has been a fun filled day...' he thought sarcastically to himself '… now to get back to doing what I do best.'

~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~ C.C. ~


Lelouch's Closet

It had been over a week since the boy had trapped her in his closet and she was finally beginning to get frustrated. At first it had been intriguing and interesting in staying and seeing what the boy had planned for her and what he knew, now though she was seriously thinking of just hitting him over the head and be done with him. Worst of all he had stopped in trying to appease her by no longer bringing her the much desired pizza.

'That damn brat…' she thought annoyed with the princeling '… you don't just give someone pizza that good and then just stop. All you'll get is some seriously pissed of people, in this case an immortal with a mean streak.'

At the moment C.C. was picking at her locks so that she could get away from the boya and go off on her own as she had planned before the whole getting caught by a brat debacle.


'Finally some progress…' C.C. thought smugly '…now just for this last one. Honestly, when did Marianne have the time to teach her little brat to take people prisoner? All I ever saw her doing is playing mother when she felt like it.'


'Finally…' she thought as she got up off the little cot the boy had put in there for her to laze around on while he kept her in there '… now to get the hell out of here. Italy, here I come.'

She walked to the closets door and then proceeded to open the door slowly so as not to make too much noise. As she opened the door she noticed that it was dark out so she could assume that it already night time. She then did a scan of the room and saw that there was a lump in the bed in the shape of a child. She could only assume that it was the boy since his sister still probably at the hospital after what pintsize did to the girl.

Her face grimaced as she wasn't quite sure how to feel about that. She had seen the girl and her brother playing with their siblings and their mother before and she could honestly say that the girl was one of the most innocent things that she had seen in her very long life, but what's done is done and there's nothing that she could do about it now.

She then focused back onto the boy on the bed and crept up so as to make sure that he didn't wake up.

She smirked.

She was going to teach the boy that there are people in the world that you just don't mess with. She reached for the covers of the bed and then pulled back ready to put her hand on the boy to fed him shock images but froze when she a very important fact about the child in the bed.

It was a girl.

It wasn't just any girl either; it was the prince's blonde playmate, Milly Ashford.

Well that was an unexpected turn of events.

"I would appreciate it if you could keep quiet and not wake her…" she heard the voice of the prince behind her.

Well that was unexpected turn of events number two.

As she turned her head to look at him she saw that he had that blasted dart gun again that was probably filled with more of that tranquilizer stuff in it not too far away from her. He was close enough that she couldn't use the girl as a shield against him, nor was he too close enough for her to be able to make a move on him before she could relieve him of the blasted thing.

It really wasn't her day.

"… It was hard enough in the first place to get her to just go to sleep. Now if you could go back to the closet…" he said to her while motioning back towards the closet. She grimaced as he said for her to go back to the closet and wasn't too keen on having to go back in there. The boy must of noticed her hesitance because he said "… now if you could."

She finally gave up and did what he wanted for now.

~ L ~ L~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~ L ~

As he got the witch back into the closet he couldn't help but smirk at how Milly's sudden showing up at the house had actually been beneficial.

'Still though…' he thought back to a grimace '' old man Ashford was actually able to surprise me.' He thought back to that afternoon.


It was a couple of hours after he had gotten back from the hospital visiting Nunnally with Cornelia and Euphie and he was working on setting up the Ashford & L.L. foundation's R&D department in two locations so that Lloyd and Rakshata wouldn't have to work in the same place.

'Honestly, those two are worse than a couple of children at this point…' Lelouch thought with a thoughtful grimace '… oh well, they are the best at what they do.'

As he was getting back to figuring out how much money he was going to need to get them started he heard a loud band from somewhere in the house. As he was getting up from his seat to go investigate what it was he heard the devils voice.

"Hello?! Where are youuuu?"

He froze as a shiver ran up and down his spine 'what the hell is she doing back here?! I thought I dealt with her already.'

As he was having his mild freak out, he heard more doors being slammed open. She was probably looking for her next victim.

'Poor bastard...' he thought '…doesn't know what's comm- wait a minute, I'm that poor bastard! I gotta hide.'

And so began the hunt for Lelouch with the one and only Milly Ashford who doesn't know the meaning of the word quit. Or no for that matter no matter how many times one tries to teach her.

A few hours later after being chased through the house and near escapes from the smiling blonde demon was he finally cornered in his own bedroom run ragged and out of breath (the utter shamelessness if anyone ever found out)

And now we find a panting and exhausted eleventh prince backed into his room with the blonde dem-, ahem, what he means is the blonde haired beauty of the Ashford family smiling her devilish smile.

