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Allen looked up at the large complex, his silver eyes widening as he stood in awe at its magnificence, his throat forcing down the lump of nervousness that had since risen. A small bump at his arm made him look down, the laughing child hardly noticing disrupting the young man as he ran wound with his arms spread open, chanting to him mother about how he was going to fly and how she should watch him, the woman chasing after her son in tall black heels, a look of worry crossing her face while her curly brown hair flew out behind her, her own arms stretched out towards the boy.

The white-haired boy just stared for a moment at the two of them before turning back the apartment buildings, his body shaking slightly as he took his first few tentative steps towards the gold handled double doors, his fingers quaking as softly as his body while he reached for the handles. The glass moved smoothly when he pulled on it, his lithe form slipping inside only to stare in awe once more.

The lobby was ten times more beautiful than the exterior, marbled floors, high ceiling, golden chandeliers that practically glittered like the sun while the side of the walls were paneled with similar marble the floor had save for the darker colour and lack of intricate design in the stone. His silver eyes moved around the large lobby, the few sparse people around were obliviously unaware of him as they chatted with friends or busied themselves in the newspaper.

His feet carried him to the gold elevators doors, constant until one of the doors slid open, a laughing couple slipping out of the box while the woman clasped the arm of what Allen assumed was he husband, his pace quickening into a light jog for the final few steps to make the elevator. The door closed slowly shut, leaving the boy alone in the mirrored box, his fingers to his lips as he looked at the rows of buttons in front of him, his mind spinning.

The boy began to panic as his mind tried to remember what didn't exist to it, his hand clutching the material of his shirt on his chest while he felt hopelessness wash over him, his eyes quivering involuntarily out of worry.

A soft exhale escaped his lips before he relaxed, his body foregoing all thought as he instinctively reached out and touched the number 25 timidly, the small shaking of the elevators movement sending his heart into even more turmoil as he was lifted steadily towards the creature that had entrapped him for six long months.

The ding of the elevator doors sent the butterflies in his stomach swarming, his breath loud and blood pulsing though his ears as he stepped gingerly from the box, automatically turning to the right as he took his tentative steps towards the door he somehow knew was towards the end of the hall, far apart and almost isolated from all its spacious neighbours. His slender body stopped in front of the imposing mahogany door, the gold number 2506 almost welcoming him home while at the same time foreboding and making him cautious, the numeric key pad above the lock almost glaring at him.

His hand went to his forehead as he wondered how he was going to get in the room to meet the vampire. He doubted highly that Kanda would let him in, going down to the woman by the front desk was also out of the question, the creature would have most likely told them not let Allen in the building let alone his apartment, it was by sheer luck he had made it this far.

His head turned around, hoping that his latent memories would kick in and he would figure some way to get into the living space, fragments of the past slipped past him, his body curled into his knees as he waited patiently for Kanda to come home after he had stupidly locked himself out of the apartment in his haste for grocery shopping. The vampire had chastised him lightly for forgetting his key, but let him in none the less, kissing him on the top of his head when he realized how humiliated the young boy had been, telling him that he wasn't angry and that it was okay.

The mass of white hair jerked up to look at the light next to the door, his silver eyes wide as he remembered what the vampire had told him after that, his hand shakily extending to the back of the lamp, his fingers pulling on a red ribbon the was cleverly hidden behind it, the golden key glittering in the light as Allen held it to his face. A small smile spread across his lips, glad that he had kept the secret from Kanda.

His mind began panicking anew as he slid the key into the lock, his fingers typing out the code he had since forgotten, praying that the vampire hadn't changed the combination on him after their departure. The click of the lock followed by the slight creak of the door opening made Allen's heart flutter slightly as he relaxed, his mind alert as he pushed into the dark room, his eyes searching the space while he stepped into the apartment, the key slipped into his pocket as the door automatically locked behind him.

The first thing he noticed was how dark the place was, odd with the full moon. Turing his attention to the windows, Allen felt his eyes grew wide as he saw thick midnight blue curtains adoring the glass, replacing the sheer white ones the boy was so used to seeing. His thoughts at calling out the vampire's name were swiftly squelched as he figured that if Kanda most likely already knew he was here, the creature already had some course of action in mind. Stepping around the apartment with ease, the silver eyes searched every inch for a silhouette that did not belong, one that stood out amongst the darkened shapes.

