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No Flames

Few Days later

For the past few days Naruto has seen his uncle and grandparents in the morning and almost all day. One of them stayed with him most of the day but now Isoka is looking at everyone in the room with Garp and a clone of Kasai. Watching everyone talk and whisper she raised her hand up "Yes, the rumors are true. Suzuka did indeed battle a boy that came from Konoha".

Everyone turned to Suzuka while Kasai nodded. Some of the clan members asked who is the boy while a clan elder asked as well. "His name is Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki. He is the son of Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki the Heiress of Uzu." answered Kasai. Kasai watched and heard the whispers while the clan elder is shocked.

"But we were told Kushina died during the last shinobi war era. Kyuubi sealed inside the Kohaku no Jōhei with no way to escape" said the elder. Garp nodded explaining they were lied to by the Sandaime.

"Yes but there's more to it, Genryusai" everyone turned to Kasai while the clan elder raised an eyebrow. He told them what happened to Kushina when Naruto was born shocking everyone. The children in the room remained silent and listened to Kasai. Isoka and Garp both took turns telling what happened in Konoha while Kasai who saw Naruto's memories told him what he went through.

Suzuka covered her mouth to hear the part when he learned about Kyuubi "He was tricked. But the Sandaime knows about our unique chakra? Surely he would have seen it early" asked Suzuka. Kasai snorted turned to her knowing the Sandaime is to blame for all this. He lied about Kushina dieing and told everyone that the Uzumaki clan died out. But also telling the Shinobi world about Uzushiogakure falling against the last shinobi war.

"WHAT" shouted half the clan.

Garp nodded and looked at everyone while Kasai closed his eyes and took a deep breath "The Shinobi world believes Uzushiogakure is destroyed along with the clan. In fact from what Kyuubi remembers and knows this is how it went by. Kushina signed Uzu No Kuni with Hi No Kuni meaning its part of it" answered Garp. Mutter and shouts were heard while Isoka raised her hand.

"Enough" silencing everyone. She looks at Genryusai who nodded to continue "Since the last war we haven't had contact with Konoha what so ever or any other nation. They believe us to be dead while they wear our crest in memory because of the Senju family. But they haven't honored us, instead treated Naruto with hate. What ever the reason why Hiruzen lied to everyone must have been a good reason"

Genryusai nodded "Interesting". Everyone turned to him while he stroked his beard "With all this happening it makes me wonder why he lied. In fact I never remember not once Konoha sending us aid". The older remaining Uzumaki's who fought in the last war cant also recall any reinforcements from Konoha proving something right. "In fact how did the enemy get pass our defense. We sent most of the villagers away but they were ambushed while a very small handful of our clan went to Konoha. If what Naruto said is true what happen to them?".

The room remained silent while Kasai sighed "Don't know. But to hear this troubles me but also we has a clan always remained here in Uzu. Even after the war we lost many family but later on during the time of peace we regained some of our numbers. AS family we cant turn our back on Naruto because he is all we have left of Kushina".

Most of the adults turned to each other nodded but also turned to the children and teenagers as well seeing they are the future. Genryusai nodded and turned to Kasai "He is right. He is still kin to the Uzumaki but why did he come now of all times?". Wondering why now instead years ago, Kasai and Garp turned to the clan elder while Isoka nodded.

"Akatsuki and a few other problems" said Isoka. She started with the last mission that Naruto did has a shinobi for Konoha before he was to be banished for failing to bring back the Uchiha. The clan elder with a few others are shocked to hear this "Indeed. Tsunade Senju the last of our cousin decided to banished Naruto because of the civilian council" answered Isoka.

Most of the adults of the Uzumaki clan were outrage that the Hokage and a Senju no last would banish family. BUT to also listen to the civilian council instead of the shinobi. "How dare she. Does she know what she has done" said a male Uzumaki.

"It gets worse. Akatsuki is a group of S rank criminals wanting the Biju for their own use. Meaning Naruto is a target" answered Kasai. He watched everyone talk while Suzuka got up and stared at Kasai.

