Hi! So this isn't my first rodeo, I actually used to be hardcore90210! Long story short, I wanted a new start! I feel really great about this new story and I can't wait to see the reaction from everyone:) Enjoy !

Rin, a girl easily persuaded and equally quirky, believed that there was always something to smile about. Whether it be a large field of multi-colored flowers, or just the company of a certain Daiyoukai and grumpy toad. The cool morning breeze rustled their clothes and the dew from the grass clung to the hem of her kimono. Silently picking the little blooms of morning glories off the ground, she sighed.

They had passed a village earlier, the cries of cheerful children called to her and she felt herself drifting closer to the foreign noises

'Rin is happy. Rin is happy to be with Sesshomaru-sama and Jaken-sama and Ah Un.' She tried to convince herself. But even still the cries of children often symbolized the voices of brothers or sisters she could have had. The calls of mothers called to her, their melodic voices whispering softly in the wind; welcoming Rin into their arms.

Sesshomaru-sama was a wonderful protector, but Jaken and Ah Un were the farthest thing from a mother that ever existed.

No offense to Jaken or her loyal dragon of course.

Authors Note:

I will hopefully be posting every day except on the weekends but with school, that common thing that seems to block all childrens creativity, I might be super busy.

Also very IMPORTANT: I really need a cover for my story and I just don't know what to do except steal something off the internet. If anyone would be willing to stir up some artistic magic and create something for me, I would soooo love you forever:)

Just think it over;)

Hugs, DissapearCompletely