His feet carried him from living room, to library, down darkened halls and finally to what was once his own private music room, his white grand piano standing in the center of the room, the only source of silver light in the place flowing from the large windows Allen had been known to stare at while his fingers danced across the piano with the vampire sitting beside him, a look of contentment on his face while he would watch the boy play, his fingers covering his lover's while Allen played on. Pale fingers now touched the lid of the instrument, a soft smile slipping on his lips as he found not a speck of dust on it, the piano closed, his heart feeling lighter as he realized Kanda had listened to him about putting the top down so as to preserve the strings from getting dust on them.

It was apparent that this was the only room the singular occupant seemed to frequent, a thought that made Allen's chest constrict. His thoughts were still torn by the almost erratic treatment of the vampire, from raping him to caring for him and almost loving him tenderly, protecting him yet caging him within his own mind, making him forget who he was.

The words now echoed in his skull 'I love you, Aren,' coupled with the tears he had seen the creature shed for him when he had been forced to forget, the fact that he let the boy be free and now visited his memory made the lines between lover and monster all the more blurred to Allen, his heart throbbing slightly at the choice he needed to make.

His feet took him from his own room out to the hall, never forgetting to close the white double doors that led to the room, another fragment of his lost memories flitted past him, his smile quivering as he thought back to the unveiling of his birthday present from Kanda. The vampire had led Allen to the end of the hall, his long hands around his silver eyes and informed that they be kept shut, the boy giggling slightly but did as his lover had asked, the sound of doors opening reached his ears, his hands taken gently before he was pulled a head, Kanda's breath on his ear as he was told to open his eyes.

The sight had taken his breath away, the large piano stood in the once empty room welcoming him, his smile wide as he moved towards it, the vampire standing by the doorway as he watched the boy with amusement, a soft smile gracing his own features, softly suggesting that Allen play him something. Tentative fingers took the lid off the keys before he nervously tapped out a few notes, the rhythm coming to him almost naturally, his mind lost in the music, so focused he didn't notice Kanda approach him until the arms surrounded him, the warm breath on his cheek as he was told how beautiful he played and that he hoped that the present was what he desired. A tear slid down his face as he reminisced, Allen immediately raising a hand to wipe away the water, his fingertips held to the faint light to glisten in it, his silver eyes widening as he hadn't even realised he had begun crying over a memory he would've called fond.

His head turned with his body towards the one room he knew the vampire should be, the door causing him tremors of what he considered unnecessary fear, his hand reaching for the black doorknob, his breath deepening before he turned the handle and entered what was once their shared bedroom.

His silver eyes widened severely at the sight that lay before him, the entirety unlike anything he had expected to be greeted with.

Much like the rest of the place, there were dark curtains hung over the windows, but what light did slip into the room cast a pale silver glow over the singular occupant in the room, his prone figure lying in the center of the large bed. Allen approached him with caution and slowness, his eyes trailing over what was once a dominating and feared creature of nightmares and horror stories, his mind trying to understand how he had transformed into this.

Kanda's skin was clammy and pale, far paler than when the two had parted ways, and looked as though a slight and soft breath could blow it clean off his skeletal system. His cheeks were hollow and gaunt, lips were cracked and parted, raged breaths pulled with desperation from the air around him barely made his chest rise and fall, the only indication that he was still living was the soft sound he made as he drew rattling breaths, though the thought of the undead as 'living' to Allen was almost comical even in the current situation. His eyes ghosted over the form hidden under the sheets, though the material covered his body, it was almost painfully obvious that he had lost weight in the month that they had been separated, his fingers that were wrapped around his torso were nearly bone with skin wrapped around them.

Allen clutched a hand to his chest at the spectacle, his heart constricting at the mere sight of the vampire, the simple thought that it was his doing made it all the more painful, a lump forming in his throat as he reached for Kanda. The figure drew a weak shaking breath, his eyelids forcing themselves open at an unknown stimulant, the dark cobalt eyes lacking as much life as his body as they silently searched the room for what had disturbed his slumber, the eyes widening at the sight of Allen looking down at him.

"M-Moy-a-shi?" he whispered shocked, his eyes unmoving from the younger, his mouth hung open slightly while he waited for Allen to respond.

The white-haired boy swallowed, "y-yeah, h-hey, Kanda."