"And what are you going to do about it. I wont sit back and watch a child being treated like this or be hunted" exclaimed Suzuka. Once she finished a few more members stood making Kasai and his parents smile. "Naruto has promise I never seen anyone make so many Kage Bunshin. He also knows the Rasengan".

Suzuka nodded pointed out what Naruto did during their little skirmish. To say most of the clan is shocked he knows the Kage Bunshin but to use in that numbers but also know the Rasengan. "He is staying at the hospital until we set up a room in the clan compound. He will take Kushina old room he will be walking around but their is another issue"

Everyone remained silent while Kasai looked at everyone "Some of you don't know why Kushina was sent to Konoha. We all know Hashirama Senju married Mito-sama. The reason why because she sealed Kyuubi within her making her a jinchuuriki. Kushina was chosen because of her chakra she was able to make a powerful chakra chain with it. Naruto now has Kyuubi".

The children and teenagers all talked while many of them shrugged their shoulders not caring. The adults nodded seeing this now understands why he was hated. "Kasai-sama. Garp-sama and Isoka-sama we don't care he has Kyuubi has long he is safe and with family that is the most important issue because Mito-sama told Kushina how to conquer Kyuubi hate" stated Genryusai.

All three nodded while Kasai snapped his fingers "I will need your guidance Genryusai due to a seal that the Sandaime placed on Naruto to change his hair color to blond. I think the reason he did it was because everyone thinking he was Kyuubi in human form" said Kasai bitterly. Genryusai nodded but wanted to meet Naruto while Suzuka wanted as well "Alright I will dispel" said Kasai.

When he poofed, Garp looked at the Uzumaki clan "He never knew his family or anything that comes with it. This will be new to him so please give him a chance". Everyone bowed even the teenagers around Naruto age and the slightly few older ones.


When Genryusai saw and met Naruto he is reminded of Kushina in many ways "So it wont hurt wont so ever?" asked Naruto looking onto to his seal. He wonder why Jiraiya didn't see it. But seeing that the Sandaime placed it in with another symbol making it very hard to notice it.

"No it wont. In fact only a true fuinjutsu like us we could tell the difference. I remember many years ago Hiruzen took a interest in Fuinjutsu. He didn't earn the name Kami of Shinobi or the Professor" smiled Genryusai. Naruto nodded remembered the stories that everyone spoke about Hiruzen but in the end he died against Orochimaru.

Genryusai turn to Kasai and nodded as he makes a few hand seals he started to write a few symbols down onto Naruto's navel. Genryusai also making a few hand seals placed his hand on Naruto's stomach where Kasai drew the new symbols 'This is interesting. I sense Kyuubi's chakra but also someone else..wait theirs more then one?'

Garp watched Genryusai while Isoka raised an eye "IS something wrong. This seal is easy to remove?" spoke Garp. Isoka turned to Naruto with a warm smile while Genryusai turned to them with a smile.


Everyone watched as the symbols around the Hakke no Fūin Shiki pulled a odd looking symbol and made it disappear. "That was easy" said Naruto. Everyone blinked at Naruto while Garp smiled and nodded his head in improvement. "Huh why are you guys looking at me?". Isoka gave Naruto a grandmother loving smile while Kasai smirked.

"Not a bad look gaki" holding up a mirror, Kasai notices Naruto shock look.

Naruto looking at himself in the mirror notices his once blonde hair is red like his family. He still has the spiky part of his hair on top but the sides seemed more tame but more spiked together. "Well. With everything done I think its best we take you to the clan compound. Kasai he will need a trade skill so teach him something that will benefit him" said Genryusai.

Kasai hearing this dropped his head "Ahh come on. Why me?".

"Kasai during the war you picked a few skills that benefited us greatly as a clan" spoke Genryusai. Naruto turned to his uncle who remained quiet while trying to hide this. "You can teach him to become a black smith, carpenter or even show him medical ninjutsu. He needs a place in the clan" smiled Genryusai. Garp nodded pointed out with Kasai skills the clan was able to grow.

