Chapter 1

Danny groaned. The Fenton family had decided to go on yet another trip. There had been some odd activity out-of state in an area surrounding a lake. Apparently it included something about a bunch of cats that lived wild out there.

It was that reason that Maddie had told Danny to leave his little cat, Shade at home. After that Danny had grasped her in a killer hug. The main reason he was so pleased with this? Well he could name two. One, Shade would probably try to run off with the wild cats, thus the Fentons would have a merry time searching for her, and two unbeknownst by his family, Shade was technically his alter ego, Danny Phantom's cat.

Thus she would only listen to Phantom and not Fenton. No matter how many times he tried to explain it to her. Heck, if he wasn't careful, she'd try to get him trapped in ghost mode. Plus, he had this sense of déjà vu after hearing about the wild cats. He groaned again placing his head in his hands. Jazz looked over at him worriedly.

"You okay Danny?" She reached over and touched his shoulder gently. Danny flinched at her touch. Then he lifted his head. He turned to Jazz. His blue eyes clouded with thoughts.

"Huh? Oh yeah sure," He said facing forward and then muttering. "Unless you count the feeling like I think I know something about these wildcats."He had said it quietly obviously not meaning for Jazz to not hear it. Jazz raised her eyebrows.

"You mean the story you told me about that cat you saved?" Danny's head snapped in her direction, his eyes wide.

"That's it!" He shouted.


Danny had been heading back home in Phantom mode. Shade was perched on his head. She was droning on and on about the reasons why he should just stay as Phantom, while Danny was countering with reasons why he shouldn't. (A/N danny has the power to talk to cats in this fanfiction) Then suddenly Shade screeched and dug her claws in Danny's head a little harder than he'd like.

"Hey! Ow!" He stopped and grabbed at Shade. "Ow! Shade stop!" The kitten continued to screech until she finally said something that made some sense.

"The cat! Danny, save the cat!" Danny blinked and looked down toward the ground. His eyes scanned the forest and then the road where he found it, a small tabby cat that had frozen up in the middle of the street.

He looked farther down and saw a large truck heading toward the cat. Without thinking Danny shot down toward the road. Shade let out a startled shriek but, didn't dig her claws in any further.

Danny grabbed the cat and turned him, the cat, and Shade intangible before the truck went barreling through them. After the truck had gone Danny returned tangible and placed the cat on the ground. Shade loosened her grip on his head and leapt down to meet the interesting cat.

"Hello," Shade mewed. She tucked her claws under her tail her green eyes gleaming in a friendly way. "I am Shade and you are?"

"Leafkit….." The small tabby cat squeaked her amber eyes huge and she was trembling with shock from nearly getting run over. Danny couldn't blame her. He wanted to say something comforting but, Shade gave him a glare that said 'Back off'. "Are you a kittypet?"

Shade cocked her head. "A kittypet?" Leafkit nodded her small head. She eyed Phantom.

"Yes, all cats that are owned by twolegs are called kittypets. My father, Firestar, was a kittypet once but now he's leader of ThunderClan." Leafkit's eyes were shining with awe and pride as she mentioned her father's name.

"What's ThunderClan?" Danny wondered aloud before he could stop himself. Shade let out an annoyed hiss. They weren't supposed to let this kitten know that Danny understood what she had been mewing about. The kitten's eyes grew huge.

"Your twoleg speaks cat?!" Leafkit squeaked. Shade shot Danny another glare.

"Yes, he's a special twoleg." She said with emphasis to annoy Danny. Danny rolled his eyes and looked away. Quickly she added. "Do you know the way back home little one?" Shade purred walking over to Leafkit giving the kit a little lick between the ears. Leafkit was silent for a moment. Then nodded.

"Yes, thank you, Shade and her special-"

"Call him Danny Phantom please."

Leafkit looked a little taken aback and Danny shot Shade a glare. Shade turned to him and he could swear that she was smirking at him. "Er, okay Thank you Shade and Danny Phantom!" Then with a wave of her tiny tail she turned and shot into the forest. When she was gone Shade glared at him.

"Smooth Phantom," She growled walking over to him. "Real smooth." Danny rolled his eyes.

"You know I can still leave you here." As if to add to his point he started to float off the ground.

"Alright, fine can we go now?" Shade asked trying to grab a hold of his pant leg. Danny smirked triumphantly and then he landed and crouched down picking her up in his arms. Then he took off into the sky again. "You know, if you stayed in Phantom mode forever we could save plenty of animals and you could keep them all as-"


"Yes, Danny?" Shade turned looking innocently at Danny.

"Drop it, or I will drop you." As if to add to his point he held her out in front of him, and started to loosen her grip.

Shade put on a pouty face. "Fine." She meowed and Danny held her to his chest again and carried her back toward his home. "Though, you do realize that by staying in ghost form you wouldn't have to worry about missing your curfew so much."

Neither of the tow realized that as they were flying away Leafkit had been watching the whole thing. Her amber eyes were huge.

"He's much more than just a special twoleg," She thought heading back toward ThunderClan camp. "Much more."

(End of flashback)

Danny sat back in his seat again. His eyes thoughtful as he scanned the equipment inside the Fenton RV. Surely it couldn't be that ThunderClan that kitten had been talking about. That had been all the way back in that forest. He settled back in his chair.

"There's nothing to worry about, it's not the same wildcats." He assured himself. But, something in his head was nagging at him.