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Beautiful golden light washed thought the house, the creature walking through the house the only one of the two occupants awake, though he was not particularly fond of the sun. He was a creature of shadow by all accounts and though the light did not disintegrate him, it was neither pleasant to his pale skin. Shuffling around the large apartment, the vampire made his way to the shared bedroom, the light spilling into the room bathing the small figure on the bed, his white hair tinged with gold as his eyelids gently shut while he slumbered on.

With stealth that could make a thief envious, Kanda moved over to his human lover, a small twinge of guilt pricking his heart as he watched the pale beauty sleep peacefully, his back to the ceiling as he buried his face into the feather down pillow, the breath flowing out of the parted lips soft and silent. It had been less than six months since the vampire had attacked him, six months since Allen woke up believing that the man next to him was his lover, someone he too was head over heels for.

Six months of lies.

Kanda wanted desperately to keep the delicious boy with him out of pure greed and hunger, the young man named Allen unlike any divine substance he had tasted, an addictive drug that he could not get enough of yet, after spending as much time together as he did, the ancient creature began to hunger for more than just their lustful endeavors and nectar flowing beneath the boy's flesh. Sitting carefully on the edge of the bed, the Japanese vampire bent over his prisoner's back, lips kissing a trial up the spine.

For that was what Allen was, a prisoner.

The kid was a prisoner of his own mind, locked by the shackles and chains of Kanda's spell, not knowing nor caring about his origins, how they met, or whether he truly loved the vampire. Caged from his old life, Allen never questioned his lover, his brain fooled into thinking that the man was a human who had attained vast wealth in his early years and could thus live in the lap of luxury, taking exotic trips, lavishing his lithe lover in gifts and doing as he pleased.

A small hum brought Kanda back to the present, his cobalt eyes catching sight of the smile blooming on his lover's face while the muscles rippled beneath the man's lips, Allen clearly enjoying his morning wake-up call. A silver eye rolled back to look at the vampire, the lips on soft skin ceasing while the boy rolled over to look at his lover, his smile sleepy yet full.

"Morning," he sighed rubbing his eyes before looking into the cobalt irises, his hand reaching out to Kanda who took it elegantly, the knuckles given the same treatment as his back.

"Good morning," was Kanda's reply, the knife in his chest twisting as he watched Allen smile lovingly at him, his guilt intensifying by the innocent silver orbs.

In truth, the vampire desperately wanted to let the white-haired boy loose from his spell, wanted to have the innocent glances be genuine and of free will, not base of off some lie that Kanda had given him half a year ago. His fear, however, held him back; fear that should Allen find out the truth, find out that the man he shared a bed with for all these months had enchanted him to do so after all but raping him one Halloween night, he would run away, run to where he could not be reached by the vampire again.

"Hey, Yuu…"

Kanda looked up at the sound of his first name, something his small lover was allowed to call him after all their time together.

"What is it?" he responded, his hand still holding the scarred one, his thumb stroking the mangled flesh.

"Are you all right?" the boy asked softly, "you seem…off lately."

The vampire felt his jaw stiffen at the concern in the quiet voice, knowing that it wouldn't be in the kid's at all should he no longer be bewitched and the decision of who he would give his heart to be his.

"I'm fine," Kanda told him, leaning over to kiss the boy's forehead, "don't worry about me."

"Okay," Allen sighed, his eyes closing at the feeling of Kanda's lips on his skin, "say, Kanda."


"Is there anything you want to do today?"

The vampire smirked, as an eternal creature, he had never lived for the day, always knowing a tomorrow would rise with the sun and so long as Allen gave him blood, he too would live for an eternity, though he did not know it. With Allen, however, it was live each and every day to the fullest you could, something you could consider cute of charming.

"You decide."

"You always say that," Allen pouted up at him while his lover pulled away, the pale boy breaking out into a large grin, "but if you insist, could we go to the park?"

"I have access to any place in the world," the vampire told him, "and you wish to go to a place less than fifteen minutes away?"

"It doesn't matter where I am," Allen sighed sitting up, "as long as you're with me. Besides, I haven't seen the park in ages," the boy smiled as he reminisced, "I remember when Lavi and Lenalee used to-"

Both sets of eyes widened at the boy's words, his voice lost as he stared blankly ahead, his body appearing to be in shock, his mouth slack as the silver irises darted around to find the remaining fragments of his memory.

"What-um," Kanda cleared his throat, forcing down the nerves, "what were you talking about?"

"I don't know," Allen whispered, looking up at Kanda with tearful eyes, "I-I don't know, w-who are Lavi and Lenalee, Kanda?"

"I don't know," the vampire told him, choosing his words carefully, "they might have been some friends you had when you were incredibly young."

"M-maybe that's it," the younger murmured, tears falling uncontrolled, "but, why does it make me so sad to think of them? Why do I feel like this for someone I'm supposed to have never met?"