Naruto looked confuse between everything "Wait!" getting everyone's attention "I thought we were a ninja clan?". Garp and Isoka looked to him nodded while Kasai sees where this is going. Naruto wanted to know how this was going to help him "I mean if we are a ninja clan why aren't we you know getting missions and all".

"You young man have allot to learn" said Garp. Turning to Kasai "Black smith. Teach him kenjutsu". Turning to Genryusai he notices the deep nod knowing their is something he wants to talk about. Turning back to Naruto who still looks confuse Garp sighed while telling everyone to leave. "I will talk to Naruto about our ninja status" said Garp.

Isoka nodded and will get the room ready for him. Kasai will get some more supplies while Genryusai will look into this.

Naruto waited for his grandfather to sit "So why does Kasai knows those skills? I mean medical ninjutsu ok but black smith?". Garp hearing this leaned back on his chair. "Well it began around the last Shinobi war. We along with Konoha and allies were at war. Kasai left to help defend a port for us in Yu No Kuni but he was stranded for a while until another ship would come to Uzu. So in the mean time while he wasn't taking any missions. Kasai expanded his skills for more espionage and spy tactics." answered Garp.

Naruto listened to his grandfather and nodded. "You mean like his ninjutsu and kenjutsu?" answered Naruto. Garp shakes making Naruto confuse "But Kasai is a shinobi right. I mean aren't you a clan head?" asked Naruto. Asking all these questions Naruto wonders what happen to his clan. Did they fall out of becoming shinobi and became a civilians?.

"We still practice the shinobi arts and will never stop. What I mean to expand our skills is that sometimes learning a trade will be beneficial on the field. One being is moving dead of night. So what happens when the windows and door are locked?" asked Garp. Naruto remained quiet while Garp smiled "The answer is you pick the lock. Kasai will teach you this".

Naruto hearing this nodded seeing something like that is very useful "So learning a trade like black smith helps you sabotage and break into homes" Garp nodded but also pointed out their is much more but for another time. "Ok so is everyone training the shinobi arts. And are we the only ones on the island" asked Naruto.

Garp nodded telling Naruto that most of the villagers left to safety.

"I and Isoka-chan lead the clan to shelters. We made sure the villagers were made out of the island and they did but" letting out a sigh he remembers what happen when the Villagers made it to the boats and started to sail. Naruto waited while Garp shakes his head "They had a unfortunate end because of the enemy shinobi. War isn't something pretty to see" sighed Garp.

Naruto remained silent and nodded "Sorry for asking" turning to Garp laughing loudly he wipes his tear from his eye. "Don't apologize" chuckled Garp. Naruto nodded and looked outside "So what happen to the others who escaped during the war?" asked Naruto.

"I wish I knew in fact we discussed this early. We believe they were killed at sight, they came to Uzu to wipe us out but they didn't" Naruto listened to his grandfather and found himself happy to hear a story from the previous war. Still listening Naruto frowned to hear they lost allot of members to the clan when war happened.

"How many were lost and do we still do missions?" asked Naruto.

Garp saw Naruto concern face "Before the war we were a clan of almost hundred". Naruto eyes widen to hear this while Garp nodded and rubbed his chin "We lost almost a whole generation. About three fourths, in fact it was around Kasai age generation who took most of the damage. The other generations the older and elderly took a big hit. Genryusai is the oldest living Uzumaki the last of of his generation. I refused to let the genins or any new Chunin participate in the war. In fact I had them scout around the island. We made a decision, well they made the decision to fight" answered Garp.

Naruto shocked to listen all this. Almost a whole generation lost because of the war, thinking how Sasuke would have feel. His clan lost every generation and now he is the only one left. 'So this is how Sasuke felt. To listen to his grandparents. A uncle who calls him gaki. It feels good to have a family I envied you Sasuke for having that first' thought Naruto bitterly, thinking of the bonds he lost at the beginning.