"There you are Lulu" Milly said all too sweetly for his taste.

"*pant* what are… *pant*… you doing…*pant* …here… *pant* …Milly?" he asked while trying to catch his breath.

"Oh, well last time I was here you were the one comforting me when I should have been comforting you and I didn't feel right just doing that to you." She said with gratitude that he had helped her "So I asked grandpa what I should do and he said that I should return the favor and come here and keep you company until Nunnally can come home." She said as if it was the best idea in the whole world, and to her it probably was.

'That damn geezer…' Lelouch thought seething on the inside at the man's audacity '….I ought to belt him one for this. Talk about being pushy'

"Thank you for the thought Milly but I think I can manage on my own while Nunnally gets better." He said.

"Nonsense…" she replied "… you don't need to worry about anything because good old Milly is here to make sure that you don't do anything stupid and make me have to report it back to Nunna when she gets better." She smiled as she delivered her threat to him to let him know that there really was no choice in the matter. She was staying whether he liked it or not, and if he knew what's good for him he better like it. She's Milly Ashford, The fun loving heir of the Ashford's and in the run to be the future Mrs. Vi Britannia.

That could wait though. For now she was going to have her fun.

"Now what's this I hear about a school being built by my family and is being funded by you? Before that though I was thinking of a little game that we could play."

Lelouch saw that evil glint in her eye that he knew meant that he was about to be the center of one of Milly's first crazy ideas of her life.

'Why do I like this girl again?' he asked himself not for the first time in his lives.

{Flashback End}

She had forced him into playing with her the rest of the evening from cards, to racing (which she won on the account that he had no physical stamina whatsoever), and to his utter pleasure, chess (where he promptly bet her that if she couldn't beat him once in ten games she would agree to turn in for the evening).

Of course after he had trounced her, she got her revenge in the form of having him take a bath with her, which Jeremiah couldn't say no to because it seemed that the girl had recently found some very devastating blackmail on him that she would only be too happy to give to people. Needless to say the man had caved faster than a house of cards.

'Damn Jeremiah…' Lelouch thought "…left me to deal with Milly alone. He's getting fodder duty for what he did. Oh well, in the end she went to bed with minimal fuss with the provision that we sleep in the same bed. Damn woman can be as annoying as the witch when she tries.'

Speaking of witch, his was currently looking at him from her seat on the cot as he kept the gun leveled at her.

~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~ O ~

"So what now boya? You going to keep me locked up in here again while you sleep out there with your pretty little friend?" C.C. said mockingly to him. "You know I can get out of here if I want to and I doubt you can stay awake longer than I can. It's only a matter of time before you slip and I get out of here."

"You know, I was planning on waiting until I got older physically before letting you wake up…" Lelouch commented as he looked at her as if he was thinking of what to do with a new playing piece that he was expecting to get "… but seeing how your being unusually willful this time, there's not really much of a choice in the matter. How about we make a little bet …?" He said her name to make sure that she was paying attention.

In response C.C. just grimaced at the fact that he knew her name. She didn't like it one bit.

"I would prefer it if you didn't use my name boya. And what kind of bet are we talking about?"

"The bet's this then. You don't try to punish me for any transgression that you believe that I caused onto you and you will call things even between us if I can show you something that you couldn't believe. Deal?"

"Let me get this straight, if you can show me something that I couldn't believe then I leave you alone to go about your merry way?" he nodded a yes to her "What do I get if I win?"

"I'll let you shatter my mind and you can be on your way to where you want to go."

"Hmm…" C.C. gave it some thought and didn't really see any downside to the bet. She has lived a pretty long time and she has practically seen everything there is to see so there really wasn't anything left for her not to believe. She smiled a feral smile to the boy who had an impassive face in response "deal then. Now let's see this this unbelievable thing of yours."

Lelouch in response lowered his hand that had the gun and raised the other towards her as if he was going to shake her hand.

"Take my hand then and find out" he said as he smirked to her, challenging her to do it.

She just huffed and crossed the room and took his hand in hers.

She should not have done that.

One second they were just standing there doing nothing but holding hands par for the course and the next she was living through memories that weren't hers.

No that wasn't quite right either; the memories were hers but from a different her. One that had lived through more than she already had.

The Shinjuku incident, the contract, the traitorous knight, the volatile loyal red-head, refrain, The Narita mountains, Mao, the massacre princess, the year long wait for her warlock to return, the million zero march, the escape from the forbidden city, the capturing of her warlock's guard, the creation of the UFN, the destruction of the super weapon, the betrayal of the knights, the destruction of the Ragnarock connection, the battle of Mt. Fuji, the zero requiem, her surprise at finding him alive after that, Getting married to her warlock, watching the first person in space, being on the first colony in space and the many repetitions after that of finding fun and intriguing things to be found in the days of peace.