"Because," Kanda told him softly, "your heart is large enough to take them all in and even though you might not remember them, you still miss them."

"I guess that makes sense," Allen sniffed into the toned chest, strong arms coming to wrap around him, the hand rubbing up and down the arm soothingly, silver irises not noticing the worry in the cobalt.

The boy was regaining fragments of his old life on his own, be they dreams or subconsciously; memories that worried Kanda greatly. The first time it happened, the vampire was still greedy, forcibly pinning the lithe form to the bed as he wiped the old memories clean, Allen screaming and crying from the pain Kanda caused him before his body fell limp, the hands gripping onto his wrist falling to his side while Kanda's own hand remained on the boy's skull, the forehead in his palm as he re-enforced his enchantment. His hand was removed to a pair of glassy silver eyes, the fingertips shutting the lids to avoid looking at the tear-stained face.

Now, however, pain was the last thing he wished on Allen, which meant that physically draining the boy of his memories was not what he wanted to do anymore even though the retained memories would mean the loss of his love forever. His hand stroked the fine white strands of his lover while the few tears that Allen spilt calmed themselves, the head snuggling into the firm chest of his lover.

"Do you still want to see the park?" Kanda dared to ask him, his thumb rubbing circles on the soft creamy skin of the boy.

Allen nodded shyly at the elder, his silver eyes hopeful, "yes, please. I'm sure it's nothing anyway."

The vampire relinquished his grip on the boy, Allen slipping his nude form over to the large closet, his tender feet stepping in while he hummed softly, Kanda sighing and falling onto the mattress, his arm covering his eyes.

From what he had gathered of the surfaced fragments, the boy had had many friends, Lenalee, Lavi, Krory, Tyki, and Road to name a few; not to mention the job he held as a lounge room pianist, the poker tricks he knew, the early years he had at the circus.


All gone when the creature of the night had decided to have him and only him for an eternity; true, Allen relearned how to play the piano by himself, filling the once soundless apartment with beautiful music and life, encouraging Kanda to bequeath a large grand piano for the boy's birthday, something he told Kanda under trance. The vampire learned his past in the same pace as Allen, the fragments of what he once was slipping through the cracks of the barrier that locked him away from himself.

His friends had been all fed the same half- lie; Allen was attacked on Halloween though in their rendition he had been brutally bludgeoned which resulted in him being in a coma and since none of the doctors could find the paper work that dictated his wish to be taken off life support should he be brain dead coupled with the generous bribes the vampire had given them, the doctors told his friends that the boy with the bandaged face was truly Allen, their machines telling them that he had a chance. For six months, his friends were under the impression that their friend was struggling for his life instead of living it to the fullest he could. Kanda considered pulling the plug on the whole operation, but held back when the memories started to resurface. Should it get to the point, Allen may wish to go home, meaning he would need a way to integrate himself back to where he once was.

Guilt racked his body while a booted foot made contact with the wooden floor, his cobalt eyes unable to resist a peek as he lifted his arm to look at his moyashi, the boy leaning casually against the door frame with his hand on his hip, the laughing smile gracing his features, his body adorned with the best and most expensive fabrics Kanda could attain, white shirt, tight black jeans, black vest, checkered belt and a glove to hide the scar on his hand, one of the only two scars Kanda had not inflicted on the boy, all of his could not be seen by the naked eye, but felt by the heart. Bouncing over to the creature that was curling himself to a seated position, the albino came to snuggle into the muscled chest, his eyes closed as he inhaled deeply.

"Are you ready to go?" Allen asked sighing, his silver eyes looking up in hope and excitement, his beautiful smile slipping onto his pale face, the smile that reminded Kanda he had a beating heart when it froze at the sight.

"Whenever you are," he murmured kissing the boy's lips tenderly, his hands pressing the frail boy from his slender back as though Allen would vanish at any instant, the fear not too far from the truth.

The silver-eyed hummed at the kiss before breaking apart and grabbing the vampire's hand, Kanda led to the front door in by Allen, the boy ahead of him flashing a bright smile at the stoic vampire while the creature was only able to focus on the warmth that surrounded his hand and his heart. All his long life he had been branded as cruel and cold, not unjustly to call him so either, yet Allen was the warm rays of sun manifested in human form, the feeling of comfort he gave the creature incomparable and indescribable to anyone or anything Kanda had ever encountered in the years of living.

"Hey, Kanda."

The timid voice snapped him out of his train of thought, his eyes looking over to the boy who was looking up to the arriving elevator.

"What is it?"

"What did you use to call me?" Allen asked innocently, "you know, that name that I didn't like all that much?"

Kanda stood confused for a moment before he brought Allen close, his arms wrapping around the thin form while his lips brushed against the crook of his neck.


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