Author's Notes: This is my first TWD fan fiction, but I really love this show so much! I started watching over the summer and became addicted instantly. I don't read the comics so please no spoilers. I plan on reading them sometime though.

Last night's episode just blew my mind. So this basically takes place after that. I've liked the idea of Daryl/Carol for some reason and I want to see something happen with them, but who knows now. Anyways this is probably something I'll continue, to satisfy my shipping needs, we'll see what happens. Please review though. Also I have a Teen Wolf FF in the works right now, check it out.

When he picked up the scarf, it was almost like he could feel his whole world crash down in front of him. He honestly didn't even really fully comprehend that he had felt this way until the very moment he saw the headdress next to his friend's now decaying body He held it in though, not letting his emotion show through the tough exterior he managed to secure over all of this time. He was basically a badass and everyone knew it, but he still had uncharted feelings and emotions raging inside of him. But in this moment he was able to really identify a few. Sadness, grief, rage, somberness, just to name a few. He hoped his instinct was wrong. Maybe, just maybe she was still out there, alive. But he couldn't keep subscribing to these pipe dream ideas he had made up in his mind. He pushed the tiny factions of hope he had to the very back of his head, something to think about when things dyed down a little. Then maybe he could work through the thoughts and get over it properly, work through his feelings like a normal person. He barley believed he had even managed to let himself care so much about her.

He managed to shove all thoughts of her to the back of his mind, to be strong for the group; they couldn't afford to be losing anyone to their feelings at the moment. And really he thought maybe he was okay until he saw Maggie and Carl come out of the prison with Lori's baby in her arms. He saw Rick break down and he knew that's how he was feeling inside, not that he'd admit it. Maybe it wasn't quite the same, he wasn't married to Carol but the feelings were all too real for him, the guy who never even really had feelings. But damn, he could sympathize with Rick right now. He let his emotions ride out vicariously with him as he fell to the ground, mentally being on a similar level. Just another reason not to let himself break down, at least not here, not now.