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Chapter 16

Jayfeather's POV

'What was Firestar going to do?' I thought. Thunderclan honestly needed the warriors, cause of the battle was coming, and they needed all the cats they could get.

Just then, the sky blackened, and angry yowls broke the air, as Dark Forest cats streamed through the enterance of the camp.

"Thunderclan, counter-attack!" Firestar yowled, leaping onto the nearest Dark Forest cat he could, which happened to be Tigerstar. Thunderclan cats reacted to the yowl, leaping, clawing, and biting any cat that wasn't of familiarization.

As I ran to my den, I was cut off and knocked down, effectivley being pinned. Just as the Dark Forest cat lowered their teeth to my throat for the kill, the weight was removed, the cat yowling in defiance. Hehe, sucker.

As I got up, a searing pain erupted through my eyes, making me stumble and close my eyes. When I opened them, I gasped in shock. I could see!

Standing up strait, I saw Phantom clawing at a muscular black tom in anger. He must've been the one who knocked the one cat off of me.

Behind me, I heard a growl, and whipped around just in time to see a large brown and white tom, Hawkfrost, try to claw me. Ducking, I rolled under him, and as I did so, I raked my claws across his stomach, making him yowl in pain, before bursting into dust.

Danny's POV

As I fought off a mottled she-cat, I saw a large black tom pin Jayfeather to the ground. Anger shot through me, as the she-cat turned to dust. With a yowl, which was lost the the crowd of fighting cats, I launched myself at the cat, knocking him off of Jayfeather.

Standing up, I raked my claws across his muzzle, making him growl at me, and try to push me off. Keyword; tried. I jumped off him, and raked my claws across his stomach, feeling satisfied when he turned to dust.

As I turned around, I saw a brown and white tom turn to dust, as Jayfeather rolled out from under him. As he turned, I saw that his eyes where a clear sapphire blue. He could see. Thank the Gods. (1)

As we fought on, I saw Jazz fight off a tabby she-cat with golden eyes. Soon, me and Jayfeather were pushed against a wall of the camp, swating and hissing at any Dark Forest cats who dared get near us.

" Stay away from us!" Jayfeather growled, landing a particularly hard blow on a cat who tried to bite him.

Some Kitty's POV

"Stay away from us!" Jayfeather growled, turning another Dark Forest cat to dust.

"It's time." A sleek Riverclan tom said, stepping up next to me, his green eyes glittering in the light.

"Very well." I said, touching my nose to the water.

Jayfeather's POV

As me and Phantom fought off another cat, A blinding light appeared, and I fell into a comforting darkness.

Lionblaze's POV

As I fought my way towards Firestar, a light appeared, and I saw no more.

Hollyleaf's POV

I fought through the cats of the Dark Forest, even though I was supposed to be dead. I couldn't just watch my clan die, even though I wasn't part of it anymore.

Just as I turned another cat to dust, there was a flash, and I fell unconscious.

Danny's POV

As Jayfeather collapsed, I saw a blinding flash, and then darkness took me, and the last though I had was;

'Am I going home?'

Jazz' POV

As I fought on, the cats around me yowled as flashes appeared all around, and as soon as I realized what was happening, it was to late to do anything. The flash engulfed me, and I fell, letting darkness take over.

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