"Since the last shinobi war we haven't done missions. We do have children around your age but also younger and older. We operate has a clan and help each other out in different works in ever day life. Some of us grows food the others watches the animals" explained Garp. Naruto nodded and listened to his grandfather "Allot has change but we still practice shinobi arts. In fact from what you said I think we got lucky that everyone thinks we died so something good came out of it. Maybe its time to make a move" said Garp.

Rubbing his chin he needs to talk to Kasai on something.

"So how many are us now?" asked Naruto. Remembering only seeing one female around in her young twenties and a child around being seven years old. He wonders if their are still some of them out there. But seeing hundred clan members with the same name as him could they all be related to him "Ano do I have any cousins what so ever?" asked Naruto.

Garp nodded "Suzuka the woman you fought is my sister daughter and her little sister is name Sango" smiled Garp. Naruto nodded happy that he has cousins that are a little older then him. "Hmm their is a few more but that's later on. Right now has a clan we have about eighty members" answered Garp. Naruto eyes widen to hear this eighty members of the Uzumaki clan.

"What do you expect kit. You family lives for a long time"yawned Kyuubi listening to all this as well. In fact he finds everything claiming and relaxing ever since he has arrived to Uzu Kyuubi cant help but feel free!

Naruto is shocked he is staring at his grandfather "Eighty. They are all related" said Naruto. Garp burst out laughing while shaking his head "Not everyone is related to us. They do share the same name but not always related to us by blood Naruto".

"Oh ok" smiled Naruto. Hearing a knock Garp nodded "Come in" said Naruto.

When the door opened Suzuka walked in and bowed "Forgive me to interrupt but Isoka sent me here to tell you the room is ready". Garp nodded while Naruto looked confuse. Suzuka smiled and turned to Naruto "Also sorry about early. I didn't know what to expect when I saw you".

"No problem besides I cant blame you for protecting him" smiled Naruto.

"Good lets go. We will escort you to the clan's compound" smiled Garp. Naruto gave a small nod while Suzuka went out of the room to give him a moment to change.

Uzumaki compound.

Kasai yawning turned to Sango "So he is Kushina son. I don't know much about her?".

"She was different. Loud talkative hyper but very caring and loving." said Kasai. Sango turned to him while Kasai nodded remembering his older sister "To hear that Konoha did this but also Tsunade Senju" shaking his head, Kazuma sucked his teeth angry to hear this.

"Why. I mean someone who knows about family and she would do that. To betray us" said Kazuma.

"I guess allot has changed" said Sango.

Both males nodded and wonders what is next. Kasai isn't happy while they have to make sure this group called Akatsuki is dealt with 'I have a bad feeling about something. I don't know what or why?'.

"So how old is he?" asked Sango.

"Twelve going to be thirteen" answered Kasai. Kazuma and Sango turned to him a confuse face "Yea I know Kushina got pregnant when she was twenty four and Minato was twenty five. Meaning he was born when I was nineteen years old. Dam I'm going to be thirty one years old. Getting to old maybe Kaasan was right I should settle down" hearing a snort coming from Sango he looked at her while Kazuma broke out laughing.

"Haahah that's funny, you settle down. Didn't you lose it when you were fourteen to a Jounin from Konoha" chuckled Kazuma. Sango rolling her yes mumbling 'pervert' to her older cousins. Kasai just smiled and looked around thinking about a few things, with Naruto here in Uzu allot of the clan members are angry what Konoha has been doing.

But yet Kasai cant help shake the feeling why now. They have stayed in Uzu all this time because their was nothing left for them outside the Island. With Kushina death at Konoha they just fall apart but another reason. 'That war. How did they get pass our defense even today we still wonder. Why didn't Konoha come to our aid. From what Kyuubi told me they got the news of our destruction weeks after the enemy attack us. Meaning was this covered up BUT who covered this up' thought Kasai.

Ever since he scanned Naruto's memories he had a long chat with Kyuubi and learned allot from the kitsune. In fact Kyuubi told him allot more to what happen to Konoha and what he knows from Kushina memories and from what he saw. BUT. What concern Kasai the most was a boy around his age name Sasuke Uchiha.