The vampire stared at his prior lover before he turned his head away from him, a soft laugh slipping from his lips.

"K-Kanda," Allen asked with concern and equal softness while his hand moved closer to the creature.

"Just leave," Kanda rasped softly, "you're not real."

The boy stared in stunned silence at the man, his hand retracting slightly, "wh-wh-"

"Aren would never come back," the vampire whispered quietly, a note of longing in his voice, "not after what I'd done."

The pain flowed from the creatures lips felt as though they pierced the slim boy's heart, Allen sighing as he felt confidence grow at his decision. The mattress made no sound as the Allen lowered his weight onto the bed to sit beside Kanda, his hands finally touching the skin on the creature, relieved that still retained its softness, the simple act forcing the vampire to look towards him with pitiful eyes.

"But I did, Yuu…" Allen told him softly, tears blooming in the corners of his eyes while his hand slipped from the vampire's cheek to his hand, the hand that always seemed to be so inviting and protecting of him, the skeletal appendage raised to the boy's chest, "see, it's really me."

Kanda's eyes widened as the heartbeat resonated in his hands, his own heart constricting at the thought that Allen had truly come back to him after everything he did; his mind had cruelly tortured him with these illusions he had long since disregarded them, yet now, with the feeling of the boy's heart in his frail hand, he dared to let hope fill him.

"B-but, why…" the vampire whispered, "after… everything I did… why?"

"I don't know," Allen told him truthfully, a smile that reached his silver eyes slipping onto his face, "I just… did."


"You look terrible, Yuu," the boy interrupted softly, his other hand moving to touch the cheek once more, "what happened to you?"

"I-I," the demon struggled to find the words that would pacify the boy, the feeling of his ex-lover's skin on his enough to make him forget what had transpired between the two, make him believe that he was still in love with Kanda.

"Have you…" Allen paused, the words caught in his throat as he struggled to form them, "have you fed, lately?"

Kanda smirked slightly at the boy's words, his hand slipping out of the grasp and falling to the bed. Of course, nothing had changed from that day, the boy still feared him and wished him to wither away to nothing; well, if it was his desire, he only needed to wait a few more days.

"No," the creature managed to rasp out, "I haven't had anything in a-awhile."

"But, why?!" Allen asked exasperatedly, looking over at the creature as though he was insane, "you're a vampire, you need blood to survive!"

"I just didn't… see a reason too," Kanda told him, his words chosen carefully and his eyes shifting away from Allen, 'not after you left.'

"Then," the cobalt irises found their way back to the silver ones, the eyes widening as he saw Allen lean forward, his finger undoing the buttons on his shirt, "have mine."

The silence that fell between the two of them was nearly unbearable for Kanda as the boy pulled down his shirt to reveal the creamy unblemished skin beneath, his neck lowered towards Kanda, his silver eyes set in determination and not a trace of nervousness emanated from him; thin hands slid up Allen's arms to grab both ends of his shirt.


Allen's eyes widened in surprise as his clothing was pulled closed before the thin fingers fell limply to his sides, the eyes half-lidded while he rested back on the pillows, expecting the boy to leave him to his demise, wishing that Allen had never come back, wishing that he would not tempt him so.

A loud slap echoed though the room, cutting the silence between the two of them, Kanda's weak body moved slightly with the force of Allen's hand, his eyes wide in surprise at the boy's actions. Pushing himself off the mattress as best he could, the eyes turned to look at the silver eyes, the tears in them widening his own even further.

"You idiot!" Allen suddenly screamed at him, the water slipping slowly down his cheeks, "were the hell is that determined attitude of yours!? You did everything in your ungodly power to keep me here with you and now you want to just give up and die!?"

"It's what you want."

The words were whispered and barely audible to Allen, the boy pulling back slightly in surprise.

"This is what you want," Kanda rasped out once more, "I'll be dead in a few days, gone from the face of this earth and your wish will be granted."

Realization dawned on Allen as he sighed, "idiot," he murmured once more, his hand slipping to brush aside long strands of Kanda's hair, the vampire looking up at him in slight confusion, "maybe… I said that yes… but, also maybe, I might have changed my mind a little."


"Get healthy," Allen told him softly, "then you and I can talk about this, together."

