This is my explanation one- shot that tells where Sara, Sam's girlfriend, came from. If you've read any of my longer stories, this will make them make sense. If you haven't, well here's a story of how Sam gets a girlfriend.

Nova was stalking the calculus teacher. He was flying above her light blue sedan, heading north toward her apartments. He had taken to watching her teach class via the window on the west side of the school building.

Something ran into Nova, knocking him out of the air. He grunted as he hit the ground, and found White Tiger sitting on top of him. The next thing he knew, they were back on the Helicarrier, holding a meeting on what to do about Sam's obsessive behavior.

"That's the fourth time today I've found him following, watching, or just overall stalking Ms. Penny." Ava said, shaking her head.

"Well, at least she's single," Peter said, shrugging. Ava glared at him.

"I think its time we found him a girlfriend," Luke said.

"Where?" Ava asked.


"Danny, exactly how did you find this place?" Ava asked, looking at the banner that hung limply over an anonymous high school's gates.

"You must always observe what you see, and store it away for future use." They looked at him, and he shrugged. "We walk by here every day on the way to school. I just happened to see the flier."

"Alright, come on, Sam, time to sign you up for speed dating." Ava pushed him through the front doors. Before he could get in even a word of complaint, Sam was sitting at a table, listening to a barrage of girls' likes, dislikes, and just random things they felt like telling him in general.

When Sara walked up to the table, Sam knew she was special. Her light brown hair had streaks of white blonde, and tumbled down her back in perfect curls. The highlights looked natural, too. She sat down, looked him straight in the eye, and asked him the most wonderful question in the world,

"What do you think of radiation? Personally, I love it, but I would like to know what you think." Sam had a strange obsession with radiation. He would sit in the Helicarrier's core room, absorbing it because it made him feel energized, and alive.

"I love it, too," He said dreamily. She smiled at him.

"My name's Sara."

"Sam." She smiled again, and he found himself smiling back.

"Here's my number, maybe we could get a burger or something sometime?" She handed over a small slip of paper.

"I would love to buy you dinner." Still smiling, Sara stood and left. Sam drifted out of the room, walking on a cloud. For once in his life he thought he had found the perfect girlfriend.