Then it all settled down to a manageable slideshow in her mind as she continued to watch the events that would take place and all that she had done with her warlock by her side keeping his promise of being her equal in everything they did.

She really couldn't believe all of these memories. She had wanted to die for so long but now knowing that there were better days to come, she couldn't find it her to hate her cursed existence anymore. There were things coming that would make things interesting again and she wouldn't have to live through it alone.

The memories then stopped and she was back in that closet holding her warlocks hand as if she hadn't just gotten the download that many would kill for.

"Hello C.C." Lelouch said with that smirk of his that she hated a moment ago but now she was happy to see it because it meant things were well on their way to being interesting again.

"Lelouch" she said back to him before bonking him on the head.

"Ow, what was that for?" He questioned her with a glare as he rubbed his new sore spot on his head.

"Well let's see…" she began saying as she started to count on her fingers "… you took too long to wake me up, letting that Blondie in there sleep with you already, and for that remark in the last life" she finished saying with a huff as she crossed her arms and turned her head away.

"It took so long because I figured you deserved it because of what you did…" he responded as he glared at her some more "… don't think I have forgotten that you told our kid to take my code so you could do what you wanted. I wasn't insulting you, it was just an observation witch."

"I don't care…" C.C. said "… you don't tell a women that you think she is looking fatter. I bet you if it was Nunnally or Kallen you would have kept your mouth shut" she accused him of playing favorites again.

"Fine..." he said not even bothering to dignify her with a response to her accusations "… I'll keep it to myself next time then. And I am not sleeping with Milly… yet. As you can see she and I are still in our childhood and it will be a while before that is even considered."

"I don't care she's in your room and sleeping on the bed while I've been stuck in here on this little cot by myself. How ungentlemanly of you Lelouch."

"Shut it witch…" he retorted back at her "… it's not like I had any choice in the matter. You know what she's like. Once she decides to do something, it's near impossible to change her mind."

"Excuses, excuses…" his witch said with a wave of her hand as she sat back onto her cot which it seemed that she didn't mind as much as she had let on "… you just make sure to get her out by tomorrow because I don't feel like sharing just yet."

"I can't, she has decided to take it upon herself to be my caretaker until Nunnally can come home from the hospital in a few days and even then knowing her she will try to come up with another reason to stay and if not her then probably that old geezer of a grandfather of hers will…" he said as he walked to the door to go to sleep and let his witch get acquainted with the new timeline that they were in now "… I will try to keep her out of the room tomorrow though, and into another room if that helps any, just remember to stay out of sight from anyone so that Charles and his lot don't know that you're here. I'm also going to need you to introduce yourself to Cornelia in your special way so that she doesn't think that I'm making up what I already told her."

"Whatever you say my little emperor, just make sure that someone brings me up my pizza or I will start pestering you until you do."

"I know, don't worry about it."

"Don't you want your geass back before you go?" she asked him with a smirk on her face.

"I already got it while you were taking your trip down memory lane" he said as he turned his head to the left to look at her with a devilish smirk and let the power of the kings flash brightly in his eye before reigning it in again so as not to affect anyone by accident.

"Clever boy…" C.C. complimented him as she went make to eating the pizza that he had brought in there when the old her didn't notice it "… just remember to be careful with it boya."

"I know that. Good night…" Lelouch said her real name to her "… my witch."

"Good night Lelouch, my warlock." She responded in kind.

Lelouch then closed the door to the closet and stood there by the door as he reminded himself that C.C. was one of the few people that knew what the real him was like.

He then noticed movement on the bed and looked over to see a sleepy eyed 11 years old Milly Ashford looking for him on the bed.

"Lelouch? Where are you?" she asked sleepily asked she sat up on the bed with the shirt that she had taken from him as her nightgown ruffled and a few buttons on the top undone.

"Over here Milly…" he said as he walked over to the bed "… I went to get some water downstairs."

"Well come back to back to bed. It's cold without you in here." She pouted as she yawned and started to pull him onto the bed. "What kept you up anyways?"

"Just thinking of all the things that need to be taken care of and such" he said as he got comfortable in the bed and Milly embracing him from his side.

He laid there for a while simply enjoying the embrace from the free spirited Ashford and thinking of all the things that were yet to come. As the night wore one the only light in the room was an ominous red one that originated from the young prince's eye and he said one final thing with a smile on his face that would make a lesser man run in fear

"I can't wait for all the fun that I'm going to have."

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