'Together, huh?' Kanda grinned at the thought, his lips unfurling into a small smile, the idea seemed to warm him and his heart, cobalt eyes tuning to look into silver as the boy slid opened the top of his clothing once more for the vampire, simultaneously leaning towards the vampire, his neck outstretched.

"Are you sure?" the creature asked softly ignoring the carnal hunger that was driving him to take the boy as he once used too.

"Yeah," the white-haired told him softly, "I trust you."

With the three words in mind, Kanda gently grasped the boy in his hands his body using what little reserves of strength it had to pull himself towards the pale flesh, Allen wincing only once when the mouth slowly opened to puncture his skin. Cobalt eyes carefully watched the angelic face as he began drinking for any signs of pain from him before they rolled back at the taste of his desired, his hand moving slowly up to capture Allen's neck as he carefully restrained himself from draining the boy dry.

A small humming vibrated on Allen's skin while Kanda sighed as he fed, the feeling not as painful as he would have imagined and nor did the vampire force him into a lust-filled haze. His own arms slid around the creature's shoulders, his chest pressing closer to his while the vampire drank steadily, body beginning to feel limp and woozy after a few minutes of comfortable silence between the two.

The slacking of the other's body did not go amiss by Kanda, his mind forcing his teeth to relinquish the boy while the smaller collapsed into his arms, his skin a shade paler and his mind woozy.

"Are-are you full?" Allen panted slightly, his body snuggled next to the vampires while his slightly hazy silver eyes looked up at Kanda.

The creature slowly shook his head, "no, but if I didn't stop, you would be worse off than I was."

The boy merely nodded, noting how the rasping voice had improved already and the colour in his skin also looked better than it had when he first walked into the room, his white hair resting on Kanda's shoulders.

"So why," Allen murmured, daring to break the silence, "why did you let yourself get like this?"

"Because," Kanda's breath hitched slightly, his fingers playing with the delicate strands of Allen's hair, "because nothing mattered to me anymore. Nothing mattered to me now that you despised me."

Silver eyes looked up at the other quizzically, a silent plea for him to continue.

"I-I never meant for things to go so wrong," Kanda pressed, "I-yes, at first, I was just to have you and nothing more, just a way to keep what I thought was mine with me but then-" the vampire paused, his jaw tightening slightly, "I fell for you, Aren. You gave me light and warmth to my horrid dark little world without asking anything in return, you didn't care how many gifts I bought you or where I took you so long as you were with me." A hand gently floated across Allen's cheek, the cobalt turning away from the silver, "I've never had that, never dreamed to have that. It wasn't the spell that made you that way, it was you. So, when the time came, I was petrified to let you be free no matter how badly I wanted it, it tore me into pieces and I-"

Allen tilted his head to try and look at the vampire, his heart hammering at the confession, Kanda's face still turned from him.

"I'm just so sorry, Aren," he finished softly, a singular tear sliding down his face before turning back to look at the other's, the purity in the silver eyes enough to make his heart stop.

"I know," Allen whispered as he pulled himself closer to Kanda, his body still weak after having his blood drained, "and I also know that, even though I said I never would, I forgive you, Yuu."

Kanda's eyes widened in surprise at the soft voice, his body felt frozen as the boy moved closer to him until their lips touched, the roughness of his skin did not deter the other as both set s of eyes fluttered shut, the vampire's arms using their renewed strength to wrap around the boy, press him as tightly as he dared while Allen did the same, wrapping his arms around the strong shoulders.

"We'll figure this out, Yuu," Allen whispered once they parted, a slight blush to his pale cheeks, his head nestled in the crook of Kanda's neck and collarbone, "just, let me make my own choices this time."

The vampire, still slightly shocked by the boy's actions, regained enough of his composure to hold the other closer to him, his lips brushing against the soft locks.

"If-if this is what you want," he told the other softly, his heart hammering as he dared ask the question that was tugging at him, "just…tell me… why…"

"Because I think I love you," Allen hummed quietly as he slowly drifted off to sleep, warmth surrounding him as he curled up to the vampire's side, the creature around him following suit, "I think that, even though you enchanted me, a part of me was still conscious and it's that part that loves you, Yuu, it's that part that makes me love you on my own."

The younger smiled as he buried his nose into the crook of the vampire's neck, thankful that this time, he would be of his own mind, and his own heart.

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