From what Kasai saw in Naruto's memories it must have made a impact on him but also his former teammate as well. The agruement they had during the hospital 'This is a mess' thought Kasai. Leaning forward, Kazuma and Sango turned to their rights and notice Garp along Suzuka with a NOW red head spiky boy.

'So he is Naruto' thought Kazuma.

'My little cousin which doesn't make the youngest no more' smiled Sango.

"Yo. I take it he will be settled and I will take him to the shop to teach him some of the basics. But I also suspect you have something else in mind do you tousan" everyone turned to Kasai who opened his eyes while Garp nodded. Naruto looked confuse "Gaki. To my right the baka Kazuma, Kaa-chan brother's son a master of Ao Kaze (blue wind). I will tell you about that later and to my left is Sango the most annoying cousins we have. She is Suzuka younger sister which I don't need to tell you about her".

After Kasai finished the introduction he used Kawarami to dodge Sango punch while Kazuma sent out a dark blue wind at the location he was. "Where the hell is he" shouted Sango. Naruto watching this lets out a nervous chuckle while he pointed to the tree. In a blink of an eye a huge metal boomerang appeared and when Sango threw it it started to spin and crackle.

'What the hell is that?' thought Naruto. Watching the boomerang slice through the tree but also destroying part of it, Naruto lets out a gulp 'That is insane and all that damage with that' watching her catch the boomerang.

"Makes you wonder right gaki"

Everyone turned to Kasai who is standing behind Naruto making him jump. Suzuka watching this sighs and looks at Sango making her stop "Enough. We have work to do tonight. Kasai make sure Naruto is settle" said Suzuka. Kasai shrugged his shoulders and turned to Naruto telling him to follow. "Garp is there something you been thinking?".

"Yes" turning to Suzuka he moves his sights to his family. "I think its time we start to take some missions. With Naruto here and everything else going on I don't know but I get a feeling that something bad is going to happen. I just cant shake it off. The way that Genryusai took his time to remove the seal makes me wonder what he sensed" answered Garp.

Suzuka nodded while Sango and Kazuma looks at Garp shocked that he is going to allow them to take missions off the island. Sango burst out happy hoping to see what else is out their besides Uzu while Kazuma nods thinking the same. Garp on the other hand hopes Kasai can teach them what out there 'Its not all fun games' thought Garp.

Naruto watches their happy reactions while Kasai has a serious stern face. 'Whats this about?'

An Hour before sunset

Naruto walking out of his room with a kimono that belonged to Kasai when he was his age. Turning back to his room he smiles seeing the bright ocean blue walls 'This was kaasan room but now its mine'. Looking down the hall he hasn't seen anyone from the clan. It funny that eighty people in a clan you would end up seeing a few others during the day.

But from what Suzuka says some are learning medical ninjutsu or trains. The others take turns farming and taking care of the crops and animals. Just listening to Suzuka Naruto sees that they been doing this since the end of the shinobi war. It must have left a impact that they couldn't leave or maybe didn't have a choice to leave.

Or didnt want to face who they lost in the war.

"Where is everyone?" wondered Naruto. When he got to the living room the room is the biggest part of the compound. Its in the center of the compound and can easily fit hundred people. Hearing some tapping he looks to the table to see Genryusai drinking some tea "Hello Naruto how are you" bowing his head he notices Naruto confuse look while Genryusai lets out a chuckle.

"I see that I have my work cut out for teach you some table manners" chuckling some more. Naruto blinks then lets out a grin "Sorry it just I really never had to learn to do that stuff" answered Naruto. Genryusai nodded but tells Naruto that is all going to change. "What do you mean" tilting his head Genryusai pointed to the seat in front of him while sipping his tea.

