There he sits. Alone. Lucifer always sits alone. Not by choice, no. Never by choice. Sometimes though, on special occasion, a stray child walks in an sits beside him. It's impossible that they know what they're doing, but it always makes him smile.

Tonight though he was alone again. From where he was sitting he could see almost the entire church. It comforted him, for an unknown reason.

"Sir," he hears from behind him, "It's nearing midnight, don't you have somewhere to be?" As he turns he sees a young woman wearing a gray pencil skirt and a blouse. A new receptionist he thinks to himself.

Lucifer gets up from his pew and starts walking towards the woman. As he gets a few steps away, the woman speaks again.

"Sir, i'm sorry but you have to leave. I've been told to lock the church up for the night." She smiles, fake. Lucifer takes a small step forward.

"No, ma'am. I'm the one who's sorry. You see, unfortunately i have no where to be. I'm afraid to say this means tonight i have a free schedule." He takes the woman's hand in his and places a light kiss upon it. She blushes.

"I really am sorry sir, but you do have to leave." Lucifer growls and brings the woman's hand closer to his in a sudden jerk.

"Don't make me leave. I've been sent away too many times" He growls. The woman makes to turn away, but he tightens his grip on her and his eyes fade black. "I am not suppose to leave God's house." His voice deepens and turns satanic. "Do you understand me?" Lucifer then tightens his grip so hard that it breaks the woman's arm and she screams out.

"OH GOD, SOMEONE HELP ME, PLEASE!" She screams and Lucifer belts out a hideous laugh.

"Neither God nor any mortal can help you." His hand flies behind her head and he places his forehead on hers. The woman gurgles, then becomes still. Lucifer wraps his arms around the limp woman's body to keep her up, and a faint black gas flows out of the woman's mouth and into Lucifer's chest.

His eyes roll back into his head and he breathes out loud. "So much life in this one," he sighs, "It pains me to have to resort to this behavior in order to prove a point."

He drops the woman's body and she lands hard on the ground. Lucifer turns to face the front of the church and pulls out a bible from the nearest pew. He quickly flips through the pages, smirks, and tosses it over his right shoulder.

"Point taken i assume. That is, from your lack of show." His voice raises on the last word and he storms to the front of the church. As he reaches the pastor's podium he shoves it aside and watches as it falls onto the carpet. "DO YOU LIKE THIS? AM I MAKING YOU PROUD FATHER!? DO YOU RESPECT YOUR DECISION OF SENDING ME AWAY!?" He crashes to the ground and starts to sob. His tears sting his face and leave behind them a long, dark scar.

"Why don't you love me father? What have i ever done to you.." He stays on the ground for a long while, but When the clock strikes 1 Lucifer rises from his knees and picks up the podium.

He heads back down the isle and kneels back down beside the woman. His hands cover her eyes as he whispers, "Please don't remember me, you have never seen my face. I was never here." He removes his hand from the woman and heads for the church doors. He hears the woman stirring as he turns the door handle.

From behind him, "Excuse me, sir? You're not allowed to be in here."
He smiles and opens the door, but before he can step out he vanishes, returning back home until his next visit.