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Tomatsu was one of Sesshomaru's trusted soldiers, his experience in battle well beyond his demon years, for he was still a child. This being one reason he was easily ensnared by Naraku's persuasions, the other was his hunger for power. Even though he surpassed many of his Lords older men, they all disrespected him and treated him as a child.

Once he took the jewel, they would realize his power and beg for forgiveness right? He hoped so…

Tomatsu was a leopard youkai, his hair a warm honey and his eyes a bright green. His sleek build was almost lanky with youth and muscled with days of training in his Lords dojos. Naturally Tomatsu was a quite being and he usually only conversed with others after he won a battle, when he was helping them off the floor.

But he was a child and was easily influenced by others, his mind was always on one track and he never gave up until it was certain hope was lost.

So when the other generals demanded Tomatsu follow Lord Sesshomaru to find out what he was really doing he denied. There was no way he was to disgrace Lord Sesshomau by sneaking around his pack and reporting back to the others.

When a promotion was brought into the picture, he reconsidered.

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