Staring at Naruto he lets out a warm smile "As you know your grandfather Garp is the Daimyo well was but still is. Like a Hokage but controls everything in the village. He is still clan head of the Uzumaki. Isoka always supports him but also voices her thoughts on his decision. Its rare of them to see them fight but they do. Naruto what I am getting at is that Garp whats to make you his heir to the clan and Uzu"

When Naruto heard this his eyes widen to hear this while Genryusai nodded and sipped his tea. "In fact Kasai doesn't want it. You are Kushina son who she was next in line but you are next" answered Genryusai. Shocked that Kasai doesn't want it and they are going to give it to him because his mother was to be next but with her gone Naruto is the next person.

"But aren't their anyone out their more qualify then me, like Suzuka" answered Naruto. Genryusai nodded but believes that Naruto is the hope for the clan. "I don't think I can do it. I mean I don't know anything about a clan. I don't know anything with the rules or the title or privileges that comes with it" explained Naruto.

"We will teach you. I will teach you. Garp and Isoka will teach you, everyone will help you" smiled Genryusai. Naruto remained silent but nodded "Good. Now the first lesson. Sit Straight. No slouching. No elbows on the the table. But also no whining, groaning or moaning" smiled Genryusai.

Naruto letting out a nervous smile and tries to do what he asks 'I think I rather face baa-chan bad temper, Sasuke using the curse seal and Orochimaru with his summons then listening to him complain and trying to teach me this stuff' not paying attention. "Ow" rubbing the front of his head where Genryusai poked him hard enough to get his attention.

"Come, we have to go somewhere" said Genryusai.

"Where?" asked Naruto.

Genryusai turned to Naruto and chuckles "For you to be always welcomed".

On the Beach

Naruto following Genryusai down the beach hears a few voices. Turning to the location he sees a boy a year older then him while talking to two girls the same age as Naruto is. "Wow that's Kasai nephew he's cute" "Those marks on his face makes him adorable". Hearing the girls giggle and talking about Naruto he notices their faces turn red a bit when he turned to them.

'What was that about? Are they getting sick like Hinata use to. Must be something that some girls have' shrugging his shoulder he continues to follow Genryusai. When they came to a stop Naruto is shocked to see a huge hole being filled with wood while Kasai throws them. "Whats going on?".

"Oi he finally made it. Some of the others are taking a break or finishing up the last piece of the party for you gaki". Genryusai nodded and looked at Kasai with a grin knowing this is something Naruto wont expect "So lets go meet everyone else. Also don't get upset if you cant remember everyone's name trust me even I cant. I still wonder how a clan head can remember everyone's name" thinking out loud.

Genryusai got a anime sweat while Naruto shifted his sight towards the large fire pit they have on the beach. "Whats with the fire pit?" asked Naruto. Kasai gave him a smirk while Genryusai chuckled telling Naruto what he said early. "For me to be always welcomed?" answered Naruto.

Kasi sitting on the sand and looked to the waves slowly going down. Turning to his right he sees Suzuka, Sango and Kazuma walking down "Think of a welcome to the family sort of thing" said Kazuma yawning. Naruto hearing this turned to the fire pit that is at least eight feet of diameter while the depth if he would have guessed five feet.

"For me" answered Naruto.

All of them nodded while Kasai chuckled, Genryusai turned to him chuckles as well getting everyone attention "Reminds me of the day when Kushina was going to Konoha. We had a huge celebration to say good bye. You must have been what six seven years old. I think that was the day when you found out how great you were in kenjutsu. A true-"

"Don't finish that word' interrupted Kasai with a tone. All eyes were on him while he glared towards the sunset "Hated that word so much. Prodigy this, prodigy that. Ever since that jerk during the second shinobi war declaring himself a prodigy of his village and wiping the floor with half of us. I wanted to show him anybody can be has good".

No one said anything they all listened to what Kasai said while Genryusai nodded remembering that fight long ago.

"What happen?" asked Naruto. Sitting next to his uncle Kasai smiles while Genryusai pulls on his beard "I was a year older or two so their wasn't much of a generation in my time. I grew up if you want to say isolated from the rest of the children of the village or clan. But I did have a good friend in fact we practice kenjutsu together pushing each other. But that all change" spoke Kasai.

