One Shot Super Short

A/N- Just thought of this in history

Emma thanked the giant and left the beanstalk she couldn't believe she had just left Killian Jones aka Hook as she thinks of him there, but she is really just getting ahead of him. She didn't trust him one bit for some reasons. He got to her though, he got in her mind and made her think of the past how she hated him for that why did he have to ask if she has ever been in love, she has and will always love 4 guys now and forever. It was a stupid question for him to ask she was 29 years old of course she had been in love. He knew she had a kid I mean it's not like her to just go out and get pregnant but it's not like he would have known that. No she was in love she loved Neal the first guy she fell in love with and the first guy she trusted.

She has been in love how she wished Neal stayed and not called the cops they could have been happy raising their son together. Henry she missed him so much poor kid. She had just finally started to believe him and maybe there life would have been okay. Then she got stuck in this world, but at least he was with David no James well dad. Graham her 1st love when she got into this down. Last but not least AUgust. SHe hoped he was okay she couldn't cry now she didn't want her mom seeing her cry again. She quickly wiped away the tears that fell.

"Emma?" Snow looked at her daughter. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing wonder if Hook will catch up?" Emma said with a laugh knowing he wouldn't most likely, She kinda wanted to see him though. It sounded really weird though he basically put her in danger, but Emma liked Danger.

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