Genryusai nodded sadly while Kasai looked at the sunset and sighed he didn't notice the crowd forming around them while Naruto listen. "So what happen to him? And why do you hate the word prodigy?". Thinking of Neji during the Chunin exams but also Sasuke in the academy, Naruto is happy that Kasai never saw himself has a prodigy.

Kasai smiled at Naruto while shaking his head "We were in Hi No Kuni helping Konoha out while our team was ambushed. I saw Zack push the enemy shinobi back he started to go off alone. I followed him, ignored orders because their was some civilians in the area. A mother around the area got caught in the battle and he wanted to make sure she was ok. But when he got there he met the prodigy"

Naruto listened to the story while Garp and Isoka remained silent its been years since Kasai spoke bout this. "You face the prodigy together and beat him and saved the mother" answered Naruto. Garp and Isoka looked away with many of the other adults, Kasai shakes his head "If you didn't then did they fiound you and the civilian" watching Kasai nod.

"BUT" interrupted Kasai. Many clan members sat down on the sand while Genryusai lit the fire pit to keep warm. "When I got there he was dead while the prodigy from Kumo just laughed. I picked up his blade and charged towards him. I got my ass handed four broken ribs one cracked rib. Left leg broken into two places, dislocated shoulder collar. Three broken fingers black eye and a bump on my head".

Everyone got a anime sweat just listening to Kasai with his injuries in a melody tone. Naruto is shocked to hear this. Staring at Kasai he wonders how long did he take to recover but how did he beat him. "How did you win?"

"Charged in with two blades used my wind and lightning affinity against him. We both ended in draw with our element but I had a extra blade and that what helped me. We both took one last stance and charged at once, I brought up my blade up first he dodged. AS he stopped I spin and used Zack blade slashing him right on the chest. He never saw it" explained Kasai.

Whispers were heard because not many people knew how Kasai did it. Garp sighed and nodded while Isoka remembers that awful day. Kasai lost a best friend and lives were lost. But the mother thanked Kasai for saving her and her newborn son born on that horrific day.

"What happen next?" asked Naruto.

Kasai looked at him and smirk "Well after my blow we both landed on the ground bleeding but he was bleeding more. I was in pain, shit I never felt anything like that EVER. He just chuckled telling that they are going to win the war. They will be ahead of the others. His arrogance brought his down fall saying he a prodigy hailed for his skills. BUT the difference between me and him I never gloated about my talents. I never was arrogant but I may have gone off but I always try my best" answered Kasai.

Naruto nodded and thought about Neji and how he thought about fate with others. But in the end he defeated Neji but in a twist Neji was kind of right. He was born in that line while it was hidden from him. Hearing someone clearing his throat Naruto turned around to see a lot of people staring and sitting around the fire.

Before he spoke Kinto poofed on his head making him get a anime sweat. Everyone else just blinked and wondered how did he just appear "Yo Naruto I got bored and wanted to see everything is ok" grinned Kinto with a grin.

"KAWAI" all the females shouted with sparkle in their eyes.

"Kinto" called Kasai getting the kit's attention "Run" chuckled Kasai. In a quick motion Kinto appeared on Kasai shoulders and sniffing him "I said run and why are you sniffing me" shouted Kasai. Naruto nervous seems all the females surrounding the two while staring at Kinto.

"You smell like ash with brunt feathers and how did you know my name" yawning a bit, Kinto looks around and sees Naruto with red hair and also allot of people with red hair. "Did I miss something or is this a genjutsu?".

"Its a long story Kinto but also summon the new boss. I have a treat for you guys and seeing that Naruto has his own yokai contract that being Kitsunes it seems very fitting" smirked Kasai.

"Sure. Hope you have something delicious for them to eat" said Kinto smelling something being cooked he notices a few rabbits with some field mice being cooked over the fire "Hmm can we summoned them later that rabbit looks good" drooling on Kasai shoulders. He placed Kinto on the ground while he jumped into the fire pit "Yea food".

Everyone got a anime sweat while Kasai chuckled and looked onto Naruto seeing he is meeting the rest of the family and clan members.


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